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  1. First time visiting Florida and I was hoping to get some advice. I see everyday for the next cpl weeks has thunderstorms listed at about 58%. I hear random thunderstorms are pretty common in Florida but typically only last a few minutes. Should I expect the rides to be closed for a large portion of the day?
  2. Xcelerator is marked open on the queue-times website. Can someone please confirm? Nvm looks like a false alarm.
  3. Hi everyone, I need some input. Me and a friend will be flying in this weekend and are looking to go to the park on Sunday. I’m sure it’s going to be packed. Can you recommend which tier of Flash pass we should get? Also how we should maneuver the park in order to maximize our time for such a busy day?
  4. Clearly I was implying that they must’ve been pushing to have it ready for that date for some time now. I’m aware that it’s this upcoming weekend. But have your moment.
  5. Nice! I wonder if they’re looking to open it for Memorial Day weekend.
  6. Thanks! I checked the app today and it’s back open. I appreciate the info.
  7. Going to the park for the first time in ages next Saturday. I noticed West Cost Racers is listed as temporarily closed. Anyone know why and if it’ll be back up by then?
  8. I finally made it there yesterday. I can confirm it is indeed reopen. It was running very well.
  9. Wow that’s interesting. I don’t recall the other Six Flags parks having a lot of issues with their Freespins. It seems like this park has been plagued with downtime. I moved here in November and have been trying to hold off on visiting the park in an attempt to wait for Titan & Freeze to re-open. Sigh
  10. Thanks, that’s great news! Am I pushing it, hoping that Xcelerator will also be open by then?
  11. Oh no! I’m going for Memorial Day weekend. I’d expect it to be pretty busy and that would be 3 major attractions closed in there lineup. Do you think it’d be open by then?
  12. The website says Ghostrider is down. Is this true? All I’ve heard about was Xcelerator.
  13. I would like to go to the park however it looks like there’s a lot of good rides closed. Any expectation on when Freeze will be done being painted? Why Riddler is down? Also the park is year round but Titan says closed for the season. Does that mean it won’t be back up until summer?
  14. Planned to go to the park Saturday but the weather is calling for scattered thunderstorms 50% during the day and 40% at night. Would you guys still chance it or reschedule?
  15. Yikes!!! Sorry to hear. Hope you get some luck and they get whatever needs to be done overnight.
  16. What sites have you seen this on? I’m praying this is false. I’m driving over 7hrs next Sunday to KD and I will be so crushed.
  17. Thanks, I completely understand. I also appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ll be going for the first time and just want to make sure I have an awesome experience. This park has been on my bucket list for years.
  18. Do the rides at Busch tend to accommodate larger guests? Is there any particular coaster that may be a tough fit for 250lb+
  19. Thanks everyone for the heads up that Loch Ness has opened. Now just waiting for Tempesto and Mach Tower.
  20. Heading to the park for the first time Memorial Day weekend. Does anybody have any idea if the park will be back to regular operations by then and have all the rides open?
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