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  1. Can someone please advise me of how operations are during the winter months? Me and a friend are thinking about traveling from the east coast specifically to visit the park for a weekend in February. I don’t expect operations to be anywhere near what they would be in the busy summer months. However, I’d still like to make sure all the coasters and major attractions will be open and the park won’t close early due to something like low attendance.
  2. Planning on going to the park this Saturday. I’m noticing a 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Is it worth it to chance it? Driving all the way from Pittsburgh. Not sure of the rain policy at the park. I know I’ve read before that they closed the park early for a small amount of rain. Figured I’d get some opinions.
  3. So glad to hear thank you because I was really looking forward to riding it and I also didn’t get a chance to go on Skilull Mountain yet so I was hoping they would be open despite not being on the list.
  4. Just realized Wonder Woman isn't on the fright night list. That's odd since it's the new attraction.
  5. When I rode it Saturday we experienced 3 rollbacks. Each launch got weaker and weaker. They launched it a fourth time with only the first 4 rows filled and it only made it 2/3 of the way up. So I assume something with the launch.
  6. Yup I did and I was sooooo grateful because I literally got to ride everything multiple times and avoid those insane lines. Best $169 I ever spent. I can’t ever picture myself not buying the fastlane+ when I go back. Glad I got it early because it sold out that day. I was also lucky to get 3 rollbacks on Dragster before it was shutdown. Literally the first time I ever got one or even saw it rollback at night time. They launched us twice in a row, made us get off for about 10 mins, launched us again, then when we didn’t even crest the top they shut it down. I also love how the park let us ride
  7. Headed to the park tomorrow. I planned on getting fastlane plus which was $155 and of course I procrastinated and it’s now $169 which is the most I’ve ever seen it. Is there any chance of the price going back down or should I just get it now? What’s the most expensive it’s ever been?
  8. How are the seats and restraints? Is this going to be a difficult ride for larger guests to fit into?
  9. Haha I knew the Nitro comments would cause some backlash. It wasn’t a bad coaster. Like I said, I just think my expectations were too high. B&M hypers/Gigas are practically the only coasters I’ve never experienced, so I had built up years of anticipation for this ride. Maybe next time will be better, now that I know what to expect from it. My friend loved it!
  10. I’ve wanted to experience this park for the past 10 years and yesterday I FINALLY got the chance. This park is awesome! Definitely my second favorite behind Cedar Point. Overall the coaster lineup is solid. A few coasters actually surprised me. I had a tough time picking my top five. Operations were also very impressive. El Toro - AMAZING! Second to last seat was the best. There’s nothing I could say about this coaster that hasn’t been said. Superman - The pretzel loop has to be the most intense element of any coaster I’ve ever experienced. I expected this ride to be a let down since
  11. Sheesh, that sucks! I was looking forward to riding it. Thanks for your help. Will the regular flash pass suffice on extremely busy days?
  12. What day does Wonder Woman actually open to the general public? I have a membership but my friend doesn't. I really want to ride but I don't want to be rude and ditch him. Can anyone also give me an idea of what type of crowds I can expect at the park? We're going Saturday.
  13. The trains look amazing. I wish they would hurry up and finish this thing. I cannot wait to see it in action. Still can’t believe my home park has a new coaster. Especially one with these stats.
  14. They’ve become a lot better. Years ago it felt like if I didn’t get my seatbelt fastened immediately or they couldn’t get the OTSR down the first time, it was pretty much oh well you can’t fit. These days I find that even when I do occasionally have trouble, they’ll at least make the effort to help with the belt or give the restraint a good push. If you can’t fit on a b&m they’ll let you wait on the side for a big boy seat. I recommend not having anything big in your pockets, no belt if you can, no hoodie or jacket. If your wallet is very thick, consider taking a single card (put it in you
  15. I can confirm Steel Vengeance opened up around 5. I had my eye on the coaster the entire time I was there, as I was anxiously awaiting for it to open. While it was testing it appeared to be going noticeably slow. However, once I finally got on around 9 that thing was hauling. It delivered an amazing ride, as expected and they had all 3 trains running. Waited about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Waited even longer for Millennium Force, surprisingly.
  16. Steel Vengeance is still testing with water dummies in all the trains. Dragster just had its second rollback and I have yet to see another train launch at this point.
  17. You’ve been a great help! Thanks again to you and Johnlloyd who commented above.
  18. Can I ask one last question? Since it’ll only be the second week, are they pretty good with getting most of the rides open? No prob. Lately I've been enjoying it in the front as its a totally different ride, but without question the 2nd-to-last row is the place to go. The station is long and narrow, and everyone will crowd around the front so most times you have to excuse your way past the crowd to get to the back. The very last row will have a longer wait than the 2nd-to-last and that row is not over a wheel so its considerably smoother and the ride is basically the same (forces
  19. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. El Toro is one the main reasons for my visit so that’s great news.
  20. I’ll be visiting this park for the first time on 4/13 as a single rider. Before I drive 5hrs across state I just wanted to make sure this park doesn’t have any policies against single riders. I attended SFOT for the first time last month and I did not enjoy my experience at all. I’m not sure if it’s because the park was dead but I got a lot of hassle trying to ride alone.The Mr. Freeze coaster turned me away until another single rider came along. Judge Roy scream and Batman forced me to switch seats because I chose to ride in the back of the train where it was empty and made me move to the fro
  21. Thanks so much!! Another user pointed out that you had suggested a few of these in the past and it worked for me. I really appreciate these useful tips because I literally would have missed out on such an amazing ride had it not been for this. - Were you wearing a belt? Take it off. - Did you have ANYTHING in your pocket at all? Take EVERYTHING out of your pockets. - Did you make sure the seat belt buckle wasn't right under where the bar needed to push down? - Pull your shirt up a bit and make sure the material on your shirt and/or shorts isn't bunching up causing that bar not
  22. It’s crazy how the little things like a wallet or belt can make such a huge difference. I told myself once I managed to fit on Millenium and Dragster that there was no way I was leaving the park without getting on Steel Vengeance. And although I had to wait twice for one ride it was so worth it. Glad it worked out for you as well! I had the same problem. Just needed a little push on the lap bar but they wouldnt do it. Fortunately for me, i was able to get the little push during ERT. Robb told me while we were at Hershey not to wear a belt, and it made a HUGE difference. So if you had
  23. I took everything out my pockets and managed to fit perfectly without even having to do anything extra. OMG that ride is EPIC!!! Best rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. I wish I wouldn’t have had trouble earlier because I literally would have just rode that thing all day long. if you're close, take anything out of your pockets too. i think a wallet can sometimes make the difference of riding or not. i'd also check out who's working and on what side of the train and try to sit where the big guy is working so he can push down on the lap bar.
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