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  1. Let's see... I stayed in Taichung for the first part and from there, reached 3 parks: Janfusun, Yamay Resort (Discovery World is part of it) and Formosa Arboriginal Village. Janfusun required a shuttle that left from near the train station and once there, I stayed one night at the onsite hotel, the very nice Prince hotel. Formosa was a shuttle bus that actually left next door from my hotel. Yamay Resort was a short train ride away and from there, a fixed fare cab take you to the park. I booked the amazing Crowne Plaza E-Da World and there are buses from the high speed train station "Zuoying" near Kaohsiung and it take you to E-Da World. Windows on China and Leofoo were actually on the same bus line and I took a bus from a subway station to the park. I didn't do Farglory.
  2. Pretty nice TR! You didn't miss much. Space Race was a generic Intamin motion simulator running a haunted mine movie last fall. I did my whole trip to Taiwan last fall without renting a car and except for Farglory and Windows on China, managed to do all the major parks. The only ride down for rehab then was the Gyro Drop at Formosan Arborginal Village and G5 colors did look very faded, but was open with one train running. Mayan Adventure was actually pretty smooth then and didn't have any headbanging. Maybe it had just gotten a rehab? I am looking forward to your TR of E-DA World and if Half Pipe was running!
  3. Nice TR! I hope G5 wasn't down for maintenance when you visited Janfusun Fancyworld? According to the website, its currently down until mid may. I did Taiwan last fall and did it on my own with some help from a friend who lives in Taipei. I used Taichung as a home base for the first part of the trip and booked the Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park there. What a great choice! Great central location, staff that spoke great english and were more than happy to practice with me and they really helped me out to get to the parks.
  4. My Asia trip last fall gave me a lot of solo rides! I got solo rides on Space Mountain at HKDL, "Dark Ride" at E-DA World (sadly, the Big Air was not running), Mayan Adventure and Space Mountain at Formosan Cultural Arboriginal Village and the big one... Gravity Max. Yeah, imagine being alone on that! The park wasn't too crowded and by the time 2pm came around, no one was riding it anymore. So, I sat in the first row of the back car and the two ride ops kept sending me around until they realised I was the only one riding and I liked the ride! So, the two of them tried speaking english and were all shocked when I told them where I was from and why I was there. So, at that point, the two girls didn't unlock the restraint and kept the train going for TWO hours until I told it was enough! They were all happy I loved the ride and I broke out a few chinese words to thank them. They gave me a private 2 hours ERT on what I believe is one of the world's greatest rollercoaster.
  5. Gravity: Gravité Chain Lift: montée a chaine Linear Induction Motor: moteur a induction linéaire Linear Synchronous Motor: moteur a induction synchronisé Friction: Friction Roller Coaster Car: wagon de montagne russe Hydraulic Launch: propulsion hydraulique Some more you may need... Log Flume: this one has no direct translation, but if you were in Quebec, we'd use the term ''Pitoune'', which is the name of the log flume at La Ronde (Pitoune means either a freefloating log... or a hot girl). In France, they'd use un ''Flume'' or ''les buches''. Suspended Coaster: montagne russe suspendue Floorless Coaster: I personally use the litteral translation, cause I have never heard it used here. I use ''montagne russe sans plancher''. Wooden Coaster: montagne russe en bois.
  6. Ocean Park in Hong Kong just added to the top of park, over the Ocean Express funicular top station, a new flat ride. I cannot tell the model name, but the park official youtube channel just added a video of it: It just opened, but I think you can still call it a new for 2011 attraction. The name is The Flash and it wasn't open yet when I visited in mid october. Walibi World is losing a coaster! Compagnie des Alpes in France just announced they are moving the Wild Mouse to their small Mer de Sable park near Parc Asterix. The new name will be "La Mine Bleue" (The Blue Mine) and it will be a replacement of the SBNO Train du Colorado.
  7. From what I heard from DLP, they're not pleased with Crush Coaster. Between the terrible capacity and the fact the ride can't take "Disney operations", park management is not very happy and would not work with Maurer again. For the Soarin' rides, as far as I know, Intamin is not involved. WDI did the design and used AMEC to build the massive steel structure that hold the wings. Like the EMV and Spiderman like rides, Intamin did their own version. The Intamin version use an Inverted style car, seating 12 people across. http://www.ridetrade.com/rti/images/stories/products/panoramic/pfsa.pdf
  8. Gravity Max is my favorite Vekoma. For the cloned models, Mayan Adventure is my favorite SLC.
  9. I was at that park 2 weeks ago and it wasn't running. It looked like the ride was able to run, but, due to rain, they kept the cars covered in tarps and I could not see what it looked like under. Interesting park, similar to Toverland! They had a huge Vekoma Shoot the Chutes, a Fabbri Booster (included with admission), the Big Air and a few flats outside. Inside the building, a custom Vekoma rollerskater with ROTM like effects, the whole Zamperla kiddie catalogue, a few flats and an interesting Soarin' knock off called "Taiwan Formosa". It showed beautiful scenes from Taiwan, in a smaller theater and with real simulator movements. On the roof was a Zamperla Samba Tower, Flying Carousel and a Fabbri spinning coaster. Interesting park and the Crowne Plaza that just opened in the same resort is amazing!
  10. According to a japanese coaster enthusiast on youtube who had the most impressive collection of japanese coaster videos, Linear Gale was closed tonight, october 31st. He filmed the signs around the ride and everything point to that. Reducing the price of the ride to 200 yens (down from 800) and then finally removing the price. Also, people have been signing the ride platform and supports I guess as a memorial! Now, what could replace this ride?
  11. I attended Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong halloween events. Ocean Park Halloween Bash was the best halloween event I ever attended! 8 amazing and unique houses, 3 scarezones and some very good and funny shows. One house was basically a maze where you did laser tag with zombies! Another, you have to lie down in a casket, they put a black drape over you, leaving your face and feet exposed... and you're on a conveyor belt to be cremated! Here is a youtube link of the park, showing the full length TV commercial for the event.
  12. Sounds nice! Looks like Mach Tower will be a gyro drop from Intamin or a Fabbri Drop Tower. As for Vanish Point, this seems to be the first US installation of the new Proslide "Superloop" slide. http://www.proslide.com/rides_08_d.php . The term "Skybox" is a trademark of Proslide too.
  13. Crush Coaster should be your first stop. That's in the Walt Disney Studios and it has both horrible capacity and no fast passes offered. If you don't do the ride at park opening, expect a 2 hours plus line later. For the main park, Peter Pan's Flight and Big Thunder Mountain run out of fast pass the fastest.
  14. If plans stay the same, I should be going to Taiwan in october. So, for once, I'll try to post a PTR of my trip there.
  15. Its a good thing the ride was not at Cedar Point back when they closed down all the rides in the slightest amount of rain! The ride would never operate, since the track is wet in some spots!
  16. Great TR! Actually, Walygator and Parc Asterix are not owned by the same company. When Star Parks was sold to Compagnie Des Alpes, two parks were not included in the sale: Movie Park Germany, which just got sold by Star Parks to Parque Reunidos and Walibi Lorraine. Walibi Lorraine was purchased by carnival rides owners. The Le Douarin brothers owned some carnival rides and are from the area the park is in, so they jumped on it and bought it. They renamed it to Walygator, repainted the park and started installing carnival rides. Monster was purchased in a hurry, litterally and the brothers had to scramble to find financing to install it!
  17. Ednor l'Attaque is a word play on La Ronde. Its basically "Ronde" spelled backward. I looked at the media website and the press release mentions a preshow and special effects during the ride. Edit: I forgot... something about a "soundtrack", so possibly on board audio as well!
  18. To add, the Green Army Men Parachute drop will be a one tower version of the ride known as Jumpin' Jellyfish at Tokyo Disney Sea and Disney's California Adventure. I still get scared just thinking of how long the lines for those 3 rides are going to be! Crush Coaster (with its 700pph capacity) gets huge lines, so imagine for RC Racer and the Parachute drop.
  19. That "Mach 6" waterslide that is proposed could be a multislide tower from Proslide. They call "Mach 7" the slide complex they built for Colombus Zoo waterpark and it includes there 2 Cannonbowls (bowl slides with double tubes), 1 vertical drop slide, 2 enclosed body slides and 2 tube slides. Would be an amazing move on the part of Darien Lake if they built something like that.
  20. Elissa, a "dance with robot" attraction already exist! Its "Dance Avec les Robots" (the french translation) at Futuroscope park in France. Its a theme park filmed with movie and simulator attractions. Dance Avec les Robots is a large hall filled with Kuka Robocoasters. You program them and then, you got loud music and a light show. Here is the official page of the ride and a link on it to a video of the ride: http://uk.futuroscope.com/attraction-simulator-dance-with-robots.php#
  21. SFGADV Runaway Train and Great Escape Canyon Blaster got converted to individual lap bars a few years ago. Canyon Blaster doesn't even have seatbelts. That 48" height restriction on Gold Rusher has always intrigued me, but if they are thinking about changing the lap bars, its a good sign. How expensive are those conversions and how many trains does Gold Rusher still have? 4? Canyon Blaster got one train out of three converted, but with the ride terrible popularity and crowds the park get, they're fine.
  22. The first Tantrum Tornado opened back in 2007 at Proslide's own water park. That park is near Ottawa, ON on the Quebec side and features a small selection of Proslide slides that are pretty much prototypes. The name is Mont Cascades and it doubles as a skiing resort in winter. The prototype Tantrum was a regular Dark Mammoth, which is Proslide's name for the covered family raft slide. They decided to add the Tantrum funnel to the beginning and on their website, you can see a video showing the construction and the first test riders. http://www.proslide.com/rides_03.php I'm happy that the number of Tantrum sold by Proslide is picking up! They sold 2 in 2008. They went to a waterpark in Korea and a Kidz version to Chimelong Paradise in China. They sold 4 in 2009 with one going to another Korea park, 1 to Magic Waters in IL, 1 to Splish Splash in NY and 1 to Wet n Wild Emerald Point. 2010 is going to be an amazing year for Proslide! They sold 8 Tantrums, including the 3 going to those Great Wolf Lodge. One going to Singapore, another to a place in Scotland, a major version going to Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai, a clone of the Splish Splash version going to Raging Waters San Dimas, CA. Also, they sold one to Adventureland, IA, which is getting a whole new water park. The rate they're selling them is on par with the Tornado, so its going to be a great success too.
  23. Ok, I'm confused here! I run a Vista 64 bits computer and I run RCT2 in XP compatibility mode. I downloaded the various 8 cars trainer and it works fine until I try to modify the cars of a coaster. Like, for example, if I use any version except version 1.21, when I select a ride on the trainer, it will not put up the car types, which lead to the game crashing. On 1.21, it pulls up the car types, allow me to edit, but as soon as I try to test or open the ride, it goes back to the default train length and type. I make sure the stations are long enough too. Anyone got any idea how to fix that or I'm just stuck? Thanks.
  24. What helped Goliath at La Ronde is that ACE had an event at the park last september. It was the first ever event at the park and the attendees were pretty well travelled... It helped the ride a lot.
  25. Sorry, I don't buy that at all. The park is pretty filled out as it is and every visit I've taken to the place it's been very busy and very successful. We shot video for the park last year and I had quite a few conversations with senior park management that would tell me what was written on a "South Korean roller coaster forum" is pure crap. I really hate it when people expect parks to install something major every year. Pharoah's opened just two years ago. And if it really cost $50 mil do you have any idea how long it can take a park to recoup that kind of cash? And if you can still live off the same capital investments for years to come, why keep adding more attractions on top of each other. That's usually a sign that a park is on the path to epic fail. --Robb "Going to take the word of the guys that run the park over some hearsay BS from a coaster enthusiast." Alvey You're right. Lotte World doesn't need to spend any big money for years to come, so my friend was wrong. If they're commited to improving capacity now, I'd imagine they would look at a way to run 2 trains again on Comet Express (Intamin Spinning Coaster) and French Revolution.
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