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  1. Yes, The train is powered by a tire-drive system. I remember once Intamin called it a 'friction wheel' and you can obviously see pairs of tires in the middle of the track.
  2. Thank you for sharing this massive TR!!! I was raised near Lotte World and used to have both annual passes; Lotte World and Everland. didn't really appreciate it. Now I came to the states a half year ago and get to see this.. think I sortof miss them. lol Thanks again. Awesome!
  3. OMG.... this thing.. looks just so real...kinda scary.
  4. i think this is really cool park! thanks for the photos!! great report.
  5. Official Video update. http://www.everland.com/park/everland/attraction/1188090_4755.html
  6. ^^^^ The new top scan updates. The official opening is March 14; same as T-Express. http://blog.naver.com/fl0621/80049395786
  7. Dont pissed off at me! all! wait for the Youtube. somebody gonna upload some POVs on it. I dunno. or just get a new computer.
  8. Ah, One thing I forgot. The NOISE! It's annoying to queue in the line and I can't believe the car which's i've known not that stupid racket! makes really loud scratch noise. for some reason, the car is super smooth and comfy! and the first drop and second hill are pure torture to me. hahaha which means i think everybody gonna love it.
  9. ^^ the train is like almost stopped on MCBR. I think it isn't just for testing reasons. But, I actually have no idea. They runs only 1 car at this point!
  10. and POV! it's extremely hard to get a POV from this! too much pressure on me! So here's the links. lol http://blog.naver.com/lokkyung0922/70028628114 http://cafe.naver.com/lastar/5689 Official Video update. http://www.everland.com/park/everland/attraction/1188090_4755.html and some goods i got! The El Toro parts. It's T-Express! GREAT!!!!!! The Balder parts. he looks like murder me. so scary. and..a small toy. looks like vehicles! lovely hanky some files T-Express COOKIE! but i dunno why it says "Alpine Express" Merch!
  11. Everland Newest Intamin Wooden Coaster, T-Express. The place is not officially open to the public yet, but is being operated as training for a small number of people. The official opening is now March 14. They had this for the first time yesterday. So I had a GREAT time at it! Probably this is the BEST COASTER I've ever been on! even Eagle Fortress doesn't work as good as this. ENJOY! now gone. lol I was so excited there trains, gogo Goooo!! Boarding Station, Now!!! another view intense *9* some trash there too i love it whaa yippee ^3^ through queue theming. some wheels there Boarding Station?! get in!! :=9 Entrance theming. they says it's actually train station... now ready for the opening! going down, yeahhh going up *0*
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