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  1. If you haven't left on your trip yet I want to tell you, Speed is closed. I went during New Years and it had been closed, it may have re opened? Goodluck.
  2. While were on the topic of younger TPR members... Is there a age requirment for the trips? I always get the emails and im so interested in going. Thanks.
  3. Hi i was just wondering if anyone knew if there was in-fact a still available sort of a fast pass for Busch Tampa? I know they used to have one but they may have stopped using them. Any info is good info, thanks.
  4. Ok thanks everyone, i knew i could find this info other places i just thought i would ask you first.
  5. Not sure what you are asking because of your horrible grammar. Are you asking if you can use someone else's pass? You know that falls under the category of breaking park rules, don't you? Were did you see this?
  6. Hello everyone! Well the summer starts today (about) and i have come of the age of FINALLY taking a trek to orlando with a freind. Orlando is 4 hours from me, im not here about the driving etc just a few questions maybe you guys/gals could help me with. -This IMO is going to be the hardest part of the trip, see we are both 16 and were not sure if we will be able to get a hotel room. Does anyone know if this will work out? Getting a hotel room. -Were going for a few days and one thing i know how to use smart is money, but how much do you think will be needed? Were spending 3-4 days and 3-4 nights. Not going all out though. -Does anyone know the current prices of Seaworld Orlando/Busch Gardens Tampa's current rate for fastpasses? If anyone could answer even one of these it would help me a ton! Thanks alot.
  7. Thanks for the facts, I really am excited to see the whole park.. Im used to the Orlando parks so my standards are high but I will try to make the best of it.
  8. See I keep seeing Superman goes Bizzaro.. But I read bizzaro dosent come out till memorial weekend? Unless they just made small changes from Superman to Biz?
  9. Well im going to SFNE during july and I was just wondering if anyone had been there. Any good rides that you specifically remember? Shows? Food? Thanks.
  10. HHN Dylan


    Well me actually being in Vegas as we speak... I can tell you off the bat unforchantly SPEED IS CLOSED. I was so mad when I found this out, which was in the Sahara lobby... Also saw you were talking about desperado, truth is I went to Buffalo Bills yesterday, its a 40 minute drive from the strip, and SO worth it. Desperado has some fun drops. (in 1998 it was the highest/fastest in the US). It was open, as was everything else there, so you shouldn't have to worry about that to much. You should also check out the stratosphere if you want to. Good luck.
  11. Coasters used to frighten the hell out of me... But that's when I was 10, now that im older I've relized the chances of getting hurt are so small, and what's the worst that can happen, you won't like it? So now I'll defintly try everything once. Towers still scare me but hell I've ridden so many. Fair rides I still won't do.
  12. Space Mountain at WDW! I've always loved it, true it dosent have inversions, or even a drop, but its great fun.
  13. I thought it was a good show in general, the facts were just ehhh though. ^^^^^Agreed, Rob should have done some of the POV's. Lmao, what was that guys name coastin bobby or something?
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