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  1. Funny to see the words 'Time Warner Entertainment Company' below the Six Flags California text. =p
  2. Has Vekoma recently redone/upgraded their website, like Intamin did a while ago? It seems a lot different than it was in the past. That looks like a really interesting (family?) coaster. Except 50mph is pretty quick for your average family coaster. I like how it's built into the terrain. And this is opening in 2008 in Spain? In addition, I noticed on Vekoma's website they have their own take on the Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster. It also looks interesting.
  3. Maybe it's listed as the same height as Katun because obviously if it's going to be taller than that, it has to at least 164 ft tall. So, we know it's min. that tall, and when the guy at rcdb gets further information, he will update the height, but I guess for now he's just keeping it listed as its lowest possible height. Just a thought.
  4. I think Intamin has abondoned the traditional lift system in favour of cable lift hills. All (small and large) hypers since Millennium Force get the cable lift, like Goliath at SFH.
  5. Does anyone know how Six Flags benefits from this Tyson deal? Who was their previous 'chicken' supplier?
  6. Do any other Eurofighter models curve on the first drop like that? I've only ever seen two (Speed, Typhoon), and their drops don't.
  7. B&M sounds good. :] Speaking of B&Ms, Screamscape also reported that Toverland (where Troy is) wants to add a B&M in the 'near' future.
  8. However, I would settle for a B&M Hyper if that's what it turned out to be. Although Intamin Megas never fail to impress me.
  9. Well, looks like Six Flags is about to make the same mistake again in regards to the Dark Knight coaster, in which the theming will likely heavily rely on the movie. So in a couple years at the max the theme is just going to look odd since I don't see TDK remaining a popular movie for more than 2008. But yes, I agree Wiggles World is dumb. They've got like five years tops and then they'll have to completely retheme it because little kids are going to have no idea who the heck the Wiggles are. I actually didn't even know of their existence before SF made an area themed around them.
  10. Yep. It is. Afterburner is also the name of some random Screaming Squirrel in Russia. But I don't really think anybody would pay attention to two random coasters in the middle of nowhere.
  11. Maybe they'll reserve the good ride names for renaming Paramount attractions at Canada's Wonderland or CGA? Like sensible names such as Afterburner will go to Top Gun at CGA or CW. But, that's probably just wishful thinking.
  12. Surprisingly, it would appear that Cedar Fair DOES use those names mentioned in that list above: Skyhawk, Hercules, Voodoo, Nighthawk, and Talon.
  13. I love how CF's other Vekoma Dutchman is called Firehawk and they've decided to rename this one Nighthawk. But, Flight Deck? What the heck does that mean anyway? It makes no sense, at all. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster sounds 500x better.
  14. The only major gripe I've had with a park this year is Walibi World, and my suggestion for them in 2008 would be to start planning on building a new ride, something they haven't gotten since the opening of Goliath in 2002. They've been working on making the park more friendly towards smaller children and adults who aren't interested in thrills, but their mission statement is supposedly about maintaning a park that can be fun for the entire family - and that would include members of said families that LIKE rollercoasters or "intense" flats. So, I think a thrill attraction for 2008/2009 would be appropriate to counter all of the family orientated improvements that have been ocurring since 2005.
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