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  1. People scream on coasters most of the time, not talk the whole ride. And how can you talk on a hyper coaster that goes at almost 80 mph?
  2. I have a feeling it will have the same U-bars that El Toro has. The OTSR is another possibility though
  3. CONSTRUCTION UPDATE MCBR completed, helix track installation started, and more supports popping up: Enjoy folks!
  4. The latest shot of Behemoth's station: http://behemoth.canadaswonderland.com/public/latest/gallery/index.cfm?mode=image&chip=83
  5. http://www2.cedarfair.com/greatamerica/attractions/category.cfm?ac_id=2 So not only it's a horrible name, but it has to be CLONED? What is the matter with Cedar Fair?
  6. Construction Update: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd17/Behemoth230/Behemoth%20construction/n837165556_2048362_526-1.jpg
  7. I know that when Silver Star was introduced in 2002, the trims basically killed all the airtime and forces. But now it's almost 2008, so I'm wondering, are the trims still being "evil" or did Europa Park finally soften up the trims and have the coaster at least produce floater airtime (like on Nitro)? I am planning a trip to Europa Park sometime in the futute, and would be disappointed if the trims were still being "killers".
  8. Vekoma! Every one of their coasters that I've ridden I now regret riding
  9. Construction Update 5th hill almost topped off: http://www.maj.com/gallery/gpn1975/gpn1975/December/december_20th_2007_001.jpg http://www.maj.com/gallery/gpn1975/gpn1975/December/december_20th_2007_003.jpg Enjoy folks, and don't think all the trims will be on hard
  10. I showed this girl a picture of Behemoth's first drop, and she reacted by saying "That's a scary *** drop! Is that legal?" Well if it's illegal then it wouldn't be built in the first place
  11. In Canada, kids under 12 don't even get arrested. I don't know why American authorities feel the need to legally punish kids when they don't even know what is illegal or not
  12. B&M all the way! Sure, Intamins are on the aggressive side, but the Intamin reliability and safety track record sure does not impress me. Also, the fact that new Intamin steel coasters now have OTSR's, inversions or not, it really doesn't look that good. B&M coasters on the other hand are glass smooth, perfectly engineered, sexy looking, and something I can ride all day long So yeah, that's my $0.02.
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