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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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^meh, I wouldn't say that completely... I mean, if you look at this you can see that there is a great story behind it and the barn themeing makes it fit in pretty well, I think it'll assimilate pretty good, just like Wildfire did.


However, it is true that SDC is treading the line for going too "theme parkish", so they will just have to be extra careful. As long as they don't go on a spree of building stuff like this, and they keep everything themed nice, it'll be alright.


It's hard though, cause the GP (and therefore the money) is screaming for stuff like this, themed or no.

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Sorry to double post, but there's a big update. A new video and details have been added here- http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/rides-attractions/ride_detail.aspx?AttractionID=862&track=SWINGLAND



Wow, I'm getting more and more excited about this, I mean, look at all the detail...

So we will be getting those lift things after-all, good.


Seems wierd though, they have always tried harder to keep SDC away from being ride-oriented. Then again, The Grand Expo and this point away from that, so who knows. I really hope they get back in the mode of focusing on shops and the overall experience though, rides are nice, but I've always thought of SDC as more than just a place to get thrills. One thing that really burns me about SDC's new direction is the addition of carnival games, they popped up at the Grand Expo, and you can see some here too. They really take away from the atmosphere, and they are soooo expensive and scammy. This whole area looks great, but it's not like SDC at all.


About the ride though, such quality... The themeing is superb, although it doesn't fit in with the ozark theme at all really, would have been better if they had gone a bit more germanish with the design, but that's just me being uber-picky. Nice how they're blending in the top to match the trees. It's nice to see them make an effort to make the area look nice even when they don't need to.


I'm happy, I just hope they add some more shops and themeing next year.

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I don't know if this was announced or anything but the two silos seem to be a ride as well. They look like the towers at Legoland where you pull yourself up and "freefall" down, so at least they have theming and are keeping it a family oriented park.


I don't know what else they could do with the shops etc. I mean I'm sure they are missing some trades but they can't be missing that many.

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Wow, check out Midwestinfoguide.com for detailed drawings of the whole site.


Looks incredible, way better than I had ever imagined. I was worried that they were going to harm the atmosphere of the park with this, but it fits right in.


Loads of gimmicks and doo-dads are being installed along with the Screamin' Swing as well, which look like loads of fun.

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I dont know if anyone has seen it, but there is some new concept art up, a video, and some more news on the surroundings of the ride.



Silver Dollar City has sent out another image showing off not only The Giant Swing itself, but the entire themed barnyard all around it that will offer other new attractions as well. These include two silo themed family tower rides where riders will pull themselves to the top with a rope. The whole project will be located behind the Lost River waterway in a previously undeveloped area.



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^ Please continue to keep us updated and thanks for posting the pics.


We're excited about the addition, it's just not a big enough one to warrant a whole new thread over.


This is already a pretty good "official" discussion thread.



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^^Em, I wouldn't, but as long as you note where it came from I don't think it's that big a deal.


Wow, I can't believe they are already pouring the cement, that's ususally one of the later steps, but I guess this allows them to get to the site easier.


I'm heading to the park in exactly 1 week, 2 days, so I'll have a big photo TR for you guys.

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MERG... Would you believe I forgot my camera? Tch, I just got back from a trip to SDC. The park was great, even with 20,000 people in the park, Wildfire had at most a 5 min. wait. PowderKeg held a 40 min line most of the day, but at night it got down to 10. So I got loads of riding in, even with throngs of people. They kept the park open awhile extra as a courtesy as well. SDC is truelly fantastic.


Yeah, about the giant swing, not much had changed, but I figured out how they will connect it to the park. The path will go through the firemen's graveyard and the outside eating area of the riverside rib house up the location. The location however, is still elusive. They will either have to move the train tracks significantly and fill in a valley some, or put the area far away from the park. Grandpa's house/Robber's hideout will have to be moved as well.

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