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  1. I didn't know this was a thing Zamperla had either. Waldameer likes working with Zamperla it seems, this would be a nice addition/upgrade
  2. Those are actually the two rides that I was thinking made the most sense in the Spider plot. I'm glad that Waldameer wants to stay locally owned. I agree that it does seem to be in good hands. I was actually walking around by the Waldameer parking lot, to the West of the park, the other day and walked around where the trailer park land is. I don't think I realized how much extra space this will give the park, it will be pretty substantial. No clue what the plans will be, but there's a bit more room than I expected from looking at Google Maps.
  3. I can't think of the last time I rode spider. I'm not surprised they'd remove it, but I'd almost expect Wipeout to be removed first, it seems to give them issues every year (but they have done a lot of repair work on it lately
  4. Agreed, I think they would have already done it if they were going to rebrand it
  5. I'm sure someone can and will correct me, but my understanding is that they at least have parts for 3 trains for Viper, originally had 3 trains for Tantrum, and 2 for Predator, but they've just used all of them for parts. As someone who has never done maintenance on a coaster train I don't understand why they can't get 2 trains running on Viper and Tantrum (last time I was at the park Tantrum was running 2). I'm sure the other trains have been parted out pretty extensively though and I'm sure it would take a lot of work to get the other trains running, but we can wish.
  6. One would hope, but you know they haven't If I had one request for the park it would be that they manage to get multiple trains running for most of their coasters (I just don't see it happening any time soon)
  7. Fair enough, They could still (if they actually wanted to) replace it though. If there was a stress crack I'm glad they took it down instead of ending up with an disaster
  8. I think they also welded additional supports in the loop last year or the year before. I think it was just time for some new track before something bad happened. Good on them for fixing it instead of just scrapping it. I know it's just a boomerang, but I'd rather not see another SBNO ride or empty plot. (I just wish they would have done some repair/replacement work on the ferris wheel instead of just taking that down)
  9. Slowest re-track ever... I'm glad they're continuing to do work on it though
  10. If you're doing Kennywood, Darien Lake and Cedar Point, I'd recommend a few hours at Waldameer. It wouldn't be to far off your route it seems and you don't have to pay to park or enter the park. If you choose to do everything at Waldameer and hit it on a calm day you could probably be done in a few hours. I know I've done the whole water park in about 35 minutes on a slow day. You can choose to pay for what you want to ride and if you need a break from the car Presque Isle is right there and has some great Lake Erie beaches. Darien Lake is typically a half day park if you are only doing the dry side, it's been years since I've done the water park, just be careful to try to avoid a concert day unless you want extended waits, they only have one train for all of the roller coasters (except Tantrum).
  11. There are absolutely some upset locals, but that's understandable. If the park has any desires for any sort of expansion there are going to be some annoyed people. I'm curious to see what they do with the space and how it will all be utilized.
  12. I think the name is kind of lame, but I think it's going to be a fun ride. I'm really glad that they will have shade in the queue. I know it's for safety after everything that happened, but I'm still glad for shade.
  13. He'll be missed in this area, it's going to be very strange to not see him driving around on the golf cart when I'm at the park, he was always around and was a a very visible owner
  14. It would be great if they did a lot of the ride, but I'm really just expecting that turn around... maybe I'll get back up there in 2024 to check it out again, I did like the improvement that it had last year. Small steps in the right direction, but I would love them to take a larger leap for the park (at some point)
  15. I feel like Whipeout has been having problems for years now
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