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  1. I think the name is kind of lame, but I think it's going to be a fun ride. I'm really glad that they will have shade in the queue. I know it's for safety after everything that happened, but I'm still glad for shade.
  2. He'll be missed in this area, it's going to be very strange to not see him driving around on the golf cart when I'm at the park, he was always around and was a a very visible owner
  3. It would be great if they did a lot of the ride, but I'm really just expecting that turn around... maybe I'll get back up there in 2024 to check it out again, I did like the improvement that it had last year. Small steps in the right direction, but I would love them to take a larger leap for the park (at some point)
  4. I feel like Whipeout has been having problems for years now
  5. It has been expected for a long time. It makes me wonder how different the park is going to look in the next 10 or so years, that's a pretty large addition of land, but they'd need to make some large changes in the park to make it accessible.
  6. Something like a Raptor would be great for the park, but I expect it to be something much smaller. I look forward to whatever they do though.
  7. The thing that I wish they would do that would cost them very little would be to re-open the path from Boomerang to Motocoaster, creating 2 dead ends with no real reason is silly (to be fair I'm sure there's some reason I don't know, but I still think it's stupid)
  8. Looks like I pretty much had the location right. It's all going to be really crammed in there, I'm kind of looking forward to how it all looks when it's in place
  9. I didn't realize that the volcano remnants were gone, thanks for the heads up. A Sky Roller would seem to fit based on the tease
  10. Whatever it's going to be it will most likely be in the old volcano plot. Retheme the volcano rock work to some sort of crater and that could work with the alien theme. I'm trying to think of what kind of flat is at Canada's Wonderland that it could be, otherwise I think they may have said North America
  11. Back on January 15th the Conneaut Lake Historical Society posted this on their facebook page (Link for anyone who is interested in looking - https://www.facebook.com/ConneautLakeAreaHistoricalSociety/photos/a.1522566177863979/4650707001716532/ - the train still has snow in the seats when it made it into the building it seems )
  12. Waldameer could have gotten in on it, they should have named their new water coaster Ravine Flyer's Vengeance (I mean they already have RFII and RFIII)
  13. Themed, protected, and air conditions building queue along with a name change. You'll now be launching into space on LSMs with new generation Intamin trains and coming back in Alaska (for some reason) Disaster Transport 2.0 I'm sure the park would love to brand the ride to a disaster... that would go over great
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