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  1. Lapbar only on Tantrum, unless something explainable or really strange happened to it in the year of shut down it was perfectly smooth in 2019, a very nice small Euro Fighter. The two really rough coasters at the park are Predator (if you're in the front it really isn't all that bad but anywhere else is unpleasant) and Mind Eraser, but that's to be expected.
  2. As a local I would like to see a Chance coaster here, but I think it's unlikely. There seems to be a lot of people who would like them to get an inverting coaster so even though I'd love something like Lightning Run from KK I don't see it happening saddly. Ravine Flyer is not going to change, there really isn't a reason for it to, it's still running great like you said. There's a Raptor rumor, but I don't know where that started (so it's honestly probably not a valid rumor) and don't know where they'd put something like that without taking out a lot of their picnic pavilions and I don't thi
  3. I saw the Instagram post yesterday, I can appreciate the park trolling people. I'm sure they're just retracking some of RFII but I think whoever runs the Instagram likes to mess with people.
  4. I must be honest I completely missed that they opened the campground, sorry for my unintended snark
  5. "did not technically open this year"? The park didn't even theoretically open this year, it was completely closed. Is there a possibility they could get something else? I suppose, but I would put the likelihood at about .005% if I'm being generous. They're just getting wahoo wave if you ask me and that's perfectly fine, I would rather Six Flags doesn't throw around money that they don't have at this moment to do what they can to avoid financial problems. (all that said if Six Flags adds more than what they announced last year for parks like Darien Lake I'd be amazed, but also pleased)
  6. Comet at Waldameer. Last year my daughter rode it with me once and then was done, this year (at 4 years old) she wanted to ride it over and over, which is great.
  7. Villain was bad, it hurt a lot. I don't know if I'd say it was the roughest I ever rode, but it would be hard to pick one that I have a worse memory of riding.
  8. Interesting thing is season pass holders don't need to make reservations, so hopefully that works well for them (I'm sure they know what to expect for numbers from season pass holders from previous years). Don't know how much I'll make it there this year, but I may get a pass just to support the local park.
  9. Glad to see Hershey can open in a few weeks. Their county goes "green" next Friday, yet Erie and Waldameer are just stuck waiting. Kind of a bummer that I'm heading to Harrisburg this weekend instead of 4 or more weeks from now.
  10. I'll be going to Waldameer when it opens to support my local park, and BGW in August if it's open. If masks are required that's fine we'll manage, with everything happening currently who knows what the world attitude/regulations will even be like that at that point.
  11. I'm sure other small parks have gone through major challenges somewhat like Conneaut Lake, but being close to Conneaut Lake I don't know how they continue to survive, they're the little park that keeps chugging along. I hope they survive this just like they've survived all the challenges that have already faced them.
  12. It was nice to see the park kind of coming back (even if slowly). I hope they can survive this
  13. I liked Possessed, but overall I really won't be that sad to see it go. Without the holding break it's kind of "meh" for me. Very happy for Dorney Park if this happens. (pretty much anything will be better than what Stinger was, that was the most unpleasant coaster experience I had ever had)
  14. I rode it both before and after. I didn't hate it. In fact I was able to ride it a ton of times in one day (there wasn't ever any real line when I was there), the problem was none of the rest of my family was able to do the same. Probably because I was short when it was open I didn't get my head boxed by the restraints the same way older/taller riders did. I enjoyed it as a kid, but I completely understand why it doesn't exist. I'm probably more sad that it was part of what helped kill Arrow (of course there were many other things after Drachen Fire)
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