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  1. All reports seem to indicate that the buyer plans on re-opening the property as a park (likely in 2022 unless something big changes with restrictions in PA). Will there be any improvements? That remains to be seen. If they could fix some of the blacktop and rip down some of the decrepit buildings that would go a long way to improving the park. (Fixing the pavement may be a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, but hey, I can dream, right?)
  2. While we're spending Disney's water let's just let them buy all of Grand Island (or Niagara Falls NY)
  3. All the kid rides look so new and shiny. Thanks for the look back into the past there, I know the bumper boats weren't the best things (and the big ones just smelled like gas) but they were fun and I occasionally miss them.
  4. Would be nice if they did some interesting retracking on all of Predator, but even if it's just testing like White Lightning I look forward to seeing how this new track type can change some of the industry. I'm hopeful, but I'm also realistic in understanding that Predator will probably always be terrible and could very well just get 5 ft of this track for "track testing" and "refurbishment".
  5. I honestly would like this name just for the sheer oddness of it.
  6. I just saw this also. I can understand they are probably getting harder and harder to maintain but it's still unfortunate (especially to remove them all at once)
  7. I didn't hate Cyborg when I rode it last year, but it just didn't really do anything great for me. The most amusing part was that I rode it completely alone, there were no other riders even in line for it as I sat on it alone. It looks cool, but isn't really a good ride.
  8. Hopefully this will finally make some people give up on the thoughts of it coming back (there is nothing there but broken concrete and old plumbing) Big Dipper has been down for years
  9. it would be nice if they had that part of the park open for HITP (if it ever happened) but the Moose on the Loose area of the park is closed down for Halloween, so I'd guess they would just keep that area closed (That said, Moose on the Loose in the snow would be great)
  10. I must say reading the comments after such a policy would be hilarious. @jconsolmagno, the answer to your question is they absolutly get more snow than New England, they have the joys of lake effect snow from Lake Erie to deal with. Could they do Holiday in the park? Yes Will they do it this year? I can't see that happening.
  11. Lapbar only on Tantrum, unless something explainable or really strange happened to it in the year of shut down it was perfectly smooth in 2019, a very nice small Euro Fighter. The two really rough coasters at the park are Predator (if you're in the front it really isn't all that bad but anywhere else is unpleasant) and Mind Eraser, but that's to be expected.
  12. As a local I would like to see a Chance coaster here, but I think it's unlikely. There seems to be a lot of people who would like them to get an inverting coaster so even though I'd love something like Lightning Run from KK I don't see it happening saddly. Ravine Flyer is not going to change, there really isn't a reason for it to, it's still running great like you said. There's a Raptor rumor, but I don't know where that started (so it's honestly probably not a valid rumor) and don't know where they'd put something like that without taking out a lot of their picnic pavilions and I don't thi
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