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  1. Seems reasonable. Nice of the park to respond to an inquiry about operations like that, it would have been easy for them to just not reply to that or give a slightly more generic answer.
  2. I've only had one ride on Ravine Flyer II this year (mainly going for the kids) and it was a 20-30 minute wait, with one train. It got held up for awhile because someone threw up. It has seemed busier than last year, but not packed, we'll see how crowds spread out as they open up more of the week
  3. I've been to Waldameer 3 times this year, I've seen some stupid behavior, but nothing to this extent. People need to just stop being idiots
  4. I was there Saturday also, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in thinking the Paratrooper was running insanely slow. I've ridden that thing countless times, I've never been as confused about the speed as I was on Saturday. The thing that was crazy to me was that there were people floating around the lazy river on a day in the 50s. Not my idea of a great time, but whatever. Give Comet a chance again on a warmer day the next time you're there, I always get a few pops of air on it (and it's nice that it's a coaster my kids can ride and enjoy). So far this year it has felt mild, but it's earl
  5. it's almost like they don't care about 2 train operations, and never have at Darien Lake
  6. I know I'd be sad if they did anything to Comet, but that's because it was my first coaster (and my wife's first coaster, and my daughter's). I'm glad to hear Waldameer also values it I was hoping it would be my first coaster of the year, but it was down while I was at the park with my 5 year old yesterday
  7. I always just thought the height restrictions on the giant wheel were strange. The gondola was a big cage, not like a lot of other giant wheels out there where the gondola is wide open, but the height restrictions was "Minimum Height 54" With Adult" Isn't a giant wheel supposed to be a family ride? If the listed height restriction of 54" is correct, that's kind of crazy
  8. West Coaster at the Santa Monica Pier - Total distance: 2,147.37 mi (3,455.86 km) (from Erie PA)
  9. For Waldameer, you'll be set with the Wally card (you can always add more onto it if you'd like). Get a ride on Wacky Shack, it's a fun, old, quirky, disjointed dark ride. Always worth a ride when you're there. The drop tower is OK if you get a good view of Presque Isle, but even thought I like the whole park Ravine Flyer, Comet and Thunder River (if you like flumes) are the main draws. (If you like getting photos of coasters, and the state gets their butt in gear, you can get some really good pictures of the turn across the road for Ravine Flyer by going to the Tom Ridge Center tower.
  10. They're doing a lot of paving and ripping down old blighted buildings (I don't know if they're planning on re-building any of them for this year yet). Blue Streak is probably at least a year away at this point, and that's fine. There's a ton of work they have to do to the park. On another note, if you would like to advertise on the watertower you can do so, they've been trying to find an advertiser to get it sandblasted and cleaned up for a couple of months here.
  11. I'm going to just say the web page design for Six Flags is trash. Not that it really matters but they also are including some rides anywhere on the list (the one that comes to mind in the Sky Screamer). For those of us who really would notice we already would know what rides the park has.
  12. I would agree, New York will not keep the restrictions they have now all summer. I'd expect restrictions to lighten in NY by May (that's just a general assumption and I'm pulling it from nowhere) We'll see what the park does as time goes
  13. I saw that this morning, that is good news and it is completely understandable to me that things may not open this year as there's plenty of work that needs done to make the park and rides safer
  14. The thing I've heard from the new owner (I also don't really know what to make of the whole situation) is there are plans to bring in new rides, I don't know when and I don't know what. It's just an interesting situation to monitor. I hope new midway and office buildings can be built eventually, it's not like they were really anything that special, they were just collapsing structures at this point. If it is able to continue existing and the Blue Streak can continue to exist I'd call that a win.
  15. With the history of the park and fire I'm amazed the thing hasn't burst into flames. I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be a disappointment if it was demolished (it was my second coaster) but I'd completely understand. I'm happy to see and hear there is someone in charge of the park now who actually wants to make sure buildings won't collapse on people and that rides won't fall apart.
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