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  1. I'm only sad because Blue Streak was my second coaster (it wasn't nearly as bad 30 years ago). Overall this has been a very long time coming for the property, which is sad, but seemingly inevitable Last I knew the remains of Blue Streak were mainly still lying on the ground, but the parts that were actually burned have been mainly cleaned up. This may have changed, but that's what I last heard.
  2. Well that's a cheery thought (even if it is correct) We can at least hope that they add more titan track to it every year and eventually the whole thing may be kind of smoothish. The largest investment the park needs currently is paint and landscaping, it would go a long way to make the park seem nicer
  3. ^ Personally I thought it was interesting and wish I could have spent more time reading and looking at things, but my children wanted to get through quickly to get to the zoo section and the playground. I understand why some people would have no interest at all in the Ark Encounter, but I'm a Christian and it was designed for my demographic, so I can understand why people would be really interested in it and why some people would have no interest at all. Hard to know from a forum what people would be interested in, but it is a thing between Kings Island and Kentucky Kingdom that some people may be interested in. If you're not that's fine, you can always just drive right past that exit and that's fine too.
  4. I don't often say it, but good job Darien Lake for doing something with that coaster, I hope it improves it (and they keep adding more ideally)
  5. The place was pretty much dead. Kind of sad because it wasn't awful when I was a young child, but it has been a disaster for years. The fact that the owner has said nothing of his plans (he really doesn't have to) does leave those who live around there feeling pretty angry/annoyed about the whole thing, and I can get that, but the thing that makes me annoyed by him is that he has honestly been a pretty major jerk to the locals (they haven't been kind to him either of course). There are some questionable (seeming) legal things that have gone on with the property lately, but that's the precedent that was set over the past 20 years or so, so I guess the new owner can't really be blamed for continuing to use the stupid system that was already in place.
  6. Got it, I must have been mis-remembering or only ever saw the 48" part of the sign. My daughter didn't have any real interest in riding it when I last took her (2019) so I didn't even bother checking to hard, I just remember thinking the height requirement was higher than I expected. Just for kicks though I checked out the site in 2019 using the wayback machine The wording was poorly done, and I think the website just had some incorrect heights listed (but really it obviously doesn't matter what they site had in 2019) Sorry for my incorrect memory on that one
  7. This exactly. It would also be nice for families if they could get a newer wheel that maybe doesn't have such a high height requirement (if I'm remembering it was a 52" height requirement for some reason... I mean come on, you're locked in a cage). If they were to get a new one a nice lighting package would be a must, you can't have the Sky Screamer be the only ride in the park with a good lighting package.
  8. For the next few years? I see an empty plot. I may be in the minority but I'd like to see them put in another ferris wheel, it just seemed like a great location for one, and each time I was there it was getting ridership. A discovery would be nice, but there are some other areas it would fit (honestly I expected a smaller model where Pirate is, but they actually refurbished it).
  9. Because people have become convinced it will be torn down any day now (which is honestly just silly).
  10. I wouldn't complain about any sprucing up that could potentially occur, but I don't really expect all that much if I'm being honest
  11. I was thinking the same thing with the Nebulaz, that looks great I guess scenting a ride tunnel was the next step after adding a chocolate scent to their bathrooms
  12. They mentioned at the end of the season or so that they were updating their web cams. I agree, much better quality video on the web cams since the update https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/cams-and-construction
  13. Hornet's Nest at Darien Lake is a Larson I think. I don't think it goes fast enough to snap, but don't recall any signs saying you can't.
  14. I love the look of the ride, I'm curious what they will eventually do with the landscaping, but it's Busch Gardens so even if it stays a field it still looks pretty nice (I wouldn't complain about some landscaping or scenery though). I look forward to riding it
  15. The only news I've seen is that they posted that the carousal is going to be back next year (after they had it listed for sale earlier this fall) Honestly kind of ridiculous that they had to announce that it will be there in 2022, but I guess that's good
  16. It's best to assume nothing and be pleasantly surprised if the do anything at all
  17. I'm going to have to get to Kennywood before they do something silly like remove it again. We had the "Flying Coaster" at Waldameer when I was really young, but I was never tall enough to ride it before it was removed, so it would be nice to get on one of those.
  18. "extensive refurbishment" = we took it out, people got angry so we cleaned it up are going to put new logos on the side and put it back
  19. I found those... I'm less surprised at the destruction of the park now, but still quite amused by the fact that a businessman's email address is a hotmail address... Come on man... you're a millionaire, get your own domain and a slightly more personalized business email.
  20. They've been having bands on the beach (which I'll admit is nice) but now there are protesters coming to those concerts. This does not seem like a way to invoke change in the new owners mind in my opinion honestly.
  21. I really think that this park wouldn't have even been on the radar for someone like Gene Staples (as nice as that would be). he seems to be resurrecting parks that have some potential to come back or already have rides that make it worth while. 1 very old Blue Streak and some old but kind of cool surrounding area doesn't really seem to fit his mold. The way it's currently laid out with houses inside the park it makes it pretty much impossible to gate the park effectively. I understand that the trust existed to keep the park maintained until a buyer could come in, but it really seemed like they were at least doing the best they could. When the new ownership came in and decided to knock down dilapidated buildings and repave pathways I was all for it. I think most people saw the writing on the wall and I probably did too, I just didn't want to admit it. I was hoping it would be cleaned up in the near future to be able to take my kids to in the near future, as my parents took me. At least Waldameer is still here and doing well.
  22. I'd love to see it saved and I'm glad to see ACE trying to help, I just don't see the park surviving much past this point if I'm being honest. As a semi-local it's sad, but I understand
  23. That's a nice thing. Very nice to see something positive in this thread.
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