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  1. ^ this is a great point Viper is still one of my top 3 remaining Arrow loopers, and has been giving great rides lately, but it's not really fair to compare the wear of Viper to the wear and tear on a ride like Vortex at KI. I would be curious to see how many more times Vortex ran this year as opposed to Viper, I'm sure it's probably at least 2-3 times more.
  2. Final prediction, I think it's going to be a B&M! You're probably right honestly, I just am excited to see some nice bright RMC track, it just looks great on the wood structure.
  3. I was the one who said I got a headache on it earlier this summer. It is still a great ride, and I love all the work that Waldameer done on it consistently to keep it great. I had ridden it a couple of more times this summer after my rough ride earlier, no other times that I rode it was it that rough, so I just chalk it up to having one out of control ride. All the other times I rode it I had great rides, so that's just a bit interesting.
  4. I swung by the park today for an hour, apart for 5 minute dispatches on Ride of Steel due to people not knowing how to use a seatbelt I was able to get on a few rides. Just in joking with the ride ops none of them even seemed to know park announcements are coming this week, but multiple ride ops told me pirate will never be open again and they hope it is scrapped. The claim is there are parts broken that are unobtainable (as has previously been speculated here by others). Who knows the SBNO ride may be gone next year.
  5. is that a new one? I only saw it for a second the last time I was there and just sort of assumed that it was the same one that was there previously, just disassembled and left in a parking lot. (not trying to be negative, I just didn't realize it wasn't the old one)
  6. Oh, after going to the one last year I'm absolutely certain you are correct My favorite part of the haunt last year was the motion activated windshield wiper style corpse on the side of an rv... I don't even know what it was really supposed to accomplish (sorry for ruining the high class surprise for anyone who has yet to experience the amazing layout of Camp Scumshine)
  7. It doesn't really matter if they're in the same building, that building is giant. What does matter is that the Jungle Apocalypse haunt was really really stupid. I went on an insanely busy night last year and each haunt had an hour plus wait so I only made it to two of them, they were both really bad. It seems staffing is a big issue for their haunts that I was in last year, the scare zones had maybe one or two scare actors and I think I only saw one scare actor in each of the mazes that I was in.
  8. What does the Spiderman Poster have to do with Ride of Steel? (for those who aren't comic/IP savvy) Spiderman is a Marvel IP, not DC and Disney doesn't even have fully rights to him. Six Flags is not able to use Spiderman. If I'm missing something from this photo please let me know, I've been known to overlook the obvious from time to time haha
  9. Yeah, the stream was... poor. One of the better comments during the stream was that someone used a piece of celery as a router.
  10. You're right, and after making my comment I've seen multiple others. My bad, thanks for the info
  11. kind of interesting to see an angle like that on a mat racer, but I guess you make things fit wherever you have space. I haven't made it to their waterpark, but these are always good additions in my opinion
  12. I saw some of her ranting the day of this post. There is almost no chance that the vape pen was in her bag IMO she was likely just walk around with it and lost her mind when she was asked to stop. There is always something more to stories like this. I wish we didn't live in such a divisive time where people could actually take responsibility for their own actions instead of freaking out and blaming others.
  13. I don't really mind boomerangs, but as others have said they are just everywhere and are very generic. Some hurt more than others. The Darien Lake one is surprisingly ok. If it's more than a one train wait I'll likely skip it, but if I can walk right on I don't mind doing them. I will never go out of my way for a boomerang or an SLC, I don't care about credits
  14. I always enjoy seeing how creatively the space at Waldameer is used, I'm glad to hear it won't be behind Spider and nothing is being removed for it. Something for the dry side and for the water park. All good news!
  15. ^ I'm not saying they couldn't have painted it or anything, but do you think that having a painted station would stop people from vandalizing / writing on it? People who do stupid things are going to do stupid things no matter what material something is. I'm just imagining someone looking at a queue line thinking "You know, I was going to write on this and leave my mark, but someone took the time to paint it... I guess I probably shouldn't..."
  16. I find it hard to imagine anything put back there, but I'll be honest I also found it very hard to imagine where Chaos was installed and now it seems normal. A big issue Waldameer has is a lot of the land north of Rainbow Gardens and the Wacky Shack is very steeply sloped down toward the lake, and would continue blocking off the Northern part of the property from the park. All that being said It's entirely possible they could manage to do it if they really wanted to. I'm always terrible at determining where any new ride will end up.
  17. Beaver Brother’s Lakeside Cafe, as well as Maria’s Italian Kitchen are the two sit down locations at the park and both are pretty good - and accept the discount (just not for the breakfast buffet at BBLC) I've heard those are good also (I just haven't been to them personally).
  18. Turns out there's a 2% (or so) chance I may make it back down to Carowinds this fall. If I happen to I would be very happy to get back on Fury again. As others here have said this park has a great top 3 (I haven't been on Copperhead Strike yet) and I'll be happy to get back on those again.
  19. I haven't eaten there yet, but it's kind of interesting that they have an Anchor Bar (I'm sure it's overpriced and nothing like the original, but) the original is the home of Buffalo Wings. Most food is standard fried amusement park food, I don't usually get food in a park but I've gotten chicken fingers the past few times I've been there because I got the meal pass this year. You should be fine in terms of crowds if you're there on a day that isn't a concert day, just make sure that if you desire to ride Mind Eraser be prepared to take a bit of a break for the sake of your brain and neck after.
  20. I haven't heard anything about the SBF spinning coaster, but I did find an article mentioning that Waldameer bought one in 2018 (I'm not going to post the link, you can search for it if you would like however). The park does have some signs up for the mat racer slide ads up in the park and it's been mentioned on the local news. I know they're replacing the speed and freefall slides, I don't know if they are replacing any of the other slides on that tower though to install the new mat racers. The mat racers are going to be a great addition as the freefall and speed slides never get a line and if they do get an SBF spinning coaster it would be a good transition coaster for young kids who can't ride Steel Dragon yet.
  21. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking along those lines. Let's be honest though, so long as they are putting money into the park and attractions I don't care what the announcement graphics look like.
  22. I just remember last year when we found out SkyScreamer was replacing Twister and everyone was up in arms about a waterfall by the twister sign
  23. I'm not posting it either because I would like to abide by the rules of the forum, but it looks like fun.
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