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  1. ^I noticed Sky Screamer has some seats down also when I was there. I guess it's easier to put a sign on the seats then to replace the seat sensor or lock release (the only two things I can imagine would go wrong on just a couple of seats) Quick annoyance post addition from my trip Friday that I had forgotten. I'm a season pass holder, I don't have the Six Flags membership, so please allow me to acknowledge that I know I'm in the wrong on this, but I've always used the right-most lane at the entrance gate to get in and have NEVER had a problem until Friday when I was turned away by a guy at the front of the line in exceptionally rude fashion. Like I said, it's the "membership" line I can acknowledge I didn't belong in that line, but have some courtesy to your patrons... geeze.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my day at the park, but I can see some issues. Gum walls (like in predator's queue) should ideally be scraped and the station for Viper really needs some love. Viper rode great however and only had 2 rough spots in the batwing. If all of Predator was retracked I think it would be a perfectly fine wooden coaster, I just don't normally hear about Six Flags retracking their wooden coasters, lately it's just been the RMC treatment.
  3. I made it up to Darien Lake today for a pretty decent day. -Ride of Steel 3x, which is still the best ride in the park hands down (even though I had one kind of shaky ride on it that was a bit odd in the middle of the day) This ride badly needs a second train and a paint job. -Boomerang 1x, it sure was a boomerang (actually it was a pretty decent boomerang) -Motocoaster 1x, under rated little ride. The launch is very nice even though not overly fast -Viper 2x, the best part of this ride was the person in full Deadpool cosplay riding it after our second time (I got a decent picture of Deadpool going through the corkscrews) -Mind Eraser 1x, the worst SLC I've ever ridden. It felt like the wheels were shaped like octagons and there were moments it felt like the train could come to a screeching halt or fall off the track. This this is truly awful and should be removed -Rolling Thunder, not a roller coaster so it will not be discussed, but I had to bring it up briefly because of the never ending superloop debate -Tantrum 1x, Very fun little coaster, second best ride in the park. We would have ridden it more but the line got long from the people at the park for the Korn concert -Predator 1x, This could be RMCed at any time... The very short retracked parts were fine, the actual layout is nice, but this ride just felt like complete trash and garbage. Fun park that needs love and a new coat of paint (pretty much everything really needs a new coat of paint). All of the coaster except Boomerang and Tantrum need additional trains however. This is one of the Parks that really could greatly benefit from some landscaping and additional trees or shade in the queue lines, but it's a Six Flags... I'm not really expecting they ever do any of that. (Seriously though, Mind Eraser can be torn down tomorrow and I won't be sad in the slightest)
  4. Waterpark, small flat (by that I mean NOT a giant discovery), or kid area expansion. One of those 3 is my current guess.
  5. Lots of complaining about the live feed around the internet, but whatever. Technology has issues sometimes, if it didn't I wouldn't have a job. It looks like this should be fun, it will be interesting to see the official POV when it's released, even though that's not completely necessary
  6. Heck, I'm pleased with a new Intamin 8 hours and 45 minutes from where I am so long as I can make it there occasionally I agree I am usually very pleased with the addition of a large coaster virtually anywhere. But the more proximate, the more pleased I am. Agreed, but Waldameer and Darien Lake aren't adding anything big anytime soon, so I'll be happy with my favorite park getting a nice addition.
  7. Heck, I'm pleased with a new Intamin 8 hours and 45 minutes from where I am so long as I can make it there occasionally
  8. In theory I should be making it to BGW in 2020 so I'm excited for this announcement. If it's like the leak from a few months ago it will be cool, but it will be fun to see what they do with theming and precise placement (not just someone's NoLimits2 rendering/interpenetration) Lets be really honest though, I love this park so I'm sure I'll like whatever they put in.
  9. A frisbee ride would be a great fit at the park, I honestly wouldn't be overly surprised however to see them do something like a Zamperla Midi Discovery which only fits 12 people (like Chaos at Waldameer) just because this isn't the busiest park in the world. The other thing that has crossed my mind is I wouldn't be overly surprised to see them replace the enterprise with something like the Supergirl ride they just put in at one of the other parks. The old enterprises seem to be harder to replace parts on now. All that said... they'll probably add something to the waterpark and call it a day (or something like that).
  10. ^ You're right the ridetime would be similar, but I think the experience would be very different. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just glad it's operated by Six Flags again so at least there is going to be something new next year (even if it is something small like kiddie rides or a flat)
  11. I'm glad it's back up, I'm making the trip up there on Friday with my brother who is visiting from out of town. He hasn't been to Darien Lake for probably 25+ years. The only coasters he remembers are Predator and Viper. I warned him that Predator has gotten quite rough over the years and he said he would at least like to see it up and running (and I don't blame him). It stinks that the only day we could make it is a concert day, but at least we will be avoiding what I imagine is the craziness of Kingdom Bound (I've never been but I imagine it is the busiest full week of weekday operating hours).
  12. I haven't ridden a Freespin yet, they do look like fun though and they don't take up an insane amount of space
  13. At this point in time I honestly don't know why any of the parks have anything themed to Loony Tunes. Looney Tunes is no longer a popular property IMO. Yes kids know Bugs Bunny, but not like they used to even 10 years ago.
  14. I really would be completely fine if they never bring back any IPs, I just don't expect that to be the case in the long term. No matter what, leave Moose on the Loose alone
  15. I don't expect it to happen, but it would be kind of cool to have the area by Mind Eraser be Gotham and the area by Ride of Steel be Metropolis and let the rest of the park be between those two, let them be separate as the cities are in the comics. They've already themed an SLC to Batman in the past, and they could always say "It will beat you up, just like Batman beats up villans" (they may not want to advertise how painful it is though)
  16. From my memory (other's may know differently) a lot of Six Flags announcements just kind of happen at the end of August. A few of the parks tease attractions, but not to the extent that Cedar Fair tends to. My guess is we won't really hear anything about what's coming next year until August 30th
  17. Hmm.. that stinks I'm sorry to hear that. I want every ride to be enjoyable, stinks that it wasn't for you.
  18. I've ridden Ravine Flyer a ton of times... I've had a few bad rides on it, but not in the past few years, I pretty much only ride it in the back anymore though. There was some retracing on Ravine Flyer a few years back that made it more enjoyable to me. Personally I found Predator in the front rougher then Ravine Flyer is in the back, but that's just based on my experiences.
  19. Yeah, shooting in August for a December release doesn’t sound like we’re talking Oscar contender. Haha, I mean... it is a Hallmark movie so they probably don't care about any of that. That said my wife always likes watching Hallmark Christmas movies so at least this one will have Dollywood in it
  20. ^Conneaut's not great, but it's way better than it was a few years ago, I truly thought it was going to be torn to the ground at any moment (which let's be fair, still may happen) I've never been to Fantasy Island, but I did camp in the KOA next door to it a few years back, can't we all just be grateful to have two affordable parks in close proximity to one another?
  21. ^I did the second row also last year and it wasn't the worst thing ever, so that's ok too. I wouldn't go much further back than 2 or 3
  22. It's very possible, Predator has a neat location/layout, but it's just painfully rough in most seats
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