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  1. Manufacturers like Carousel Works and Chance started marketing "conservation" and "endangered species" carousels to zoos several years ago.
  2. It's been running very slow for me since the software was changed over or updated (not sure when that was, but seems like several months) and I just assumed it was because I usually read the forum on my ancient work desktop with Edge. It's lightning fast now.
  3. Directly from the Disney parks blog article posted before this debate ensued: "The Space 220 restaurant is located adjacent to the Mission: SPACE attraction, and takes fine dining to a whole new level. Your immersive experience begins as you check in to the Space 220 Departure Lounge in Future World. From here, you’ll board one of two “Space Elevators” that will transport you in what seems like 220 miles above Earth to Centauri Space Station." That phrase is worded awkward as hell, but there lies the answer.
  4. The guy that's running the park used to be the Ops manager at SFOT.
  5. The Fiesta Train remnants and the old "Indian" village along the train track were both removed and the Indian Village gift shop in the Mexico section was recently renamed "Buffalo Trading Post". No one knows why, but it hasn't stopped members of various Facebook groups from absolutely losing their sh*t and declaring this the ultimate end of the park. Just like when they changed the six flags or when DC characters were introduced or when odd characters on the cave ride were switch for Looney Tunes characters or when they stopped having fake Confederate soldiers march around the park or when Angus Wynne sold the park he never intended to keep...have I missed anything?
  6. If it stays on course, the more easterly landfall puts Galveston on the clean side of the storm with wind, rain, and storm surge way below what they saw with Ike. They may dodge a bullet on this one.
  7. I don't have an answer on that, but if crowds stay as light as they've started out and the inevitable late summer heat slows things down further, I don't know that I would let them doing ^that^ scare you away.
  8. Good stuff. I love finding someone else that doesn't loathe Rip Ride Rockit.
  9. The SA Zoo opened to the public on June 1. I’ve heard June 15 for SFOT but I’m not sure if FT will open before or after that.
  10. I love Luke's. I don't remember what they call it, but we had the $40 feast where you get a ton of food on our last trip. Best meal I had in the city. The memorial and museum really are something everyone should take the time to see. The inner chamber of the memorial exhibition inside the museum is incredible. We stayed in there for over an hour.
  11. Every indication has been in Texas that mass gathering places like movie theaters, sporting events, and amusement parks will be among the last businesses to open and, even when they do, it will be with a drastically altered operation.
  12. I could care less if they ever fix it. I rode EE a half a dozen times before I even knew there was something that it had done at one time and wasn't doing anymore. It's easily my favorite ride at AK and probably one of my 3 favorite rides at the resort.
  13. I've been led to believe the Yeti fix is a "months" project, not weeks and, since it would likely involve a contractor, it's not an on-the-fly, do-it-just-because-we're closed kind of job like disinfecting the trains or pressure washing a sidewalk.
  14. I've always heard that the Yeti fix is cost prohibitive unless they take the ride down for a planned, extended refurbishment. I would assume that right now wouldn't work for that given that no one knows how long (or short) this shutdown will last.
  15. Blog Mickey posted aerial photos of the parks this morning and that looks like a cropped/zoomed version of one of theirs.
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