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  1. I don't about that. There was some media coverage around here, but it was very subdued. Even the park's social media announcement was low key, almost blink and you would miss it. I just don't think this is something that people are going to get in much of an uproar over.
  2. I would agree. There were similar stories after FOP opened and I've heard little about it since. I worried about my own ability to fit there and I do about Tron, but I have had little trouble with FOP. I saw a YouTube video today from a guy making it on Tron on his second attempt. His biggest issue was the size of his calves and the leg bar and he figured it out at the test seat with a helpful cast member. For reference, his build (5'8", he said 42 inch waist and I would assume he was around 280 lbs) is similar to mine and I would have a similar worry about my calves.
  3. The Uber drop off location at Magic Kingdom is the TTC, so unless you just really want to go through a hotel and use a bus, you could just go straight there and use the monorail or ferry. At one time, you could use the hack of getting dropped off at the Contemporary, but I believe they've tightened that up and won't let you in without a dining or hotel reservation. You could run into that same issue at any hotel. We went to the Grand Floridian in our rent car on a 2021 trip to meet up with friends and head to MK and they asked for their room number or last name at the gate. The only time I've used Uber at WDW was to go to a hotel with a dining reservation or return back to our hotel, so someone else might have some better feedback. It's been a few years since I've been to an after hours party, but my best recollection is that you can start getting wristbands at 4:00 when party guests are allowed to enter. You could always stop by City Hall on your way in to see if they'll give it to you early.
  4. Quote from the park’s Facebook page: ”Last chance to ride MR FREEZE: Reverse Blast is Sept 11…but do you really think it’s going away? Not a chance! Stay tuned for more… “
  5. No doubt. And I've lived in Texas for 46 years. This year is unusual. In Dallas, we're at 34 days above 100 when we had only 2 at this same point last year. And we're just now getting to August. It's pacing right up there with the 2 hottest summers ever (1980 and 2011).
  6. Yeah, the temperature doesn't really drop enough before 8:00 to really change anyone's mind about being outdoors.
  7. I can't help but think that the weather is a part of this decision. It has been abnormally hot in Dallas since Memorial Day weekend and there is no end in sight. All but 4 days in July have been above 100 and 7 days have been above 105. Outdoor activities are dying right now, even water parks.
  8. I think that light has always been there. Someone probably just forgot to turn it off.
  9. Sharon Parker was announced as the new GM/park president about a month ago. She's done marketing and PR for the park for several years. I've heard there was someone else in the GM role between her and Ron McKenzie that was also an internal promotion, but that didn't last longer than a few weeks for one reason or another.
  10. I'm just fine being proven wrong, but I bet some people are going to be pretty disappointed if the theme is way more pirate than speelunker. That said, it looks incredible either way given the teases we've seen.
  11. I was there a week ago and I can't recommend springing for Genie/Lightning Lane or whatever the extras are called enough. I didn't do the planning or setting up, so I'm not entirely sure exactly what we used but it worked out well. The only things we missed out on were the ones we just had to skip. I have similar feelings about Rise of the Resistance. I would call it an "experience" not just a ride. Totally blew me away, even on my second ride last week. Smugglers Run gets a little overlooked, but I like it almost as much as Rise. I've stayed at Pop Century a few times, including last week. Being able to use the Skyliner to access Epcot and Studios is a game changer. It made taking the bus to AK and MK feel like a total beating.
  12. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/four-people-taken-to-hospital-smoke-ride-building-six-flags/287-f3506087-1c99-4fad-a115-0dfc94b22857 Being reported as an electrical malfunction in a motor that cause the building to fill with smoke. 4 people taken to the hospital.
  13. Did anyone really expect it to be floating in the air like in the renderings? I think they'll theme it up in a way that hides or blends the supports.
  14. I know plenty of people that have visited during that time of the year and enjoyed it. You have to govern your expectations and it sounds like you're already doing that. If you're looking to save travel time and you're not worried about money, stay at the resorts closest to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or Studios. Same goes for the virtual queue options: spend the money if you have it.
  15. Manufacturers like Carousel Works and Chance started marketing "conservation" and "endangered species" carousels to zoos several years ago.
  16. It's been running very slow for me since the software was changed over or updated (not sure when that was, but seems like several months) and I just assumed it was because I usually read the forum on my ancient work desktop with Edge. It's lightning fast now.
  17. Directly from the Disney parks blog article posted before this debate ensued: "The Space 220 restaurant is located adjacent to the Mission: SPACE attraction, and takes fine dining to a whole new level. Your immersive experience begins as you check in to the Space 220 Departure Lounge in Future World. From here, you’ll board one of two “Space Elevators” that will transport you in what seems like 220 miles above Earth to Centauri Space Station." That phrase is worded awkward as hell, but there lies the answer.
  18. The guy that's running the park used to be the Ops manager at SFOT.
  19. The Fiesta Train remnants and the old "Indian" village along the train track were both removed and the Indian Village gift shop in the Mexico section was recently renamed "Buffalo Trading Post". No one knows why, but it hasn't stopped members of various Facebook groups from absolutely losing their sh*t and declaring this the ultimate end of the park. Just like when they changed the six flags or when DC characters were introduced or when odd characters on the cave ride were switch for Looney Tunes characters or when they stopped having fake Confederate soldiers march around the park or when Angus Wynne sold the park he never intended to keep...have I missed anything?
  20. If it stays on course, the more easterly landfall puts Galveston on the clean side of the storm with wind, rain, and storm surge way below what they saw with Ike. They may dodge a bullet on this one.
  21. I don't have an answer on that, but if crowds stay as light as they've started out and the inevitable late summer heat slows things down further, I don't know that I would let them doing ^that^ scare you away.
  22. Good stuff. I love finding someone else that doesn't loathe Rip Ride Rockit.
  23. The SA Zoo opened to the public on June 1. I’ve heard June 15 for SFOT but I’m not sure if FT will open before or after that.
  24. I love Luke's. I don't remember what they call it, but we had the $40 feast where you get a ton of food on our last trip. Best meal I had in the city. The memorial and museum really are something everyone should take the time to see. The inner chamber of the memorial exhibition inside the museum is incredible. We stayed in there for over an hour.
  25. Every indication has been in Texas that mass gathering places like movie theaters, sporting events, and amusement parks will be among the last businesses to open and, even when they do, it will be with a drastically altered operation.
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