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This thread is very simple! We are going to post different TPR videos to this thread. Check it out. Watch it. And most importantly, POST A COMMENT! We will randomly choose one of the posters to win a Bag-O-Crap! Easy, huh?


Ok, here's a video...




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Holy crap, you just brought back 20-year-old memories!  Back in 2000 my dad and I were in line and asked the guy assigning rows for the front row.  He warned us about the bugs without even thinking ab

The excessively padded trains were a warning to unwary riders.

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Judging by the POV, I'm surprised not many of those Intamin woodies have been built let alone were built outside Japan. RCDB says they're still in production so maybe a US park can pick one of these up as a cheaper alternative to the prefabs.

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Best part of the ride is the name: Episode of Little Fairies! The ride was not too bad either. Worst part was the climb to the top of the hill to climb the stairs to the station. I also liked how the path took you all underneath the coaster which allowed you to take some interesting photos from angles not normally possible.


This this cloned anywhere else?

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That looked fun. Going into coaster withdrawals, with the season ending; a san francisco trip thought was cancelled due to CGA's last weekend being in october. Oh well.

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