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  1. Thanks Yin great report my friend! We cannot wait to check out this park at the end of the year!!
  2. Thanks for sharing Aaron, bringing back some great memories while i sit at work on a Saturday morning!
  3. Good times! Will be doing it all again in a cpl weeks can't wait!
  4. Glad to put a smile on your face! Seriously that happened so quickly I had no idea what had actually happened until I saw the photo.
  5. For the record that was a perfectly executed planned head stand.....10 out of 10 at the fat f*ck Olympics! It is also a perfect example of why I take out travel insurance.
  6. Good times mate, this park was really fun with heaps to see and do. Shut up Jere!
  7. Awesome report as always. I am beginning to think you write a diary every night on these trips your attention to detail is amazing! The power walk to the mouse with MBF was the highlight.
  8. I remember dragging my suit case around the corner walking to the bus and standing there fertilizing the garden and Bill was there to medicate me, thanks Bill! Really enjoyed that park, such a beautiful setting and sometimes I couldn't really give two shits about the rides, it is all about the experience when travelling with a group of friends. This was one of those days (we had about 16 of them on this trip) I remember dragging my ass through that front gate of Hansa to be greeted by a fricking brass band....kill me now I was thinking. Great report as always Thad!
  9. Great memories mate! My hip flask was class personified.....plus I used proper etiquette and stuck the pinky finger out.
  10. I really loved Bakken, it had such a great atmosphere especially later in the day when the bars and restaurants were filling up. Ok I am ready to go back!
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