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  1. Hello! I love reading the Theme Park Review Forum, but don't here post too often. Anyways, as you may have seen on BGW & WCUSA`s Facebook pages, they have a contest for high schools to win a free trip for 250 to Water Country. My school, Godwin High School, entered, is a finalist, and I would love it if anyone reading this could head over here and vote for us. If you really want to be nice, you can vote daily until 5pm on saturday. I would love to make a trip report if we win, so please help! Thanks!
  2. Since I mainly go to my home park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I'll list what I take there. I usually bring: My iPhone (in my otterbox armor just to be safe) A gopro A gopro chest mount My season pass a poncho (yes I know, I am one of "those people") A pair of flip flops for water rides Whatever I feel that I need to bring along that I never actually need For other parks, I just bring my phone e-tickets
  3. I'm guessing that this is one of those rides that only a handful of people have decided to go on again.
  4. I wonder how many people's back pain can be blamed on this ride? It's a shame that some rides are ruined by the roughness.
  5. Dark portions always make a ride more fun in my opinion, and this ride doesn't seem to be an exception! Most of my favorite rides honestly have at least a few seconds in complete darkness!
  6. It's sad that a coaster that looks as fun as this one didn't seem to be taken care of well by the park. Then again, that applies to over half of six flags' coasters.
  7. This looks like a really fun coaster. If only I had the money to go and enjoy it.
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