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  1. Have a wedding in october in the chicago area, assuming SFGA has fight fest hours, does anyone know what the usual hours are for friday? Feel free to PM me.
  2. Really enjoy the poll, but the ranking seems to be a locked state on my account. Thanks for the work you guys do on this.
  3. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Phoenix - Knoebels Montu - BGT Rutschebanen - Tivoli Gardens 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? Around 31 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Cedar Point or silver dollar city 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Steel Vengence or Time Traveler 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? It’s a 2017 new ride, but Mystic Timbers 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? Cinnamon bread - SDC 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? Time traveler 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. Kennywood 9. Best ride themed to a bird? Tranan 10. Lamest ride/coaster you rode in 2018? Santa Monica West coaster or pick a sbf spinner 11. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2019 ride) Dodonpa(Disney sea if we are talking park) 12. What new-for-2019 ride or coaster are you most looking forward to? Most likely copperhead strike or the nj nick universe 13. Name the first totally middle-of-the-road (not bad/not great) park that comes to mind. Gilroy Gardens 14. You're in Orlando and magically have a 1-hour ERT session on 1 coaster of your choice at any park in the city. You choose... Manta - SWO 15. Holiday In The Park vs. Winterfest. Who reigns supreme? Can I pick Dollywood? 16. Mystic Timbers mystery shed or Wicker Man fire infusion? Mystery shed was lame, assuming wicker man is better. Mystic timbers is great as a wooden coaster though. 17. Which Six Flags have you been to most recently? New England, great adventure is our closest. 18. Intamin or Schwarzkopf? You may only choose one. Intamim, Schwarzkopf is no longer making new rides. 19. Battle of Kings Coasters: Island or Dominion? Pick one. Stacy says Kings island, I prefer Kings dominion. 20. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2018? Almost 3 hours. 21. What roller coaster have you ridden more than any other? Probably el toro. 22. Best drop tower under 150 feet? Stratosfear - Knoebels 23. Maverick or Millennium Force? (If you haven't been to CP, pick what you want to ride more) Maverick, but I love both. 24. Log flumes or sky rides? You can only choose one. Log flumes, hands up. 25. What are 3 things you enjoying doing at your home park other than riding rides? Enjoying beverages, depending on the definition of home park eating food, and hanging out with friends 26. What is your second favorite Cedar Fair park and why? Knotts. Has a ton of charm and a great line up of rides. 27. What is your home park and give us two good reasons why we should pay it a visit. Great adventure: El toro, nitro Knoebels: Phoenix, fried cheese stand 28. Launch or Lift? How about both. 29. Did you buy fast pass at all in 2018? Yes. Cedar point. Michigan’s adventure, should have at kings island 30. What is your least favorite wooden coaster? Hades 360 31. Disney fanboys: cool or cult? Both 32. Best Batman themed ride? Chiller. 33. Name something that tend to take home from parks that you didn't bring with you. Maps 34. Best wooden coaster over 110 feet tall? (rcdb will help you) El toro 35. Have you ever been hit with something (loose change/a tree/vomit/etc) while riding something? Quarter, on el toro 36. Skywarps: credits or no? State your case. Yes, but only if you count powered. 37. Turkey legs: nah or yaaaaassssss? Nah 38. What is the most recent B&M that you rode? Dominator at KD 39. You can eat nothing but corn dogs, churros or funnel cake for the next 48 hours, which do you choose? Corn dogs for protein. Churros being my favorite of the three. 40. Post a great on-ride shot of you from 2018. (DO IT!) Here’s me stuck in a seat belt at worlds of fun. Seatbelt wouldn’t un clip.
  4. Wondering if anyone else is going to the Coastin' by the Ocean event at Morey's piers this year?
  5. Not sure if there is an appetite for non-coaster trips, but I thought why not. The first half of our honeymoon was Ireland and for the most part had little to do with amusement parks or coasters. Day 1: Kilkenny, Rock of Cashel, Blarney Stone and Cork night 1. It's a rather short flight from Newark to Dublin. Drinks on the Plane Sunset Shot I see Ireland. We picked up our rental car. I feel like a better driver after dealing with small roads and driving on the left side of the road. We stopped for breakfast in Kilkenny prior to seeing the castle. Café la Coco Pancakes, Bacon & Coffee We then headed over and toured the accessible areas of Kilkenny Castle. This is the castle of my master, Guy de Lombard, wait that's not right. Old School Instagram Finidng victor a much easier than waldo. Greenery. Hey look, we are there. The next point of interest was the Rock of Cashel. Yes, it’s on a hill. Art, me thinks. Farmlands for miles, I mean kilometers. Selfies… Very old structures. The driving continued to a place most people know about, Blarney Castle, and the infamous blarney stone. I confess that heights kind of get to me. 450 on a coaster no problem, but without having something to depend on I don't enjoy being very high up. Felt very normal to wait in line for the blarney stone. Didn’t realize the surrounding areas of blarney castle were so nice. Much like NYC it was under construction… Almost time for us to go Stacy took a few photos, some with very good timing. I missed her's, so we bought theirs We finished our driving for day 1, went to the hotel in Cork and prepared to enjoy the Nightlife. Stacy catching me playing Pokemon Go in Ireland The Welcome Inn, the reason we only made it to 2 bars the first night, must stop in cork. Guinness. The Oliver Plunkett, good times. Enjoying the Oliver Plunkett. Colorful building at night, across the water. Golden balls, why, I have no idea, but they were in our hotel. The nightlife in cork was amazing. When we go back to Ireland, Cork will be on the agenda.
  6. Great to hear, the ride itself was pretty fun, but definitely could use a new theme.
  7. Well noticed a Facebook group and happy to see that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has joined, trying to make the date of September 9th work, but awesome to hear that another large park is an option.
  8. Not sure if this would be the correct thread or if a new one should created. 2017 Coasting for Kids is back. One park being Quassy Middlebury, CT on August 16, The other at Frontier City Oklahoma City, OK on September 16. http://support.gktw.org/site/PageNavigator/c4k_hmpg.html Email I received below.
  9. Patriot (CGA) Flight Deck (CGA) Medusa (SFDK) Patriot (WoF) Thunderbird Valravrn Mako Up to 58 of 62.
  10. So we did the 6PM version, and lucked out, we were the only ones on the cruise(Wine on the Rhine). You get two servings of beer or wine, and a nice cheese, fruit, and chocolate sampler. The only difference by times is the earlier(4,5,6PM) ones aren't 21+. I thought it was relaxing and you do get a tour guide for the cruise.
  11. Always a treat to read your Photo TR's Andy, especially when there's bonus hockey photos. Keep taking pictures and sharing.
  12. Heide is on our itinerary for our germany trip. Colossus being down for the year is a bit disappointing, but with the entire park being new for us, we just will have to use it as a great reason to come back.
  13. World: Score: 56 of 101 (55%) Rank: #30 of 179 users (top 17%) NA: Score: 55 of 62 (89%) Rank: #348 of 2,321 users (top 16%) Seems pretty much inline, should get some more both US and foreign B&Ms, maybe some of the will be fun...
  14. Score: 82 of 126 (65%) Rank: #148 of 1,487 users (top 11%) Can't wait to get some new ones this year.
  15. My first pick: Liseberg - Helix + Balder Some other great ones: Cedar Point - Maverick + Millennium Force SFGAdv - El Toro + Nitro Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run + Powder Keg Hersheypark - Skyrush + Storm Runner Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone + Superman the Ride Kings Dominion - Intimidator 305 + Volcano Busch Gardens Tampa - Montu + Kumba Dollywood, Hansa Park may make this list after my next trip. Europa and Phantasialand probably make this list after my first trip(next summer).
  16. I took some pictures, but not really anything different than you had. However, if you are going with a group of kids(i.e. birthday party or what not), there is a bar inside for those of age. Contrary to ^
  17. Looking forward to next year at Kings Island, since the new wooden coaster and Banshee are new since my last trip. Even if the GCI has no real surprises, I am happy to see new wooden coasters being built(both KI and BGW). Not every ride/coaster needs to be balls out of control. You've got diamondback, beast, banshee, and Mystic Timbers now headlining this park, a decent amount of flats, flight of fear, a flying coaster, a suspended, and a historic wooden racer. Be happy parks are adding new coasters, your home park could be dorney...
  18. Sorry to bring back an older thread, but all I can think about is this envelope issue around 53 seconds. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  19. Been pretty busy lately, but was glad to donate. Wishing the best for Jack and his family.
  20. As someone who traveled to ride batman the ride at SFFT, I think this is a nice and unique attraction for the area. Definitely looking forward to an hour ride compare to a flight to ride this type of ride, well and El Toro.
  21. For now Wicked Cyclone, having also ridden Impulse, Fury 325, Batman the Ride and Tempesto this year. Although Cannibal could take over that spot, but that trip isn't until October.
  22. I do enjoy getting a ride when its not a crazy line, but i wish the waterfall still worked, thanks six flags.
  23. Python at Busch Gardens Tampa was my first inverting coaster, with SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark being my first coaster with a "loop".(if i remember correctly)
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