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  1. Six flags great adventure 1 hour. Dorney park 1.5 hours
  2. Who wants some extra pictures? Whoring. Where did we stop on the way home? btw didn't ride this. Hmm. Does this make us responsible? water falls i spy a ferris wheel
  3. The rest of day 3: Wild Beast Double train shot Thunder Run (mountain) Vortex More Vortex Ouch. Behemoth What country is this again? No one ever has taken this photo dusk bat more ert Fountains good bye canada's wonderland
  4. Day 3 Leviathan Bash! TPR bashes are awesome. Plenty of ert, food and awesome. Almost too much food. Photos: Canadian Flag, awesome view Early night shot of what we came here for. TPR! Underbelly of leviathan Must not pull lever... B&M goodness Dragon Fire being dwarfed screw of cork no caption necessary obligatory sun shot
  5. Day 1 Last summer myself and shagan6 went to leviathan bash. On the way to toronto we stopped in pa for wings(quaker steak and lube), awesome wooden coaster(knoebels) and some craft beer(Bullfrog brewery). Looking back maybe we should have taken some photos of day 1. Day 2 Day 2 consisted of the drive up to toronto. We stopped at kfc/tacobell which was awesome because it had Mountain Dew Baja Blast. OK on to the pictures. Our time in Toronto spent at the NHL hall of fame: (editing to use going forward.) Finally made it to canada The cup. Marty & the cup. Devils stuff. Interactive beat the goalie
  6. Very happy I get to be a part of something here. Team Dorney www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/VictorTafro/DorneyPark2013 Thanks TPR
  7. Just learning this but crossbow at bowcraft amusement oark in scotch plains nj seems to be my closest credit, might need to make a trip to fix the fact I never rode my closest credit.
  8. I'm glad it did, spent a bit of time reading the whole thread this week. Thoroughly enjoyed all TRs involved. Thanks chad. Looking forward to what is to come.
  9. After typing this up I guess I'm being a little over confident, but will be a fun year either way. 2014 i would like to do Florida. "Local" parks: SFGAdv Knoebels Dorney Park(including coasting for kids) A trip to Coney Island* Jersey shore coasters wildwood etc NE trip 1 Quassy(wooden warrior day)* Canobie lake* SFNE(visit #1)* NE trip 2 Lake compounce* SFNE(visit #2) In/ky trip Holiday world* Beech bend* Can't wait for TPR Texas/Midwest Trip: Schlitterbahn* SFFT* Sea World San Antonio* SFOT* Magic Springs* SDC* SFStl* Wisconsin Dells* SFGAm* CP At least 1 of these next three(hoping) 1. Western pa: Kennywood* Idle wild(maybe)* Conneaut lake(maybe)* Waldameer* Lakemont(maybe)* Hershey(maybe no new credits) 2. Montreal: La ronde* TGE (bobsled credit stop) 3. Sc/ga: Carowinds SFoG* Kings dominion and cedar point trips not out of the question. WCB (if all things go well, probably dreaming): SFMM* Knott's * *denotes new park.
  10. Wild eagle Wild eagle at dollywood, Saturday after thanksgiving 2012.
  11. Definitely would like to participate this year. Dorney is the nearest cedar fair park, so why not there. Can't wait!
  12. You may consider yourself a coaster nerd/geek if: The only vacations you plan involve a theme park, or if you don't plan the trip you somehow manage to get a a park(eg going to grona lun spontaneously when in Stockholm) Roller coaster tycoon stole hours and hours of your time. Note to self: add a minimum temperature when planning trips for outdoor parks
  13. Hey everybody, I'm victor, and live in north jersey. I have been to an east coast bash and leviathan bash. Going to dollywood on Saturday if all goes well, anyone else going to be the area? Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and 2013 is a great year for riding new awesome attractions. Victor
  14. Here goes nothing, they do look pretty good, although a sunset ride on maverick is pretty good as well. Might even enjoy the lack of a view when riding beast at night.
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