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  1. I seem to remember different activities before the park opened. What was thad doing here?
  2. This looks like a ton of fun. Can't wait to get back to Busch gardens Tampa. How does this compare to other drop towers?
  3. I enjoy the emails, as they are a nice summary of the important posts over the week.
  4. Helix has no lift hill, however the queue and station music is as good if not better than millennium force, which I also enjoy.
  5. After watching the video, didn't thad reach out and thats why he was hit by a tree?
  6. Larry, not sure if I remember this correctly or not, but didn't they advertise stuntman's freefall (intamin first gen) as a roller coaster?
  7. Chuck agree with you on the cyclone, although that one section is brutal, if they fix that this next off season, would love to marathon the cyclone. Thunderbolt was awful, although you believe it to be totally the trains fault, i can see an issue with the restraints, and possibly some of the layout seemed to be almost just a Nolimits design. My nice surprise was the "luna-360", the inverting small frisbee, after selling a used non inverting model to great escape, luna upgraded here. The air race was also fun.
  8. Martin nice TR, looking to do a similar trip soon, any suggestions/recommendations for NH/ME?
  9. Honestly, how are we complaining about a new coaster? This plus the intamin trio, and a few other credits will form a nice trip next year. Do we really need another reason to go to hershey?
  10. I enjoyed riding that flat. Actually shawn and I were going to ride twice in a row until it stalled and we had to be evacuated.
  11. Using this calculation from this website http://www.ringbell.co.uk/info/hdist.htm, You can see 25 miles from 415 feet in the air. The distance from jackson, nj to philadelphia, pa is 46 miles. You most likely are seeing trenton nj from the top of the tour, which is close to 25 miles away. Plus trenton is almost directly in the direction you would be facing.
  12. Ok Thad, let us remember who actually starts these conversations.
  13. Anyone have an update regarding Hoosier hurricane, was trying to plan a trip to Indiana beach, if it won't open this season doesn't matter when I plan it, however any update would be helpful. Thanks
  14. I didn't anticipate, you writing a PhotoTR thad. Really enjoying it. Everyone knows TPDave is just jealous he didn't get to go on the whole trip.
  15. What? Ryan i think alwaysairtime13 was stating that a lot of what you experience is the norm for bizarro, such as the music not working. I think only once out of 7-10 rides has the audio worked for me.
  16. Honestly this was one of the best thrill and adrenaline experiences of my life. Also drop towers now are boring...
  17. Not sure if you count relocations, since you rode the same coaster from Elitch, it was moved to luna park/screamzone/coney.
  18. As much as i would love them to remove sky rider, why not remove time warp and flight deck for a new coaster. I mean one could hope they would remove all three and put in something fantastic that isn't a torture device?
  19. Come on bill. Not a fan of quick transitions or speed on a wooden coaster? (I still think el toro>balder but still) For my own over rated choice, easily magnum. Now wait a nano second - the examples I gave were of coasters I really REALLY like. Like Twister at Grona Lund. That's one I love. And Troy too. Over that B coaster. Oh ok, sorry misread your post. Haven't had a chance to try troy yet. Twister at gröna lund is fantastic, would love to see more of these small footprint, high fun and intensity coasters.
  20. Come on bill. Not a fan of quick transitions or speed on a wooden coaster? (I still think el toro>balder but still) For my own over rated choice, easily magnum.
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