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  1. Went for a few rides during the ert thing yesterday and kind of agree, since it was enough to make me have to be selective on rows. Other than those few spots on the turn around the ride otherwise is still incredible and kicks all kinds of A$$! More importantly that new bar right by El Toro is ideal Just remember your ID, right Shawn? El toro may not be glass smooth, but I still enjoy it. I'd also like to note the line for El toro got better once the park opened. Nice seeing old friends and meeting boldikus at the ERT.
  2. Waiting for next year for our dollywood visit now seems like it will be worth our wild. Honestly going to hold off from judging until I ride, but Outlaw Run was incredible and this looks as good if not better. Also cinnamon bread, that is all.
  3. On my last trip we went to a few of these parks you were missing photos at: martin's fantasy island, marineland and seabreeze. Seabreeze Tea Cups Seabreeze Tea Cups with Sign No sign to be found for Max's Doggy Coaster at MFI Marineland's Topple Tower Sign for topple tower I guess I'm not riding the topple tower
  4. Who knows if this is for a new coaster, maybe eventually, but good riddance. Mack launched in the future... one can dream.
  5. Definitely a good reason to go back to lake compounce next year, if boulder dash wasn't enough. Now is Lake Compounce going to go with the normal restraints or the BGW version?
  6. Someone call me? We will call you. But first! We require... ...a shrubbery!
  7. Was at the park yesterday, since i took off work for my birthday. Rode all the B&Ms, El toro a couple of times and the Ring of Fire. Riding batman backwards was interesting, but still seems gimmicky to me.(also had the longest line we waited in) They were only running one train, however the transfer track looked like it had a second backwards train. So perhaps they will fix that for this weekend.
  8. Keansburg Amusement Park Looping Star Not open yet. "We are shooting for early july" was the answer from the maintenance(best guess) crew to when do you think it will be open. Take that with a grain of salt since it has been standing since last year. Sign
  9. Sure why not, a couple of #500 photos for Tempesto: Stacy Victor
  10. Shockwave at six flags over texas, The texas trip was very fulfilling, finally getting iron rattler, new texas giant and shockwave, as well as the new batman and some smaller texas parks and frontier city.
  11. Well I saw a photo in the mess of this thread somewhere, but does anyone know the opening date for batman backwards?
  12. The duck at mt olympus was gone already when TPR stopped was there in 2013.
  13. Take a drink everyone. also we are at finish your drink by now. Sure theme parks make "mistakes" but I really don't get this thread.
  14. Great emails six flags... Hmm didn't know Great America had one of these
  15. I am enjoying the TR as well. Weird parks are generally interesting. Also i am reminded why I'd rather go to good parks and enjoy myself rather than go to very obscure places for super rare credits. That being said, you guys should keep being you.
  16. Honestly, "EPCOT is boring" is something i would, and did, say as a kid. EPCOT at 21+ can be a really fun day, drinking, and eating around the world. Food and wine; flower and gardens festivals lots to do. No its not cedar point, busch gardens or kings dominion when it comes to thrills, but that doesn't mean its not a fantastic theme park. Also I can't seem to have a day at disney without stopping at EPCOT for at least a few hours thanks hopper passes!
  17. To be a little more clear, impulse is included on the normal POP ticket, you don't need the wooden coaster one(although if I'm paying for an all day ride pass Im always including phoenix ).
  18. Stopped at trimpers rides today in ocean city. Not sure if I would have rode the zipper but it was missing something. Missing something?
  19. Updates from trimpers rides. The toboggan is gone. The spinning coaster is up and running, photos below. Spinning coaster's sign
  20. Not sure about the other parks, but a quick search for coasting for kids gave me this information:
  21. No idea how long joker's jinx will be down, but long enough that they put something on the website.
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