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  1. Knowing how outlaw run rides, this will be amazing, should be last paced and have a gorgeous view. Also the world needs more RMC coasters. Well 2016 or later I'll need to get back to Sweden.
  2. This looks awesome, may need to try to stay there next time we go to universal.
  3. Any talk of when the seven dwarfs mine train coaster is going to soft open?
  4. Epcot tomorrow. closely followed by the rest of the WDW parks in some order.
  5. Very happy you guys survived, on another note that didn't look too terribly painful, and the airtime hill that is like death on Skyrider may have actually been enjoyable on this coaster ?
  6. If you are a clubtpr member there are six flags discounted tickets available, or if you aren't already yet another reason to sign up
  7. Is it sad i have all these credits, the age i was when i rode jr gemini and little titans or a little bit of both?
  8. As you know stacy and I were trying to hit all the flumes as well. We missed this one. Not sure anyone got this one?
  9. I don't think there is a straight answer here, but my $0.02: 1) Eye test: does it look like a coaster(no disk'os) 2) On water rides, is it on rcdb, otherwise i have no idea to figure out water coasters vs flumes Unsure about half pipes/powered coasters, i usually refer back to my rule 1.
  10. **Coasting For Kids at Valleyfair is scheduled for Saturday, June 7*
  11. Disney still sells these tickets. However you cannot buy them through their website any longer.(over the phone and in person i believe)
  12. "Is it over yet?", "could that have been the worst wooden coaster ever?" Those statements sound familiar. As bad, worse or not as bad as hades360?
  13. Obviously this list is just rides I've ridden: Arkansas- X Coaster California- Tatsu (Full Throttle, Xcelerator: honorable mention) Connecticut- Boulder Dash Florida- Montu (Kumba: honorable mention) Georgia- Mindbender (DDD, Goliath : honorable mention) Illinois- Whizzer?, Goliath to be the answer by next year. Indiana- Raven, Cant wait for indiana beach this year. Kentucky- Kentucky Rumbler Maryland- Joker's Jinx Massachusetts- Bizarro Missouri- Outlaw Run (Powder Keg: honorable mention) New Hampshire- Untamed New Jersey- El Toro New York- Ride of Steel(could be the cyclone with all that work by next year) North Carolina- Thunder Road(if we can choose for this) Ohio- Maverick(MF: honorable mention, hopefully banshee can compete) Pennsylvania- Phoenix, skyrush(don't make me choose, Phantom's Revenge gets bronze) South Carolina- Afterburn Tennessee-Thunderhead(hard decision, pick any dollywood ride) Texas- Boardwalk Bullet/Superman Krypton Koaster/ Titan (iron rattler, texas giant, and shockwave still tbr, and 1 will be the winner) Virginia- i305 Wisconsin- Cyclops(almost chose meteor at little americka) Ontaio- Behemoth Quebec- Vampire(why do they have an slc too?)
  14. This just made me more anxious to get to Disney World this year.
  15. Dexter, the dark (passenger) ride? Too dark for normal parks, who knows.
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