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  1. Just spent the weeked in Orlando and back with some new pretty picture. Enjoy Took this back in Decemeber. I'll never be sick of this view Chinesse float from Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando An awesome view from the back row of White Lightining at Funspot Early morning view of the Orlando Eye Tales of Beedle the Bard at Carkitt Market in Diagon Alley. Long live Bruce
  2. Just a few photos from opening weekend of HHN as well as one form Cabana Bay
  3. Id say American Werewolf would be the only house I can think of that I saw a majority people love but this year has been all over the place, Halloween would be my guess to this years in a popularity contest, although it wasn't my favorite
  4. If you guys are looking to stay onsite check out renting DVC points from a member. Can save you a ton of money in the long run. Example, early 2013 we rented points form a member for 4 nights at Boardwalk and it turned out to cost me about $160 a night compared to over $300 a night if you book direct with Disney.
  5. Stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time during our HHN opening weekend so here are a few pics from there. Got a lot more to go thru and post over when time permits.
  6. Thanks guys Still have a lot to go thru and will post more as I get the chance to.
  7. You can also get a super quick glimpse driving over the over pass headed to AK lodge. Looked over real quick and could see a some cranes and equipment thru the trees. Not much really to see and goes by in an instant
  8. Went to Universal for opening weekend of HHN and had a bunch of first on this trip. For starters was our first time stay at Cabana Bay Beach Resort and can guarantee it will not be our last. Loved the rooms and for cost of the family suite think its one of the best values in the Orlando area and super huge plus its onsite. Our second new experience was this was our first time seeing Diagon and words couldn't even describe the feeling off walking in there and seeing the dragon for the first time, just a jaw dropping sight. Loved Gringotts (my head Is still spinning trying to process what I
  9. I . . . must . . . resist . . . the . . urge . . . to . . . watch . . . . Well that didn't work, just couldn't resist
  10. A new batch from my latest adventures Spaceship Earth Fancy Bathrooms Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom Minion Vision My wife and I on our first ever ride on the Coney Island Cyclone My oldest daughter . . . coaster fan in the making
  11. I leave you today with a few more pictures from around the parks, enjoy Caution . . . you will get wet Who doesn't love a good beer while at the parks. Everest artsy fartsy photo He got my hand . . but I got his eye.
  12. Guess who's back. Me Here is a new batch of some photos taken over the past few months. We took our first trip up to Gatorland a few months back and had fun. Sure its not one of your higher caliber parks like Disney and Universal but it really isnt trying to be either. Def worth a visit if your looking for something to do while in the area without all the crazy crowds. I night time view down Tommorland at the Magic Kingdom A touching moment at Islands of Adventure where one of our daughters met Spiderman for the very first time. After visiting NYC and Nj for years we finally
  13. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/fl-fort-lauderdale-schlitterbahn-20140522,0,5873024.story One step closer to happening
  14. Ah shucks guys, thank you I do notice the photos lose a little sharpness when loaded on here versus my Flickr page, they still look great however. Old Town Sling shot and Vominator in action. Trex restaurant. The Paleozoic chicken sandwich is the bomb Lego South Beach
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