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  1. I know it's been said but i made the awful mistake of trying to stop by today for a couple hours. EL toro had one train and a full queue plus, bizarro was broke down, and nitro had a full queue. I ended up taking a bunch of time parking, getting in the park then walking around just to leave. At least the ring of fire was put up quickly i saw about a half loop when i walked past. Will have to try on an upcoming weekend.
  2. Bad enough the local courtyard didn't know that the coaster wasn't from the local area. Why on earth didn't SFOT's media correct them? twitter fail
  3. Another plus 1 for value on site hotels. Disney is actually our cheapest hotel per night for our upcoming florida trip.
  4. Just signed up at carowinds. Stacy will be signing up soon as well. Can't wait to start fundraising.
  5. Had a great time 2 years ago with you on the Texas-Midwest TPR trip, sadly as I read this I won't be reliving an experience rather learning of it for the first time. Hopefully we end up on another trip together. Your PTRs are great keep going.
  6. A - Afterburn (Carowinds) B - Balder (Liseberg) C - Cyclops (Mount Olympus) D - Dominator (Kings Dominion) E - El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure) F - Fluch von Novgorod (Hansa Park) G - Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) H - Helix (Liseberg) I - Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion) J - Juvelen (Djurs Sommerland) K - Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa Bay) L - Lynet (Faarup Sommerland) M - Maverick (Cedar Point) N - Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure) O - Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City) P - Pheonix (Knoebels) Q - N/A R - Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer) S - SkyRush (Hersheypark) T - Twister (Grona Lund) U - Untamed (Canobie Lake Park) V - Verbolten (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) W - Wildfire (Silver Dollar City) X - Xcelerator (Knott Berry Farms) Y - Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake Park) by default Z - Zeus (Mount Olympus) Damn almost had one for each
  7. Not sure if this belongs in the "silly thing the GP Say" or not. Not tallest or fastest in the world. #factcheck Edit: will fix later text : @CarowindsPark: See the world's tallest/fastest roller coaster track be constructed in just 2 minutes. Do u have #FuryFever yet? http://t.co/X9idOhmoHn
  8. Thad, really enjoyed the first part of your TR about Djurs Sommerland. Really detailed. The topple tower was indeed boring, but I guess I'm happy I rode it. Keep going thad.
  9. Unfortunately thats all we've been able to do during our last two trips to texas. Next time...
  10. Thanks for the updates, actually looking forward to going back this year.
  11. The answer is none. I do enjoy watching the videos at least once. The only one i go back to repetitively is hades 360; to remind myself how bad a coaster can be.
  12. Hmm will be there when the Band Perry is there. How much of a crowd bump do these concerts bring?
  13. Cant wait to go on mine(and Stacy's) third Scotts pizza tour. Really enjoy them. How did you enjoy Joe's, its my favorite new york slice pizza place.
  14. 1. Blu Ray 2. When at all, Netflix (very infrequent) 3. 5-15 depending on the year. 4. No 5. I enjoy youtube, but it serves a different purpose than full length videos.
  15. Not sure if it counts, but fun spot's air race just opened.
  16. My first coaster in 2014 was the Rockstar Coaster at Fun Spot USA. My last coaster in 2014 was El Toro.(unless i go get vapor trail in 2014)
  17. Love disney, could stay for a whole week. Would get tired of cedar point after 2 or 3 days. Plus cronuts. Easy answer here.
  18. Lisebergbanan is definitely the best, unfortunately i don't even want to pick a second or third place (from coasters i have ridden).
  19. Awesome bag(Box) of crap came recently, thanks a bunch robb and elissa. Not sure if i ever posted last years bag(s) of crap including the GCI and Geauga Lake stuff. Posted below. Recent Bag-O-Crap Geauga Lake, never got to go there GCIs are fun, when they aren't roar(east) or wildcat
  20. Got mine recently, need to lay out and take some photos. Hopefully will have time to do this by tomorrow.
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