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  1. Galaxy and Odyssey are the best 3D Mario titles IMO. My all time fave will always be Super Mario World though!!
  2. Fall Guys is really fun, though they need more courses, they get repetitive after a while.
  3. Premier, RMC, and Mack give a collective side eye. I love how clean looking their take on the Power Splash looks, their version of the Sky Rocket II looks gnarly as well.
  4. Coke Cinnamon Coke Cherry Coke Baja Blast Mtn Dew Sprite Canada Dry Ginger Ale Red Bull Monster Fruit Punch Strawberry Fanta Tropicana Orange Twister Soda (Discontinued :-[ ) Peach Mello Yello
  5. ^I don't see why people are disappointed, GTA5 prints money for them. No need to rush out the next installment if it's not done.
  6. I'll have to check it out, I like watching his videos on various businesses
  7. Interesting how the track looks like it has grooves from train wheels already
  8. Any news of things opening and people being able to go back to work is great!!
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