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  1. Maybe it’s my gutter mind, but I really feel they should rename their half chicken.
  2. ^good news! Hopefully a nice retheme, and some new (un-comfort collar) Premier trains!
  3. I hope it's not a permanent closure of one of the best rides in the entire park.
  4. Loving what they did with WW's station house, love how they kept the same vibe as the Justice League building. A very clean look
  5. People don’t care, they do what they want to do. Unfortunately, at times, it comes at the expense of others. I’m glad they know who’s cellphone it was in this particular case, hopefully the family goes after him instead of the park.
  6. RMC and Hershey is a match made in heaven, can't wait to see what they've come up with.
  7. Tumbili can only load one of its two trains at a time? Cedar Fair isn't expecting this ride to be too popular I take it?
  8. Any color would've looked better than the faded mess Tatsu looked like before
  9. Well Tatsu and Batman being down are explainable for the time being. I got lucky I guess last time I went to MM the week before Halloween. All coasters were open and running multiple trainsm
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