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  1. I had to pause the video and make sure I wasn't trippin when I saw 7 across seating lol
  2. The way it jetted through the second loop, yeah the Gs will still be there lol.
  3. I really like the idea of Sinestro, they could get really creative with marketing with the connection to Green Lantern.
  4. Is their 4D Free Spin still sitting in the parking lot?? Lol
  5. Nice report! I'm hoping one day the parking lot beneath Scream will return to its former glory when they scrap the ride and sell it for sheet metal.
  6. They really did a nice job with the area surrounding JDC. Nice to see SF actually put some effort in.
  7. The fire on Apocalypse always gives me a bit of anxiety with all the brush fires we have in Cali lol.
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