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  1. Loving these update vids, much more detailed than the ones they did for Joker.
  2. Haha its like they're trying get 'er done as fast as possible just in case the state decides to shut em down again.
  3. Welp https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9099161/Universal-Orlando-hits-capacity-just-10-minutes-opening-despite-record-COVID-positivity-rate.html
  4. Premier's trains ride so smoothly on their own coasters, but when they step out of their lane, oh myyyy...
  5. Fun presentation, I was geeking out watching Miyamoto the whole time lol.
  6. Livestream tomorrow on Nintendo's Youtube channel at 6pm EST detailing Super Nintendo World
  7. The experiences are literally (and figuratively) night and day between the indoor and outdoor models. FoFs give me that "I'm kind of boarding Space Mountain feel". Runaway Mountain at SFOT was pretty damn fun as well. Definitely surprised me
  8. Does this park have a Guiness World record for most creative way to cram lots of goodness in a small footprint?
  9. RCT3 is my fave, but for it's time the OG RCT took sim games to a whole different level.
  10. Been having fun with Spiderman Miles Morales on the PS5. The Astro Bot demo is really fun too!
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