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  1. Very impressed with Ferrari World in the past couple years, and this is no exception. Also, rear facing seats are always a plus
  2. It's a pretty good red herring then. ^This. Also, there are pictures from before opening weekend that are clearly taken from inside the park. I think that this account would not be there for this long if Cedar Point were not okay with it.
  3. This whole video kills me lol. "Saw is the the only horror themed roller coaster in the entire world"
  4. Great adventure tomorrow, and also for HITP. Going to WDW in January
  5. I'm going to the park saturday with a bunch of friends. I've never been to the park this time of year. Any ideas on what I should expect/prepare for as far as crowds?
  6. I actually have no words for how disappointed I am right now...
  7. You mean like a new GCI wood coaster? Then I have spectacular news... They're building a new coaster!?
  8. Proud of Cedar Point for the ability to completely blow up instagram with 8 million pictures at once edit: and for a couple trap door slides at that
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