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  1. #DaredevilsWanted Do you have what it takes? - Photos taken last Sunday How much of a daredevil are you?
  2. Only had a short time to take pix in Festa. Ride looks fantastic in person. The park's repainted a lot of the murals and fixed the Rhinefeld clock up. The Bistro Ice Cream shop looks amazing too. Looks like the park is taking a few notes out of KD40's playbook. Do you have what it takes to challenge the daredevil's new creation? Park is reusing the Dasher's Diner billboard for the 40th. Shiny Different angle From the ice cream shop The banners look a little too tiny for their own good Daredevils wanted The queue line is just behind this wall.
  3. The full site leak courtesy of BGWFans! I cut out all the unnecessary stuff and left the juicy details. Not too keen on the height requirement. Wish the shoulder harnesses allowed a lower height restriction. Ride slated to open in April. What's your daredevil name?
  4. Ehh since Preview Day is coming up, here's this year's 2015 BGW crowd calendar I put together.. Special thanks to user celesguy for reminding me to post it here. Even though I originally posted it to BGWFans in January after the park hours were released, I figured since a lot of people like making plans around projected crowds and it gets asked around a lot here, I'd just go ahead and post it here before the park opens. - Obviously the crowds are subject to change. - Special events and discount days are not included (yet). - Does not include Tempesto's opening day I did post a guide on how to use it here.
  5. Stopped by the park a few weeks ago to see the new banners they stuck on the tower. Other than a crane perpetually hovering over the ride, not much visible work has been done since the banners went up.
  6. It was recorded at SFMM, and you saw Green Lantern and Superman: Escape from Krypton. They did it because SFOG never recorded a POV themselves, so they used SFMM's. Oh I thought MM shipped Riddler's Revenge, Green Lantern, and Superman out to Georgia. -
  7. Did SF release the video to TPR? I've noticed two coasters that don't belong at SFOG in the background.
  8. Thursday and Friday update. They were doing most of the work on the launch tower. I'd expect the park to be finished by the end of Christmas Town.
  9. Came to the site in time for them to stick a piece of track into the back tower. Gonna prolly head back to the park again today for a few more construction shots.
  10. Finally got to do a show run last Saturday. Thanks to the rain, crowds were minimal compared to pretty much every other day during the season. - Scrooge No More was great. Not as good as Fiends or Monster Stomp but definitely a great show. - Gloria didn't have the strong vocals it had last year. Kinda a disappointment - Deck the Halls was good, but its kinda hard to screw up generic Christmas tunes. - Miracles was cancelled thanks to the rain. Tempesto is coming up nicely. Lots of work going on over there. I think its about time the ride gets announced. Once it opens, you'll be able to get some sweet upskirt shots from Apollo's queue.
  11. Rode it on Saturday. It was absolutely out of control. Would've ridden again if they hadn't closed the gates on me when I entered the station (my friends snagged empty seats from the exit for multiple rides - had a few friends waiting at the exit anyway and I didn't wanna break up the group). Probably the only wooden coaster I've ridden where the roughness actually adds to the ride instead of takes away from it.
  12. Skipped Anaconda for an extra ride on FOF and nobody in my group wanted to ride Shockwave because we all planned to have children someday. Skipped Ricochet too since that was broken down for half the day and by the time we headed back there, it was already maze time. I already rode Anaconda back in the day anyway (not really worth a second ride) and missing Shockwave wasn't a huge loss for anybody.
  13. Didn't cross Toro off my bucket list, but scored a few new rides. Intimidator 305 makes it to my top 2 dethroning Storm Runner for my second favorite coaster. Great ride, but the transitions are kinda like that kink in Alpengeist's midcourse done back to back. Skyrush still beats it for the smoother transitions. Flight of Fear knocks Volcano down a few notches. Still runs fantastic, although not a very hands up ride Dominator knocks Great Bear out of my top 10. My favorite floorless coaster ever. Volcano is still solid but not as intense as I remember. The capacity still sucks though. Rebel Yell and Scooby Doo are still the smoothest wooden coasters at KD. Funny since they're the oldest coasters in the park. Lots of fun and airtime to be had. Stunt Coaster is INCREDIBLY underrated. Seriously that ride packs a serious punch. Grizzly is crazy rough, but in a good way. Hurler on the other hand needs to die in a fire. Funny that the newest woodie in the park is the worst one. Hasn't gotten better since last time I rode it. New top 10. Skyrush, Intimidator 305, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, Manta, Montu, Flight of Fear, Apollo's Chariot, Lightning Racer, Dominator Really enjoyed Haunt. Mazes and scare zones were on par with BGW's. Drop Zone and Windseeker were down due to high winds.
  14. Tempesto will be a clone of Superman and Sky Scream. The only difference is that they're using the 3-car Throttle-style trains instead of the 2-car ones. It will not have 3 inversions as noted in the site plans, just the slow roll and the non-inverting loop.
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