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  1. I had a chance to visit while the park was open. Here are the pictures I managed to take that day. https://business.facebook.com/832516676820317/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1118534471551868 And here is a POV I shot of their Cyclone Coaster It's really sad to see this close so early. The owners honestly had their heart and soul in this project. I met with Stacey, the co-owner, while I was there. She gave me a tour of the park, explaining all it took to build the park, where all the rides and decor came from, and how they had their 2nd and 3rd phases of the park laid out already. She was super passionate about it and genuinely wanted it to succeed. It's a shame it had to close before it really had a chance to take off.
  2. What an amazing year, I'm glad I got to see you guys! Hope next year is even better for you guys!!!
  3. I still will never forget that on one of our tours we managed to rent out Olympia Looping for an hour before the Wurtzburg Fair opened. Over half of the people on our tour took one or two rides and then stopped riding because it was "too intense." I had never seen such a large group of roller coaster pussies in my life! So many people I know would kill to have an hour on that ride, and most of them just treated it as a "one and done credit." Such a waste. Next time we do ERT on Olympia Looping, I'll let you know and you can be my riding partner! That's such a waste, they should be flogged! This is #2 on my coaster bucket-list. Must get on it at some point!
  4. Thanks for this TR! Looks like you had an amazing time!
  5. Thanks for the awesome TR! Looks like a neat place, full of fun rides and starchy goodness!
  6. Decided to take advantage of the sale from Southwest (grumble) and booked tickets to go.
  7. LATEST UPDATE: According to the BBC the ride has been fully evacuated with four teenagers being taken to a hospital.Two couples suffered "significant crush-type lower limb injuries", which were described as critical but not life threatening.An Alton Towers spokeswoman said: "I can confirm that the ride has now been fully evacuated and those with serious injuries have been taken to hospital. "The evacuation was completed by 6.35pm."
  8. Thanks for another awesome TR! Great pictures. Hope to visit there some day.
  9. Thanks for this awesome surprise! It was a great video, and I really enjoyed watching it. Extra things like this make being in ClubTPR even more rewarding. I look forward to hopefully seeing version 2 released at some point.
  10. You had an amazing year! Glad we got to do Scandi together! Here's hoping 2015 is even more amazing!
  11. I would love to try both of those out. The zip looks amazing and the human powered coaster is very unique. Thanks for the TR!
  12. Wow, that looks amazing! Thanks for taking so many awesome pictures! More places for me to add to the bucket list. Looking forward to part 4
  13. Yet another amazing TR! I also missed the dark ride Guess I shall have to journey back some day, oh darn.
  14. Yet another amazing trip update! Thank you for this! P.s. I look forward to the conclusion to this series mid 2017
  15. I was one of the featured riders on Steel Dragon 2000. It was a fun experience shooting it, but I dread watching it. I think I'm probably gonna look like an idiot. Lol!
  16. Awesome pics! 11 more working days till I get to see these first hand!
  17. To quote Eric Cartman "I don't give a crap about whales, so go and hug a tree"
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