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  1. Just combining Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster and Newsies in one day sounds utterly fantastic to me! (I've never been to the Sea World in Orlando, so I can't really comment on that.) But you got to experience some of my favorite Disney attractions and my absolute favorite show in merely a few hours! I'm so jealous! I agree about the towers/ sets from Newsies. The way they move around the stage is so cool to watch. Even though they're fairly minimalistic, there's just something about seeing giant metal scaffolds manipulate themselves into different structures that's kind of awe-inspiring.
  2. Keep up the great TR! While I love seeing any type of TR about Orlando, there's always that something extra when it's one from someone who has never been. Just seeing people's reactions to the sheer level of detail put into these parks is worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing your reactions to the other parks you haven't experienced.
  3. I primarily watch Youtube videos on my laptop, but will occasionally use my phone. I subscribe to a bunch of channels, and I check them out first thing to see if any new content has been posted, but I also watch videos on channels that I'm not subscribed to. I make sure I watch a wide variety of videos, from theme park stuff (obviously) to food reviews to random tutorials. I sometimes share videos via social media (mainly if I'm trying to win a Bag-of-Crap), but a lot of people don't share my interests, so I don't want to seem overbearing. I rarely comment on a video, however, when I do, I make sure it's relevant and actually contributes something worthy of discussion.
  4. I actually noticed that! I looked at it, and was surprised when I saw the picture of Corey Cott in the middle as Jack! How on earth did you get that? I had one cast member look confused when I said I was a Newsie (even though I was walking around with my own newspaper-- sidenote, it took forever to find an all black-and-white page in the Washington Post for the costume!), but a bunch in Adventureland said they loved my outfit! Also, I had my friend (the girl in the red hat in the background of the picture) take a photo of me carrying the banner in front of City Hall in Town Square. It seemed appropriate . Even with the blisters I got from walking all over the place, I would do Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party again in a heartbeat! The fireworks and parade were the best I've ever seen at Disney, and overall, it was a complete blast!
  5. I had a fantastic time at this event! It was my first time going to it, or any hard-ticket, and it was totally worth every penny. Plus, I was so excited to run into my fellow Newsies! When I saw you three, I kind of started fan-girling (I admit it), but it was still awesome! Robb, may I please post the picture of us as Newsies on my facebook? And please tell Kristen thanks again for the newspaper!
  6. I remember there was one time I attempted to use a bathroom at SFA (in the Gotham City section), and I almost threw up because of how disgusting it was. It looked (and smelled) like there was a burst pipe, because the whole thing was flooded with sewage. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen a theme park bathroom as nice as the Tangled ones in Magic Kingdom. I didn't even have to use it, but I just went inside to marvel at how pretty it was.
  7. I really like the Mixed Grille from the food court next to Storm Runner in Hersheypark. It's got a good variety, the portions are huge, and it's pretty tasty. I also like the Central PA Kosher Mart's falafel, and the kettle corn is the best I have tasted ANYWHERE.
  8. Regarding the knock-off SkyLoop, I personally think it's a pretty pointless ride style. At the very least, it looks smooth, if not boring as anything. Now with the chicken-coaster, that thing looks like it's going to break apart at any second. What's the betting that if you held one of those chickens while you rode that you would end up with a McNugget?
  9. Wow, that definitely looks like a fun ride! The flume looks like it has really good pacing. I wasn't expecting to see that backward section (but the rave room with all the skulls and neon and lasers looks awesome), and that soundtrack is so catchy! Looks like I need to get over to Europe to go to this park one day.
  10. This has got to be the most bizarre coaster I have ever seen. It's an interesting concept. I never thought that combining lifts with tries and launches would actually work together, but clearly it does. I think that the multiple stops might make it hard to enjoy, though. I'm not personally a fan of when coasters constantly lose momentum.
  11. Oh, so it's like the Year of a Million Dreams that Disney did, where all the parks are celebrating. Got it. Either way, the pictures of the offerings look really great, and the park just gave me more reasons as to why I want to go there.
  12. This may be a stupid question, but wasn't 1973 (the date listed as the park opening in the pictures) 41 years ago? Why are they celebrating the 50th anniversary now, instead of in nine years?
  13. My personal list of favorites is as follows: Maryland- Superman Ride of Steel Virginia- Volcano The Blast Coaster Pennsylvania- Lightning Racer New Jersey- El Toro New York- Coney Island Cyclone California- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (I only went once when I was a little kid, so I couldn't really go on coasters) Florida- Dragon Challenge: Chinese Fireball Looks like I really need to get to some more parks and/or states.
  14. I already posted this on facebook, but I got my Bag-O-Crap the other day! Lots of fun stuff, as always! THANK YOU, TPR for being awesome and giving these out to people! Loving all the great stuff!
  15. I prefer version 2. I don't follow Twitter, so to me personally, the Tweet feed of option 1 is an area that I will not utilize. Option 2 makes it easier to see everything that's available, and I like having the larger picture as a header.
  16. Awesome TR! I think I really need to check out Scott's Pizza Tours someday. After all, pizza is one of my favorite foods! I think it was so cool that you saw two of my favorite shows! Newsies is amazing, and I loved Wicked. I can understand why it's not for everyone, and yes, Glinda is a whiny, self-centered character, but it's still a unique show (which I personally enjoyed far more than the book). Looks like you had a lot of fun up in New York! Did you see any of the performances from the parade, or just the balloons? The Cirque du Soleil performance was pretty cool to watch!
  17. Skull Mountain was closed because it was constantly breaking down, and the multiple turntables on it were a maintenance nightmare. Given that SFA is my home park, I am glad to see it getting some new attractions, but I would like to see the operations throughout the park improve. Last time I was there, the coasters all had two-train waits (if that), but the dispatch times were terrible.
  18. All the self-operated rides make this park look like it has a "really big playground for adults, but happens to have a fun-looking coaster" feel to it. I would love to got there someday!
  19. As far as videos go, the commentary was one of the most entertaining ones I've heard. For the coaster, that launch looks actually frightening. I haven't been on too many launch coasters, but Dodonpa looks like it would have me shaking. Interesting, though, that Fuji-Q is able to keep the ride at a decent condition, given what I've read about the rest of the rides there.
  20. Looks like it would have been a fun little ride. I'd love to see more parks with coasters like this, not just the giant, crazy expensive ones.
  21. I still think it's funny/scary that there are more bleeps than not in the commentary. Seriously, this video should just be shown to coaster manufacturers as an example of what shouldn't come out of a rider's mouth. Even if I do ever get out to Vegas, I don't think I'm THAT much of a credit junkie to actually try riding this thing.
  22. For me it's WDW all the way. I've never been to Cedar Point (even though I really want to), but I can never get enough of Walt Disney World. I love all the different atmospheres in the Disney parks, and every time I go, I create tons of amazing memories. There's nothing that can compare to seeing the sheer amount of detail and theme in the Disney parks, and they have unique experiences that no other place has. Where else can you ride (good) Tower of Terror, a monorail, and eat a Dole Whip in one day?
  23. From everything I've read around the internet, it seems like the most realistic option plus the best way to disguise the fact that the trains are moving through a backstage area is having what are basically TV screens instead of real windows. That way, people only see what Universal wants them to see. Either way, it looks like I need to get back down to Florida in the near future to check out all the new HP options.
  24. I would probably have to go with Cedar Fair. I haven't been to many Six Flags parks (America and Great Adventure), nor Cedar Fair (just Kings Dominion and Dorney), but the CF parks just leave me with an impression of being better run, with the majority of coasters actually being re-rideable, and everything being cleaner *cough-thousands of trash cans-cough* in the parks.
  25. Looked like it would have had some good pops of airtime... but judging by the (rare for a TPR video) shakiness of the footage, it probably was better for popping people's vertebrae. It's really a shame that the whole park was wiped out though.
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