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  1. It truly is a rush and I was planning to get hit by a truck again in the next few yrs whenever I could get back to Japan. I remember very strict rules (arms down, heads back) so I’m shocked if people on the ride weren’t following them during the launch. I definitely miss the OMFG airtime Top Hat.
  2. This is insane. Very interested in the future of the park... I'll never make it to Saudi Arabia, so I'll have to live vicariously through Robb and others here.
  3. ...and if you don't believe bgtlover, I was just there and saw it with my own eyes. Sorry, had no time to take any pictures to share here.
  4. Bummer...I was loving all the Electric Ocean event information and finally have the chance to make it back to SWO after many year, but must go on a weekday when they will not have this awesome after hours event. Sigh...now I can only hang at SeaWorld until they kick me out at 6pm which doesn't seem like enough time for the steep cost to visit since I am not a FL resident or BG passholder.
  5. You could have 1000 Birds on a Stick for the cost of one Fire Farting Skrewt on a Stick
  6. That is extremely disappointing if they just dropped $300 million for this ride. IMO, for 300M, you could have Dueling Dragons with FOUR coasters dueling
  7. Woo! The theming from what has been seen so far doesremind me of my time at DisneySea. Now, I must begin to digest how much more $$$ I will need to save in order to get my family back there...
  8. By 'sweetest' I sure hope they are blowing delicious chocolate smells all over the new coaster...or at least in the queue We would have that extra sense that you see sometimes on indoor attractions...M&M show/attraction, Hershey Chocolate Tour, Soarin, Avatar Flight of Passage, other rides that escape my mind...or the amazing Polynesian Lobby smell.
  9. I love Osaka and the fact you had a few days there plus went to quirky Misaki Park and Adventure World makes it a win-win stop. Gosh I miss my travels all over Japan and the Shinkansen definitely made life MUCH BETTER with travel to and fro. I love how efficient Japan is even with an Earthquake to boot!
  10. ^^ Looty, I managed to get to all three in a day but it wasn't feasible to get all rides in...are you asking how feasible to ride everything? That would be a fun challenge and I would take you up on that if I was back in Japan soon! Japan doesn't want to deal with California and the nonsense that everyone deals with there... Not to mention Japan loves fireworks and many other hobbies that are banned in California. CA is not making people happier, Japan is.
  11. Smooth as butter...for the most part which means it's going to beat Medusa out of the #1 spot woohoo!!!! Hey Robb, Coming up to the MCBR, was there a bit of whiplash sitting in the right seat as you hit that turn hard into the straightaway? Looks like the left seat doesn't jam around as much there. Perhaps that's why Fred (RMC) appears to prefer the left seat. Either way, we can FINALLY have an amazing coaster at CP without all the complaining about GK/Val.
  12. Awesome invite! Now I'll have to find a deck for my mom as she loves to collect all different kinds and it's hard to find one she doesn't have after collecting for years!
  13. While the Skillet(s) are excellent, you cannot miss out on the Cinnamon Bread
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