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  1. Looking like a quick trip to Thorpe Park next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Big Grizzly Mountain, Th13teen, Mega Lites are all really fun rides in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I rode a couple more times during a visit to the park yesterday. My first ride of the day was fantastic. All in sync, audio was balanced and not just in one year, was nice and clear too. When everything is correct it all works to bring quite a nice experience (apart from the video rushing through all the destinations). My second ride in the afternoon was another story. The audio was fine but it was waaay out of sync. Before trying Galactica I didn't think it would affect me as much when it was out of sync as it actually did. Blimey I was wrong, the video was 1-2 seconds behind where I act
  4. Is it named that because it's close to the actual tree or just because of Alton Towers? The actual chained oak is very close to it and it's named after that.
  5. Hey, Just some thoughts and photos from myself about Galactica: I visited Alton this past Saturday, mainly to give Galactica a try. The day started out very rainy but we made our way over to the ride and stood by the entrance until it opened. The whole area and plaza is very similar to how it used to be when the ride was known as Air. The Galactica logo has been created in bricks in the plaza and is a nice call back idea to the ride name "AIR" also being embedded into the ground when Air originally opened back in 2002, (now let's just hope Alton don't build a corner of a coffee shop se
  6. Really love the Efteling advert posted and looking forward to visiting there! One of my favourites from my local park, Alton Towers is one advertising Oblivion in 1998.
  7. Just got back from Alton Towers today having ridden the Smiler three times. I have to say that it was great to see the ride back in operation. No fuss was made, it just opened as usual and people rode it. Not one person I saw/heard mentioned the accident or that it would put them off and most people were perfectly happy to get back on and enjoy the ride. The ride experience was practically identical to before the crash minus some TV's and audio not on (they could make a comeback but who knows?) The ride also seemed to run all day with no issues whatsoever. The Smiler is back!
  8. Looking like Blackpool Pleasure Beach in just over a week for me!
  9. Nemesis - Alton Towers Euro Mir - Europa Park Mystery Mine - Dollywood Dinoconda - China Dinosaurs Park Blue Fire - Europa Park Helix - Liseberg Valhalla - Pleasure Beach Blackpool Overall best ambient sound is when inside Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea.
  10. Would love to see this go ahead but as of now it just seems like a bit of a dream. That's a LOT of coasters for what is just a small caravan site. On the other hand, it would be amazing to see another Vekoma Stingray open up. The first one is a great but weird ride.
  11. That reminds me what did they do with Submissions spot when they closed the ride? I always preferred Energizer over Submission (that ride was so uncomfy) although it always seemed tamer once it became Boneshaker. All the smaller holes were filled in and the larger concrete foundation was just filled in and a patch of grass laid on top. So not much. Yes, Energizer was a much better ride. Wish one of those would return.
  12. Arrow - Cyclone (Dreamworld) Beijing Shibaolai - Hanging Roller Coaster (Crab Island) B&M - Nemesis (Alton Towers) Cavazza Diego- Nessi (Ocean Beach Amusement Park) CCI - Villain (Geauga Lake) Fabbri - Screamin' Deamon (Castle Park) GCI - Roar (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) Gerstlauer - Coastersaurus (Legoland California) Giovanola - Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Golden Horse - Spinning Coaster (Sun Park) Gravity Group - The Voyage (Holiday World) Hopkins - Dragon (Adventureland) Intamin - Shockwave (Drayton Manor) L&T Systems - Wild Mine Ride (Gulliver's World) Mack
  13. I know it's a feature coasters have had for a long time but switch tracks. Definitely overlooked parts of a lot of rides. Rides that have switch tracks as part of their layouts are becoming faster and faster (examples are Th1teen and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars) Both those two rides use switch track elements during the ride and both are very reliable and change super quickly so most people just don't realised the track has moved until they are travelling a different part of track!
  14. When I first heard rumours about Alton adding VR to Air earlier this year, I was ready to rip Merlin to shreds about what a horrific idea it was. But having time to think about it, it could be fun if done well and operated efficiently. So now I am reserving judgement until I have ridden it and tried it for myself (if it's true). Also, I have heard really good reports from Europa Park and also the trial on Freedom Flyer.
  15. Yes! Euro Mir by a long way. Awesome ride and even better music! The loft is just plain weird though.
  16. Very fun rides but not top rides for me are: - Th13teen at Alton Towers - Racing at Bakken - California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure - Tornado at Bakken - Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Singapore
  17. I really can't see the VR thing take off and I agree with you there Craig, just a nice refresh of the theme (especially a clean up and something decent in the tunnel) would be excellent.
  18. Just at Alton Towers right now awaiting the fireworks to start for the final day of the season!
  19. Oh no! Shijingshan Amusement Park.... What a place. The frankly terrifying Shuttle Loop. I remember choosing a seat, getting in, pulling down my restraint and not hearing it lock. I then went to change seats and the ride op told me to sit back down, undid my seatbelt and threaded it through the broken restraint and then gave me a thumbs up and smiled. I didn't smile back! I THIINK this was also the place that we managed to stall the dinosaur indoor coaster. Frankly that was hilarious and there is a rather amusing video of this incident on YouTube. Yeh, I don't wish to return but it
  20. I also visited Fantasy Island earlier this year and the park looked like it was doing very well and it was extremely busy. A far cry from my previous and first visit where everything was closed bar Volcano, Beast and Odyssey! I rode the new train earlier this year too and I actually found it very very headbangy, much worse than last year! Weird. The new train does look much nicer though. I was very very very impressed by Millenium though. What an amazing ride! The mouse had a 45 minute wait too. The shot tower feature was tilting seats wasn't it? Glad you had a fun day there!
  21. I have four favourites. Not in any particular order but all were really nice rides and smooth too: - Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars - Hong Kong Disneyland - Stingray - Ferris Wheel Park - Gravity Max - Lihpao Land - Millenium Coaster - Fantasy Island
  22. Excellent report and an excellent day! It was so much fun to meet up with friends i've met over the last few years and hang out riding some awesome coasters on this day.
  23. Unbalanced rides on ZacSpins are insane. Especially if you get two people on one side and no one on the other! You are in for a very very intense ride cycle if that happens, but I have heard that this is not possible at SFMM.
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