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  1. This is excellent news. Those Vekoma suspended juniors are really fun little rides so one of them plus the custom layout junior boomerang really will round out Paulton's nicely.
  2. Corkscrew, Sea World AU Dragon Flyer, Camelot Theme Park UK Gauntlet, Camelot Theme Park UK Beatie, Alton Towers UK Corkscrew, Alton Towers UK Nessi , Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK Pepsi-Cola Loop, Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK Jet Stream, Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK Eureka Mountain Mine Ride, Dreamworld AU Thunderbolt, Dreamworld AU Space Invader 2, Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK Cyclone, Pleasureland Southport UK King Solomon's Mines, Pleasureland Southport UK Disaster Transport, Cedar Point US Double Loop, Geauga Lake US Villain, Geauga Lake US Hurricane, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk US Tree Top Racers, Adventure City US Speed - The Ride, Nascar Cafe US Whirlwind, Camelot Theme Park UK Knightmare, Camelot Theme Park UK Corkscrew, Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo UK Galaxi, Indiana Beach US Dragon Roller Coaster, Atayal Resort TW Galaxy Express 999, Aqua Stadium JP
  3. Nice. I think that will fit really nicely at Paultons Park. Nice slight change to the layout to keep things fresh.
  4. Great report! I really enjoyed this place when I visited mid year in 2010. It's a great little park with a nice selection of quite unique rides as you stated. The fact it's inside also makes everything look brand new which is great. Was the ropes course under maintenance as I went on it in 2010 for sure? Wish I had been able to ride the Turtles Gerstlauer ride as it looks fun. In 2010 it was still the RotoShake which was also a pretty nice if not as intense as it looked. The Jimmy Neutron ride was also very unique and i've not seen another one. Does the Namco arcade still have the US's only japanese drum machine? Spongebob here was my first Eurofighter too and I found it rather pleasant, not rough at all, just a nice little ride and great for an indoor park. Avatar Airbender is also the best of the half pipes that I have ridden. Did you ride the Log Flume as it's surprisingly a great ride with quite a lot of detail in it's theme.
  5. Great report Robert. What a oddly amusing park that was. The haunted swing with 3D surround audio was actually really good and quite unnerving. Especially it being that small and you not having any clue what the whispers were saying!
  6. I visited Winter Wonderland a couple of weeks back too. It's really nicely done and there is a good range of rides available and some very highly themed too! Wilde Maus XXL is a superb ride. One of the smoothest wild mice I have ridden. The way it is perched atop the footers is very intimidating though. The Alpine Thriller Pinfari Cable lift monstrosity rode terribly and i'll be happy never to ride it again. The spinner in the box was actually really decent too and the Euro Coaster suspended one I, like Chuck, had never seen one outside of RCT so I did choose to ride it and it wasn't horrible but not great as the corners do not naturally swing the cars and you are forced rather suddenly around them. Ah well, another coaster type tried out.
  7. Just submitted the survey for my thoughts on rattley B&M's. Worst for me was Vortex at CGA but I did find Hair Raiser to be super smooth!
  8. I think a small woodie would be perfect for Flamingo Land and hopefully get the UK back into adding wooden coasters!
  9. For me it is Green Dragon at GreenWood Forest Park in Wales.
  10. Just wanted to post my mini video of the 2014 Ultimate Fireworks event at Alton Towers which rounded out the year and finished it off superbly!
  11. Some great stuff coming out from IAAPA. Looking forward to all the rest. Great work so far to all that are attending and reporting back!
  12. Nice report. I enjoyed this park even though, as Elissa said, both launchers were closed. Really wish I had been aware of the Toy Story Mania knockoff but ah well, I missed it. Not to worry. Look forward to more.
  13. I have to say that the concept video looks amazing. The coaster layout is superb. So glad it doesn't just wrap around the tower as a super tall helix spiral. I just have this doubting feeling in the back of my mind thinking this won't get built but I hope along with everyone else that it does and is an outstanding success.
  14. Great report. Thanks for sharing. And yes I agree on Winnie the Pooh being an awesome trackless dark ride.
  15. Haha yep. I have the evidence. You'll never be able to deny riding Teeny Weeny ever again! Sorry about that!
  16. Yep. It certainly was! I managed quite a few scary attractions this year. The mazes at the Merlin attractions are ok normally as I know what style of scares to expect so it's the new stuff that gets me. One that also stands out was the ghost train at Bakken which I rode with Martin and as usual I had my head down and tried not to look at what was coming. Martin meanwhile was laughing and enjoying the ride as any person should be doing. Half way through the ride there was a ride op sat in a seat to the right hand side of the track who jumped out. He didn't seem to be wearing a costume, just standard clothes but boy did Martin shout out when he jumped out at us as we passed! It was hilarious!
  17. Got to say the Ultimate for this. The Ultimate really is a terrain coaster. The first and second halves are very very different rides. First lulls you into a false sense of security and then the second just beats you like crazy. It's a very strange but very fun ride to ride. Attempting to get through the duration of the second half whilst keeping your arms in the air is tricky but doable but be prepared to be bruised totally! oh and it's a very long ride too.
  18. So, after Holiday Park we headed down to Rust and spent the next two days at Europa Park. I have to say that Europa Park is my second favourite theme park. The park is stunning, has a HUGE variety of coasters and rides and everything is maintained perfectly. Wodan is another fantastic woodie and has the best themed queue of ANY wooden coaster. After Europa Park, we visited Tripsdrill in Cleebronn. The park last year opened Karacho, a Gerstlauer launched Infinity Coaster. I enjoyed it, best parts were the launch, lapbar only seating and the dive loop into the tunnel! Karacho Mammut wins the award this year for quietest wooden coaster! It sort of bounces along the track and gives a decent ride. The dark ride part at the beginning was cool too. Mammut Ok, so after the Germany trip, it was time to FINALLY head over to Fantasy Island in Skegness. After a very very early start I get to Skegness to find it cold, pretty windy and raining slightly so my chances of riding Jubileee Odyssey looked very slim indeed. Thankfully Odyssey did open and I rode it several times. It's not actually that bad apart from one rough spot. Pretty much EVERYTHING else in the park was totally closed. so only managed to ride one coaster, the Top Scan and the shot tower. I ahve to say I was very disappointed by Fantasy Island in general. Fantasy Island Jubilee Oddessey LOOK AT THE COLOUR OF THAT WATER!!!!!!!!! Halloween begins! Being a Merlin Annual Pass holder has it's benefits as I was invited to the Annual Pass preview event for Fright Nights at Thorpe Park. I spent the whole day there and then Fright Nights began at 6pm. I visited all 5 mazes: Studio 13 which was new for 2014, Cabin in the Woods, Blair Witch Project, My Bloody Valentine and Saw Alive. All of them were good fun but not too scary. I enjoyed getting split up from my group in My Bloody Valentine where I went alone and rejoined them later. The director is ready.... A few in the dark rides including the Swarm ended the evening. Night rides on the Swarm October also saw me getting to use my birthday present of a 100mph zip line. This took place at a quarry in Wales and saw people flying over the quarry lake at blistering speeds: Wheeeee! In the afternoon I paid a visit to little known, GreenWood Forest Park. This is a nature park focusing on education. It is also home to the worlds only people powered roller coaster. Learning about potential and kinetic energy conversions. Then mid October was time for the yearly visit to Scarefest at Alton Towers. This year they had two mazes on offer, Terror of the Towers and The Sanctuary. Both were excellent and I preferred them both to the mazes at Thorpe Park. Alton also had two scare zones: ZOMBIES Scare Zone and Scary Tales. Ready to be marmalised in the Sanctuary On the 1st of November I took part in Zombie Earth with Holger, Bjorn and James in Birmingham. This took place at and around the Custard Factory. We were given a briefing and a map and had to run through zombie infested areas to locate coordinates to allow us to continue. Zombies were one of three types (Fast moving, Slow moving and sound activated.) It was a great event and very well set up. A couple of injuries happened but we all survived (just). Hmmmmm? Then, finally, this past weekend I visited Alton Towers for the final time to see the Ultimate Fireworks event. It was spectacular show (Video coming tommorrow) and a fantastic end to the theme park season. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Don't Look Down Last rides on Nemesis for the year! and thanks for reading. So I just want thank everyone who has come along to some of these parks with me and to those who have organised the events I ahve participated in. It's been a fun packed year and I hope to see some of you next year! Thankyou!
  19. Hey all! I thought I would do a quick post to outline all the theme parks and places of a similar nature that I have visited this year as an overview. First of all, it's been an amazing year, i've visited a ton of new parks, several ones i've visited previously, met up with old friends and new, participated in a variety of weird and wacky things and overall just had an amazing time. So first off, when the theme park season began (sort of, in February), I headed off for an early year visit to Alton Towers! Arrived and ready Ready for first coaster of the year, same as always, Nemesis! It's Fright Time The towers of Alton Wheeee! Vertical panorama of the flying machine in the Alton Towers Hotel At the beginning of March, I visited Thorpe Park for their Annual Pass preview day which turned out to be a very quiet day which was great for several rerides. Going down Swarm Bypassed this. Too cold for water rides Conveluted.nltrack Going down neil_2014_recap_00032.jpg[/attachment] neil_2014_recap_00043.jpg[/attachment] neil_2014_recap_00047.jpg[/attachment] neil_2014_recap_00050.jpg[/attachment] neil_2014_recap_00097.jpg[/attachment] The whole park was really nice. The day was quiet so very short lines for everything. The new for 2014 ride was Sky Scream. Excellent ride too, apart from the transition after the big launch was extremely sudden and took me by surprise. Dive! I think the ambulance needs a helping hand Smile! The designer of Nemesis ARGH Heeeelllp! Such an amazing little wooden coaster. Hidden away in Wales. Wish more people would travel to Oakwood to try it out. Delete, Delete, DELETE! Not terrible but not great. The ride op had to climb up to the hill after the first drop to push the car to ensure it didn't roll back and stall! This is one of those really fast Fabbri spinners. GET OFF MY CAR!!!! Hello new Postman Pat ride The Little Mermaid Get outta the photo! Loop-de-Loop This was such a fun ride. The lifthill takes you by surprise All ready to do some obstacle courses! What a pretty park. GGGGGGGGG's Small compact coaster but really fun ride. Henry the farting dog The worlds first Eurofighter A very strange boat ride Reactions as the top of the tilting drop tower, errrm, tilts You can never buy enough dog fart woopie cushions! The odd Bell ride Great fun and highly themed kiddie coaster! LEGOLAND! We got to ride the new Ghost attraction ROAR!!!! Two peoples birthday on the same day so they picked up their birthday badges! ARRRRRGH! This was a really fun non stop ride. Aaron takes his throne as Thor Very very intimidating I really enjoyed Orkanen and it's overbanked turn out of the tunnel. Wheeeee! I think this is the last photo of the sunglasses.... Beautiful views from the ferry Norwegian loop in Norway! Steve enjoying the launch of Speed Monster What can I say? I said GET OUT OF MY PHOTO!!!! OMG!!! THIS RIDE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I did this. Robb did that. Helix was a great ride too, however a little rattly Drinks are good Oh no I'll be up there shortly Twisty on Twister I told you so We made it! The main deck on the overnight ferry Didn't quite break the speed record Did not like this. Torture contraption Watch out Michael! 10 green bottles hanging on the wall.... Roller Coaster at Wicksteed Park Cobra on an airtime hill Really smooth Galaxi coaster at Clarence Pier Excited! AMAZING!!!!
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