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  1. Question for Holiday World regulars: is Thunderbird considered a 'reliable' coaster? I'm curious because we're seeing that B&M working on (allegedly) a launched coaster with the Surf Coaster and I'm wondering if there one existing in house launch (versus Hulk) is considered to be reliable versus some other manufacturers launch systems which seem to experience more down time.
  2. (taken from the parks Facebook page) I really love the color scheme they chose A picture I took from the bluffs overlooking the park bear my house. You can make out the ride just below the tree line. Construction has finally gone vertical so it looks like they may be planning to open the ride this year. The park is still closed but may be reopening in a few weeks depending on what happens with our Covid case load here (taken from the parks Facebook page)
  3. I'm pretty sure those are just utility conduits running from the valley's up to the actual trims. The trims are where they usually are on these B&Ms (on a flat section of track leading uphill to the crest). Not sure why they chose to run the conduits this way and not paint them the same color as the track. But they really don't seem to slow the ride down much.
  4. I don't even know where to start with this. First of all Coaster enthusiasts probably make up less than 1% of a parks Annual visitors and revenue. They simply don't make decisions based on what we want. For the people who pay the bills (the General Public) this will probably be a huge hit. Presumably this ride doesn't focus on airtime because they have a very similar ride on the opposite side of the park which does and it doesn't make sense to invest 30million dollars replicating a ride you already have. So thems the breaks kids. If you dont like it you can either find 30 million dollars to build your own ride, or get another hobby.
  5. The one at Silverwood is an SBF/VISA maxi dance party 360, whereas this one is a Zamperla. The SBF model is about 2mrters taller, but I Can't say how the ride experience will compare.
  6. Ride pieces have arrived and they are assembling them. These photos are from the Parks Facebook page but I will try to get down there in the next few days to get some photos for myself.
  7. Small update: footers have been poured. But no visible ride peices on site yet. I am glad to see they are now going for permanent 'park' models rather than the portable models they used to favour. Overall I'm glad to see the park looking a bit less like a carnival in a parking lot.
  8. Actually, it looks like they're going to offer two different programs for the ride, once where it does a full rotation and a tamer version where it only swings 180 degrees.
  9. I live about a mile from Oaks Park and regularly walk my dog by the park. Screaming Eagle is being removed (its actually already gone) and replaced by a Zamperla Discovery Revolution. I will try and take some pictures in the sporing once it goes vertical
  10. Weird, try this link instead: https://www.facebook.com/oakspark/videos/426436424743322/
  11. Oaks Park (Portland Oregon) Has just announced on their Facebook Page that they're replacing the Screaming Eagle (KMG Afterburner) with what appears to be a Zamperla Discovery Revolution Here is a link to the post on their page with a video of the ride in action: https://www.facebook.com/oakspark/videos/426436424743322/ There's no press release, so no official details and/or stats just yet.
  12. I'm hoping the Mary Poppins ride will be a Mack suspended powered coaster (ala Arthur) where you ride under her giant umbrella.
  13. On the bottom of the site, they show a drawing of the train with 7 cars. So I'm not sure we should all get too attached to it only having 6 car trains. That may have just been an error for the ride animation (or maybe it does have 6 car trains).
  14. That final turn over the creek before the brake run looks like its going to be great on the right side of the train.
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