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  1. Favorites for me are: Euro-Mir and Eurosat at Europa Park, Nemesis at Alton Towers, Helix at Liseberg, California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure.
  2. - All Mega Lites - All B&M's in the UK - All Vekoma Tilt coasters (Can I count this?) - All gravity powered coasters in Finland - All 4D coasters - All coasters at Fuji-Q in one day - All people powered roller coasters - All Infinity coasters The above is pretty much 100% credited to Robb & Elissa's trips, so big thanks to them both! I have a few nearly's too like lots of others do too.
  3. Update: 2002: - Air (Alton Towers) 2004: - Spinball Whizzer (Alton Towers) 2009: - Terminator Salvation: The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 2010: - Th13teen (Alton Towers) - Intimidator (Carowinds) - Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion) 2011: - Ben 10 Ultimate Mission (Drayton Manor) 2012: - Suspended Looping Coaster (Victory Kingdom) - Dauling Dragon (Happy Valley Wuhan) - Hidden Anaconda (Happy Valley Wuhan) - Monte Carlo Racetrack (Happy Valley Wuhan) - Dinoconda (China Dinosaurs Park) - Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Hong Kong Disneyland) - Swarm (Thorpe Park) 2013: - The Smiler (Alton Towers) - Hero (Flamingo Land) 2014: - Helix (Liseberg) - Sky Scream (Holiday Park) - Arthur (Europa Park)
  4. Very impressive stuff. The area for the DisneySea expansion is a perfect place for a new "Port of Call". I'm very excited to see what they will do here. I did think Fantasyland at Disneyland looked rather retro and tired when I visited last year and am glad to hear of a total revamp. It's bound to be fantastic! Very surprised they are "moving" Small World. If that's what they need to do to construct their expansion/revamp plans then go for it! Can't wait!
  5. Oh come on! -650! What sort of game is this! haha Edit: Well second round was better but not by much! 600
  6. As promised, here is my report of my afternoon visit to GreenWood Forest Park, a few miles away from Zip World Snowdonia. GreenWood Forest Park prides itself on it's environmental impact and to educate their visitors on how they can do the same and to have fun whilst doing it. A lot of the attractions at the park require some form of effort to be put in to be able to take advantage of them. For instance, the roller coaster, Green Dragon, at GreenWood is a world unique ride by way of it being "people powered"! By people powered it works by having a funicular system that the trains gets pulled up. It works as follows: Guest walk to the top of a hill and enter a carriage on one side of the funicular. The weight of people pushes the carriage down the hill and the train in the exit station on the other side gets winched up to the top. It's all locked in position, guests exit the carriage and are then required to walk up another hill on the other side up to the awaiting train to embark on their ride. Rinse and repeat! I was told that it takes around 9 to 10 people per cycle for the ride to be efficient and by having a full train, the ride actually produces electricity that the park pump back into the grid! Talk about efficiency and being eco friendly right! Right, a few photos: The park entrance Looks Green Dragon'ish to me See, by walking up the hill you gain potential energy The aforementioned hill This is the first part of the circuit Entering the cabin where your potential energy is converted into kinetic energy as the carriage moves downhill and the train uphill As above! The awaiting train ready to rise up Going down! Once at the bottom you depart and prepare climb two, up to the platform Yay, ready to ride! Wheeee! The ride is good fun, super smooth and a fantastic family ride that everyone can enjoy! Looking at the funicular system The rest of the park have more attractions all following the basic educate and environmental theme. A variety of slides, playareas, cimbing equipment, boardwalks, animals, den building area. The boat ride requires riders to pull themselves along the channel using ropes above them. Once again, put something in to get something out! Treehouse lookout View over north Wales Show and performance space. It was a weekday on my visit but I can imagine their to be a great family fun atmosphere at weekends! It's nicely wooded and perfect for families to spend a day This si the rainforest boardwalk area oooh and the Troll actually underneath! The maze Yep, they too have these things. (I can never drive these things properly) This is a very unique idea. It's called the Barefoot Trail where poeple get to walk a course but standing on a variety of different materials and textures including water, gravel and cobblestones. At the end they have excellent washing facilities. YAY I love these things, I feel like i'm back in Scandi! There we go! Make sure if you're in the area to nip down and check out this small park. Yes, it's not on the scale of the major parks but that is not their intention. They have some unique ideas and attractions and is well worth checking out. Neil
  7. Mainly spinning rides make me feel queezy. Some I can remember were ALL the flat rides at Victory Kingdom, horrible Moser upside down Twist. Mainly teacups and similar rides. If I come across a unique flat ride type I have never ridden before I will always give it a go but once i've ridden it I can stay off them! Surprisingly I didn't feel horrible after riding Kieppi at Linannmaki like others did. Rode it twice and once after lunch! As for coasters, some spinners and strangely enough, the Batman clones and Nemesis Inferno make my slightly dizzy when I return into the breaks. No other inverts do it, just those.
  8. Hey all, I know this is technically not a theme park but I feel it falls into a similar theme. Today I visited Bethesda in North Wales to ride the worlds fastest zip line and the longest zip line in Europe. In the afternoon I visited a small park nearby called GreenWood Forest Park (Report arriving shortly for that). So I was booked in the zip at 10:30 so we made our way to reception and book in and get kitted up. Here's the free video that everyone gets with themselves featured in it every so slightly: Looks like we're in the right place The whole area is a slate quarry. It's a stunning area. All prepared and ready to zip! Our small groups heads up to Little Zipper This is the starter zip (to be honest, this is a bigger zip than most other ziplines around) The starting area The ending is those metal gates ay over there! Big Zipper zooms down towards us from way over there Brother all ready to zip! Zoom! Someone else ready to fly. Wheeeee! Arriving at the far side. Onwards to Big Zipper! During Big Zipper you fly over this lake at the bottom of the quarry but to get up there we need to take a very bumpy journey in a truck up to the top This is a view out the back of the truck into the valley See the lines above? We were down there somewhere at the start. Ready. Let's go! Our transport from the end of Little Zipper to start of Big Zipper. It was about a 15 minute ride. 3, 2, 1, Fly... and a video of two people starting their Big Zipper decent: This is the ending station of Big Zipper. At certain times, they ask you to hold out your arms at certain points along the zip to help slow you down enough for your arrival. Other people flying over and reaching speeds around 100mph! Here's me arriving at the bottom of Big Zipper. Thanks for looking and next up a report about GreenWood Forest Park!
  9. This will round out the park perfectly. I did think that the current kiddie area was looking very old and tired. This will certainly brighten it all up!
  10. Can't agree more, The Mega-Lites are extremely great rides! Even better when playing Pass-the-Sword (until someone drops it that is!)
  11. I think I would have to choose Wodan as that thing was running so fast a few weeks ago and the airtime over the small hills created a huge amount of airtime. I would follow this by Renegade at Valleyfair. I was choosing from: Roar (SFDK) Terminator Prowler Evel Knievel Renegade Thunderhead Wood Coaster Thunderbird Wodan
  12. Odyssey at Fantasy Island. Shame none of the others were operating!
  13. As far as I am aware, the drop tower is by ABC Rides. Looking at their list of installations (http://www.abc-engineering.ch/cms/upload/download/Reference%20list%20abc%20rides%202012.pdf), there are 3 of them in total: BonBon Land, Tripsdrill and Fraispertuis City. They are fun and worth riding if you get the chance. I've been lucky to ride two of them in the same year!
  14. I have to agree with the above. Whilst I really love Alton Towers, some parts do need changing. As stated above, the toilets across the park are in desperate need to total replacement. One thing that really annoys me with Alton, is they build their new attractions/areas and put in a great effort to theme it etc but then it seems to deteriorate over the following years with very minimal upkeep and it's such a shame. A lot of the Smiler area is looking quite dilapidated now and it would be sad to see CBeebies Land go this same way. The food is very expensive and it would be great to see some of the high street brands return to the park but I can't see it being likely. The trim on 13 really does hold you back very noticeably but it seems like that helps keep the trains running constantly and on-time. Would be nice if this trim was reduced but I won't hold out hope. I'm hoping the station of Nemesis gets a slightly refurbishment for it's 21st birthday as it really does need it. Thanks for posting your report!
  15. Theming wise my favourite ride vehicles are: - Journey to the Center of the Earth - Big Grizzly Mountain - Karacho - Great Fluffy Sky Adventure For comfort wise, I love the B&M Hyper trains and GCI's Millenium Flyers.
  16. The Ultimate is interesting to say the least. The first half lures you into a false sense of security and then the second half (2 hours later) knocks you insane and back!
  17. Wow, that's pretty crazy. Yes, "one of the worlds best coasters", yeh, that is going rather far isn't it?
  18. So, the 4th and final day of our mini Germany trip took us approximately and hour and a half north to Cleebronn and to Erlebnispark Tripsdrill. Tripsdrill is a rather small but beautifully landscaped park nestled in the middle of a large vine growing region. The park does not have a huge amount of attractions and last year opened their brand new big investment, a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster of the same ilk as The Smiler at Alton Towers (without the creepy backstory and annoying soundtrack). Ok, on to the photos: We made it to Tripsdrill! Upon entering, you are greeted at the top of a small hill, this strange parachute ride. The park really seems to like these tracked rotating barrel rides as they are everywhere. We had to try out out so we did that nearer the end of the day. As expected, the spinning made me rather dizzy so yes, I am not a fan. This is the parks smallest coaster which is the double figure 8 Tivoli. Yes, beautiful looking park oooh, big twisty ride. This is Karacho the recently new Infinity coaster from Gerstlauer. Wheee!, From this angle it looks like a smaller version of Takabisha. This ride also uses lap bar only restraints and I much prefer them to the OTSR versions. The ride experience is so much more open. Hi Larry! The ride seemed to be located within a large construction site as development around this area was not 100% finished. The exit path was totally temporary too. I enjoyed the ride but not as much as I had expected. I would rate it on par with the Smiler. Three favourite parts: Launch, Lapbar only seating and the dive loop into a tunnel near the end of the ride. This photo is taken inside the queueline area through a net. This is an indoor barrel roll just before the launch. As the cars enter the station, the LED effects on the backs of each one all light up. The cars are really nicely detailed and look great. Something or other in the queueline. Aforementioned cars. A quick look over at our next destination. More Karacho Loop de loop The dive loop into a mist filled tunnel just before the final corkscrew and break run was a fantastic element. Yay, a new woodie. This is Mammut. Mammut is the quietest wooden coaster I have ever not heard! You can hardly hear it running and that's even when you are stood directly under it in the queueline. First drop. The ride is pretty good. It seems to bounce along the track and is not rough. Just a good family wooden coaster. I think this is the entrance. The ride also has a really cool preshow just before the lift inside a woodshop. Take the tunnel! Queue theming Guy who rollerskated the ride a while back. Nicely themed trains. The front row of each car also records and onride video too. Next up is G'Sengte Sau. This is a Gerstlauer bob sleigh and the layout is identical to Cobra at Paulton's Park I found the ride to be quite brutal and nothing special part from the theming as the building surrounding it looks superb. It also intertwines with the log flume. Final helix into the break run. This apparently was also Gerstlauer's first ever coaster. The log flume has really nice bathtub themed boats complete with showers! Ready....and... Splooosh! Yep, very nice Fountains fountains and loopy coaster thing. More track based spinny rides I like their TEA cup ride in a giant COFFEE grinder building On the far side of the park, there are these shooting boats. All the water guns are themed as watering cans, piles of books, wine bottles etc! Tripsdrill is also home to one of these odd tilting/freefall towers. I was told of these by Elissa when we visited BonBon Land on the recent Scandi tour and it was nice to get to ride another. Fun house with indoor and outdoor sections. Tilting droptower again G'Sengte Sau and Log Flume Tivoli - Rasender Tausenfussler Mushroom themed Wave Swinger (Why are they always themed to mushrooms or turtles?) The little monorail ride hwere tilts from side to side as it travels along which is a nice touch. These crazy bikes are all slightly different. Some you pedal backwards and others have the wheels on slightly off centre. Not easy! The park also has a winery showing all the past presses and providing samples too. Your park entry ticket also nets you a small Tripsdrill glass to take home as a souvenir. Small kiddie log flume I really liked these small box car style cars that look like they are unguided but actually are. Thanks for looking. That's it. Hope you enjoyed a brief look at three of Germany's theme parks. Would recommend all three! Neil
  19. ;-( I'm so sorry. I walked past it and took a photo but went elsewhere for food. I do have a photo and will post it later if that will help? Haha
  20. Chuck, yes BGW is a beautiful Park aswell. Europa do seem to like their spitting things: Toad by Arthur, frogs on post in fantasy village, puffins by the splash battle, monster at the entrance of the haunted house and I'm sure there are others.
  21. That's precisely why we planned for two. After the 12 coasters there is still so much more to discover. There are dark rides hidden everywhere, small attractions, displays, food, shops, flat rides. 2 days or 1 1/2 minimum is highly recommended.
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