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  1. That photo was taken when it stalled just after it opened. It wasn't performing maintenance.
  2. My thoughts are with all those who were on the crashed train. I hope they all make a good recovery. In terms of what happened, my thoughts are that it was either operator error OR system error dependent on what allowed the passenger filled train to disengage the top of the lift. Either the system restarted the lift automatically due to an error or the operator somehow overrode the block system and restarted the lift. This is all my own speculation though. Anyway, it's the passengers safety and health that should be forefront for the time being.
  3. Does anyone know if Cu Chuliann has actually started testing? I am looking to visit shortly after June the 5th but obviously want to ensure it'll be open. I'm sure the park wouldn't advertise a 5th June opening if they were not quite sure it would be ready but rides obviously do suffer setbacks as we've seen in the past.
  4. I think i've been quite lucky in regards to GCI rides as i've ridden a lot of them in the first few years after they've opened. Last one I rode was Wodan at Europa Park near the end of last year and it was running superbly. Excellent ride and the roar it makes is fantastic. Not sure when Thunderbird was built but that seemed to be running nicely at Power Park too. I've enjoyed all the GCI's i've ridden but as I said i've ridden most of them really early on so need to try some of them out again now, now that they have aged a bit.
  5. Rewind Racers looks a great addition to Adventure City to replace Treetop Racers. It's very similar to Ben 10 at Drayton Manor and that's a really fun ride so I expect this to be similar. Great to see them investing in new attractions too!
  6. Nemesis yesterday afternoon! Haven't got a photo of Nemesis on my phone but here's a photo from the gardens of Alton instead:
  7. I personally cannot stand Super Loops. Hate the things so for me this would be an absolute no go!
  8. Spook Express at Joyland in Great Yarmouth. Super smooth ride too!
  9. Since riding the two Zamperla Giant Discovery rides in Scandinavia last year at BonBon Land and Tusenfryd, they are now my favourite pendulum flat ride. Amazing rides and they look super impressive too!
  10. I too have a sports strap for my glasses and it works fine. I purchased it from a company called NexStraps and it's great. Each time I ride a ride if someone asks me to remove my glasses then i'll inform them about the strap and if they don't agree with it then I just take my glasses off totally. Not a big deal, I can manage. Saying that I have not had to do so in quite a while.
  11. I'm speaking from the complete opposite point of view here having been to DisneySea but not IOA and I think it's the combination of excellent rides, amazing and efficient operations and out of this world theming. The staff also contribute a lot to how well the park is received by people. It's just a joy to wander around and take it all in.
  12. May we know what park you think is better? Everyone is entitled to their opinion anyway so would be great to hear.
  13. Excellent report. Yes, I agree with everyone above, the park is amazing. Favourite park i've visited. Rides are awesome, theming is a notch above anything else and staff are superb. Glad you had a fun day!
  14. The Blade definitely has had its time at the park. It fits in nicely though and will be missed but things move on. Apparently the Blade was running yesterday for the John Lewis event and it was also running during February Half Term. I'm having a guess that it may run for the first part of the year and then stop part way through the season which is why it's been removed from the map. Unsure what will take its place though. Can we get Thunderlooper back please Brazil?!
  15. Yes, that is the tagline that has accompanied the ride since it opened
  16. Backwards on Nemesis would be a very intense and awesome thing to try out. I hope the rumours come true for this one
  17. If a park provide a skip the line system for free to anyone (like Disney) then yes i'll use them along with everyone else. If a park provides a paid skip the line system I normally will use it if I am visiting a park that i'll likely only visit once OR I am with friends and they are only likely to ever visit once. Parks that offer a paid system that I visit regularly then I normally will not bother. I think skip the line systems have their uses but it fully depends on the scenario of the person visiting.
  18. Really great to see that Prospect Tower is getting a good renovation. The views over the gardens from there are amazing. The Enchanted Village should get a good atmosphere during the summer months too and the TreeTop Quest should give some good afternoon fun for families. I drove past the TreeTop Quest site last week and it had a fence around it but no work had started so that's started very quickly!
  19. # - 10 Inversion Coaster (Chimelong Paradise) A - Arthur (Europa Park) B - Balder (Liseberg) C - California Screamin' (Disney's California Adventure) D - Dodonpa (Fuji Q Highlands) E - Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park) F - Fly over Mediterranean (Happy Valley Chengdu) G - Gravity Max (Lihpao Land) H - Helix (Liseberg) I - Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion) J - Juvelen (Djurs Sommerland) K - Kawasemi (Tobu Zoo) L - Lynet (Faarup Sommerland) M - Megafobia (Oakwood Theme Park) N - Nemesis (Alton Towers) O - Orkanen (Faarup Sommerland) P - Piraten (Djurs Sommerland) Q - Quicksilver Express (Gilroy Gardens) R - Rutschebanen (Tivoli) S - Space Fantasy (Universal Studios Japan) T - Twister (Grona Lund) U - Ultra Twister (Rusutsu Resort) V - Veil of Dark (Tokyo Joypolis) W - Wodan Timbur Coaster (Europa Park) X - X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain) Y - Youngstar Coaster (Chimelong Paradise) Z - Zeus (Mount Olympus) What an odd mix of coasters eh?!
  20. Six Flags Great Adventure Hershey Park Knoebels, All the main Florida parks
  21. Steel Dragon is the longest I have ridden with the Ultimate not far behind I think.
  22. Even though the layout is super simple and rather short, this ride will fill the gap that's been left open ever since the Beastie was removed. It'll be super popular with visitors to CBeebies Land too. Can't wait to see it fully completed.
  23. DisneySea full stop! Such a stunning and amazing place.
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