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  1. So Busch Gardens have uploaded the first full POV of Cobra's Curse on their Facebook page here. It is looking AWESOME
  2. I genuinely might pass out from excitement. I've tried copying the official post from Universal but I keep getting an error. HOLY CRAP this is going to be incredible. FULL DETAILS REVEALED FOR RELAUNCH OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK COASTER Knocked it out the ballpark Universal. 10/10.
  3. Well, looks like I need to invest in another tank of gas and a bigger pair of pants. Yum! Great report too by the way!
  4. Thought this was an interesting post from the Goddard Group's Facebook page about Harry Potter and USH.
  5. With a father who is a buildings surveyor, these plans made my heart slightly increase. SO excited for this to come reality
  6. Nope, not just you. I'll do it once or twice a season and every time it feels like I've been sucker punched. I once (semi) enjoyed this ride but now I wish it hadn't have been constructed
  7. Yeah, that couldn't have been written by a good PR. That's really inflammatory to send to people individually, seems like it has pissed even more people off now They really have scored an own goal with this one.
  8. Yet another damaging day for Merlin, their PR team must be smacking their against a wall right now! The BBC have even written a story about it...
  9. Looks like someones added saturation to that old photo, the sky's blue looks unnatural and the green is a bit unusual. I took some photos of the hulk back in Feb (Which I forgot to post so are a bit out of date now) but, it's more or less the same color as before.
  10. MakoMadness has just posted a few pictures on Facebook. The Hulk is back and trackwork is finished!!!
  11. Please don't do that, your upclose difference posts were great. I think everyone's interested as this the first time any B&M has ever been completely torn down and rebuilt to the same plans. I'm just fascinated seeing how the ride has been improved structurally so these differences ARE actually interesting to the technically minded. I'm unable to get myself to IOA at the moment so any information / photos have been really, really exciting to me. Keep em coming!
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