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  1. Plopsaland released a video showing the lay-out of their new coaster [fbvideonew]https://www.facebook.com/focuswtv/videos/450048472358274/[/fbvideonew]
  2. It does seem to be themed which is a huge bonus for the park. Let's hope new russian parks will also be themed.
  3. Part 1: Bellewaerde 24/06/14 Today I went to bellewaerde with 2 of my friends, we arrived at around 10 AM and we saw u huge crowd of mostly school children waiting for the park to open, after a few minutes all the gates opened and in under 15 minutes we we're in, we headed straight to the boomerang. We had to wait for around half an hour and we sat in the very first row, the ride was very smooth for a 30 year old boomerang. I ended up in the second row later that day for another smooth but very forceful ride especially the backwards loop. Then we headed over to the huss topple tower. For those who don't know this ride it's a round cart which goes up the giant birds neck and it then "topples" while the cart is spinning around which is pretty awesome, as the tower is also turning in the meantime. we then wen't over to the indoor zierer coaster also known as huracan. We had to wait around 45 minutes but we eat in the queue so it wasn't too much lost time. The queue was themed to a mineshaft with real wood on the sides and it was darkened , the station was a mayan temple I think with like lights who flicker The ride starts off with a dark ride section which featured a giant waterfall on each side, some high-powered fans giving you the chills and then you went up the very quick lift hill. at the top you go outside for a quick turn. And then you dive back into the building. The rest of the ride we're all helices with some good forces but it was pretty short unfortunately, on the brakerun which was used for the finale there was a weird laser setup and a big medaillon, it was a nice ending to a short but very enjoyable coaster. We will have another ride on it later that day but the wait was only 25 minutes then. Then we walked over to the very old and very rough "keverbaan" a 30+ year old zierer tivoli. it was fun but rough and there was almost no leg-room. You do get 2 rounds on it so that combined with the green in and around the coaster made it fun. While walking to the other side of the park we passed the log flume. We didn't ride it as it had a way too long line even though it still a good ride with all the trees surrounding it and the themed lift hill. On the other side there's a water ride which absolutely soaks you. and a huss drop and launch all-in-one thingy. it's a pretty cool ride we didn't get double rides as we did 2 years ago. we will also ride it one more time before leaving the park. Overall the park is fun to be at but doesn't feature the biggest thrills or the highest coasters. It does however have some nice theming especially in the mexico square like this storefront. And there is loads of green and some small rivers with these jungle type bridges crossing them. We had a blast and I think that's the most important thing to have at a themepark!
  4. This is a hard one I think, the straight part on the left is the station and the straight piece at the bottom is the lift.
  5. Does it also have the 2x3 seating or normal 4x2?
  6. I'm still pretty sure it was under 10 dollars for the Triple thrill pack on steam, oh well most people hate it when you use the expansions so.
  7. You can do a No CD crack to RCT2. I bought RCT2 on Amazon, so it has no CD and it's working completely fine, though it does require some trial and error when you're putting the crack into place. That is also option just google around, Used to have the crack too but I found my disc so deleted it. If you really need it I ca get it though.
  8. You can get RCT2 on steam or goodoldgames, then copy your save into the new install if you want. On both it's around $5 for the triple thrill pack.
  9. Are there any parks you want to visit that you haven't visited before?
  10. Bellewaerde just released more pictures about the leopards enclosure on their facebook page. They are also building a quarantine for the sick animals as they are almost turning a complete zoo now But with rollercoasters and flatrides added in the mix!
  11. I noticed all CDA parks also have an app they all look similar but with different colors and such judging from the screenshots in the play store. I downloaded the bellewaerde and it has a park little quiz and a faq section. There alsobis a catalogue of all the attractions and some sort of blog. It's very similar to their site. Edit: all the pricing is also in the app.
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