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  1. Man, my favorite ride here is the blizzard. lol it might sound funny, I just like the way it's themed. Didn't get to ride the alpine bobsleds though :/ Started to rain, and they had to close it for the rest of the day.
  2. If you like boomerangs. The best one I have every rode, was at Dixie Landin in Batton Rouge. It's so smooth, you wouldn't believe it. Plus trust me, I have ridden at least 20 boomerang coasters.
  3. Talking about those crowds on Saturday, It was crazy! We had decided to go Saturday because the day before we had planned to go and the park closed at 1 PM. So Yeah we got to the park about an hour early, and people were already lined up at the gate trying to get in. When we got there, there wasn't as many people there yet, so it was about like a normal opening from what I could tell. So we got in line for the gold pass entrance, and got in about 5 minutes early. Basically we were there to rid JL:BFM so we got in line for it around 10:25, it was down with tech difficulties. So we decided to wait, since this was our main reason for coming here. Around 12:15 they finally opened and we got to go into the nice air conditioning, the heat was sweltering that day. Anyways it was funny when we got in, we got up to the loading bay, and they were still having some problems. The cars would get moving and then stop after only going a foot or so. I assumed it was a sensor problem. So the maintenance guy came over and fixed it and got the cars moving, I bet it wasn't 15 secs later, he was walking down the exit ramp. The ride then stopped again, turning the panel red. So the supervisor, started hollering down at the exit like "KEVIN!!!!! COME BACK!!!" At this point I was laughing. But all ended up well, and for the ride. I was super impressed! The guns worked fantastically! The ride had smooth action, and it was awesome seeing all the JL come together. Very impressed with that ride, I think its funny to say this, but I would rather ride JL:BFM over Transformers at Universal. Anyways back to the park, we get done with that ride, and I wanted to ride the boss since I had never ridden it before, and my dad wanted to ride american thunder. So we split up and the funny thing is all the way up to about 1 PM there were not any lines in the park. Except for justice league of course. So boss was walk on, and American Thunder was too. We rode both and met back up. We ended up deciding to head on out. We had to get the rental car back, and we had a four hour drive home. So we decided to just do what we came there to do and leave. So we are heading out, and I hear this guy say "It took us an hour and a half to get in here" I started to chuckle because I thought he was joking. So we go out the exit, and is absolute mayhem by the front gate. People lined up everywhere! Then we get out to the metal detectors, and the line is literally all the way into the parking lot, and stretching all the way over to where the parking lot booths are. My dad and me just look at each other, and are like "Man I am glad we got here early this morning". But seriously, I think if we would have saw that crowd, we would have just went on home. Also not to mention, the exit ramps for the park, coming off the interstate, was backed up for at least 2 miles. It was definitely one of the wildest park things I have seen in a long time. Well thats about it, just thought I would share my experience and thoughts on that day. Thanks for reading my ramble, if you made it this far lol.
  4. Definitely Dogs cats are just too stubborn! lol. Ravioli or Beefaroni?
  5. Hi just thought I would post some nice pictures I took You guys can use them for whatever Full Gallery here ----> imgur.com/a/DIQYX Corkscrew - Cedar Point El Diablo - Six Flags Great Adventure Fury 325 - Carowinds Rougarou - Cedar Point Shoot The Rapids - Cedar Point Steel Force - Dorney Park The Crypt - Kings Dominion
  6. Got to the park today to see it closing at 1. Kinda bummed out, but we are going to try to go in the morning and head home after we are done. I just have never seen a park close at 1 in the afternoon...I could understand if it was really bad, but when we got there it was just drizzling and then it stopped for like 3 hours. I just don't understand. It wouldn't have been so bad but this is the end of our trip, and we were trying to fit it in right at the end. Anyways just thought I would comment.
  7. True - Pizza mmmm! The person below me likes Sky Rush.
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