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  1. Fury was fantastic, but it also had a major downside for me. After riding Fury, I went over to ride i232 before lunch. Now I know they are two different coasters and that they probably shouldn't be compared, but i232 was almost boring compared to Fury. Both are still great rides, but I can't see myself riding Intimidator much any more.
  2. A few photos from Media Day Made it! IT'S FINALLY TIME Schedule for the day Large crowd gathering by the stage It's time to ride! First train of the day One of the coolest elements in recent coaster history
  3. Just finished my 8th ride, and I have to say I disagree on the review that stated it had little airtime. The second half had plenty, and it most certianly does not "crawl" back into the station.
  4. Agreed. I feel as if Carnival is struggling to come up with new quality public areas and attractions, so they just take cues from NCL and RCCL. The Cycle thing loos extremely tacky as well, not to mention how bad the capacity will be. Does anyone know if the IMAX theater is an up charge, or included with your fare?
  5. Carnival Announced a new ship yesterday, and it has some strange new attractions - http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=6159
  6. I also am interested in how this occurred, I have always though of these ropes courses to be incredibly safe.
  7. How is the line for the Bionic Bar? Also, is there an extra charge due to the fact that KUKA robots are making your drink?
  8. Why spend all the $$$ for the Music Hall when you are going to remove it less than a year later? Plus you have to fact in costs for teardown and the building of its replacement.
  9. Revenge of the Mummy at USO, right after the park opened. Day after Thanksgiving
  10. I do, and got a media invite as well. I may not be able to go to the announcement however, as something has come up.
  11. Hey Title Fairy, Can I have a custom title?
  12. The plain teal is going to Japan, rumors have it that the teal w/ green spine is going to Carowinds.
  13. Not sure if this is in the right thread or not, apologies in advance if that's the case. Does anyone know where there is a list of parks that don't have a policy against guests bringing their camera's on attractions? Thanks
  14. The third hotel looks a lot like a mini-Aulani, with the pool area in the middle of two hotel wings. 3rd Hotel
  15. Universal Orlando Resort has a new app out, from it you can: ·Check ride, show and attraction wait times when you’re inside the parks · Explore the parks using detailed maps and photo navigation with the “Guide Me” feature · Customize your park experience using filtered lists and the map to plan your day · Create your own favorites list · Stay up-to-date with in-park notifications · Discover hidden surprises throughout the parks https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/official-universal-orlando/id878217080?mt=8
  16. That slide looks awesome! I agree, the speed bump at the end is a cool feature as well!
  17. Some photos from friday at the park. Extremely short lines for the entire day, the park was practically empty. Slide construction is almost complete, and I was told by an employee that they will be open before July. Harmony Hall Marketplace is also coming along quite nicely. One of the best B&M Inverts around! The new paint job looks fantastic! Of course, we can't forget about Intimidaotr Lot's of floater airtime, just an all around great coaster! AIRTIME! Ricochet's new paint job look fantastic as well! The new slides look great, now if only they would open! Overall, a great day a a great park!
  18. Three things for Carowinds in 2015: 1. Continue to retrack/improve Hurler and Thunder Road 2. Convert Vortex to a floorless (I know this will probably never happen, but I'd like it to.) 3. I know a new coaster is in the works or next year, I just hope it's not a taller Intimidator. Preferably a 300ft. Dive Machine.
  19. Purely speculation, but maybe they are doing this to leave a gap for the third Quantum class, and Quantum of the Seas will lead the way for Oasis 3 in Shanghai for Summer 2016?
  20. Mine definitely would have to be Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey. Not only is it my favorite Dark Ride, but it's also my favorite ride over all, and in my opinion, the best themed!
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