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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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I'd rather have a tooth pulled than ride this piece of steel junk


Funny you should mention that. Earlier this afternoon...

But now that the tooth is out, I'd still (sadly) have to compare, LOL.

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I rode this in the Spring of 2010 and my ride wasn't bad at all. I rode with a friend in the front row at night, while another friend declined to go being on it once before. Maybe we got lucky with our ride, but I heard this ride was modified in certain parts at one point. Was this video taken before or after the modification?


Also I agree the $14 ride cost is outrageous and I am surprised that many people fork over the dough without flinching. I had printed $4 off coupons online, so our ride cost was $10 each which was slightly less outrageous.

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I still think it's funny/scary that there are more bleeps than not in the commentary. Seriously, this video should just be shown to coaster manufacturers as an example of what shouldn't come out of a rider's mouth. Even if I do ever get out to Vegas, I don't think I'm THAT much of a credit junkie to actually try riding this thing.

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