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  1. ^ it's running better then it has the past few seasons, but it's far from amazing. Rode twice last Monday and one lap was great second beat me up still. I don't see the investment happening but I for one hope they get RMC in there to do their thing to it
  2. Just wow! I had medium expectations for what this would turn out to be both with the rides and the look of the land. Based on the photos and reviews Pandora looks like it will easily exceed those expectations and be a big hit for DAK. Look forward to getting back to Disney eventually check out this new land, especially at night!
  3. Europa Park just looks incredible, the theming, ride selection, hotels, and food. Can't wait for the year I finally get there and see it all in person.
  4. Despite freezing temperatures this morning some friends and I headed up to the park knowing not everything would probably be open today. I was shocked that by the time we got to the park at 1pm ish it was just a little over 40 degrees out and all the coasters except fahrenheit and lightening racers were operating.
  5. All that food looks incredible! One of these years I got to get down there to check it out.
  6. I'll chime in a bit on this whole thing. Once upon a time I think SFA was deserving of all the bad views towards it. But I must say in the past 3 years I've been visiting the park semi frequently they are not as terrible as many make them out to be anymore. From my visits the staff have been friendlier and friendlier each year, and the park is doing little things around the park to clean up each year and it doesn't seem as run down as my first visit 6 years ago. My typical visit is for 1-3 hours somewhere between 4-6 times a year en route to visit relatives on a Sunday or Monday. Nothing ever has more than a few train wait and I agree that their OPs are slow, but based on my visits I've never seen a reason for them to need to have insanely fast ops. At this point outside of having a weak ride line up, I don't see SFA as that much worse than other Six Flags parks as far as Clientele, customer service, and over all experience goes anymore.
  7. Leave it to LA to roll out the Red Carpet, spectacular looking event! Good luck to all the hard working cast members with grand opening and summer crowds!
  8. Jacks photography is amazing and to be able to support the Crouses more count me in for one!
  9. The Superman ride ops today were saying "be sure to come back in June for the VR".
  10. Just imagining asking the bar tender "May I try a lickinghole please?" Or "one large lickinghole please!" Already guessing much time will be spent at the craft beer has this season, and also thrilled to see the Octoberfest is returning in the Fall!
  11. like moonshine tasting and a mini bar crawl at the Island! So happy Pigeon Forge is no longer a dry county
  12. Now this is a great addition! Too bad I won't make it to preview day to claim one of the 300
  13. As someones who works with international customers and deals with a payment system that can and will reject international credit cards, I can tell you it's frustrating for all parties but it 100% does not mean I am nor the people of Dollywood are giving you terrible customer service. I have found with any issue minor or frustrating I have had with bookings and various things with Dollywood their staff have always gone above and beyond to fix the issue or be helpful.
  14. Jeez, just skimmed the Dollywood Facebook page, I feel so sorry for those in PR and Guest Relations, as well as all their front line people over this weekend... Not a fun scenario for the park and staff Positive side, it's still a great park and there will be Cinnamon bread to enjoy
  15. It looks so strange but nifty, will be fun to get up there are check it out this summer.
  16. This will be the 5th year I've gone for opening weekend and season pass holder day. Each year a new coaster has opened the weekend has been far busier than the none ride opening years. Even still most the coasters have had short lines to even walk on waits opening weekend except which ever the new ride is. Like wild eagle and fire chaser both stayed well over an hour wait most of pass holder day and Saturday the years they opened, Sunday drops pretty drastically in crowds thanks to it being church day. The other thing with opening weekend is to remember a lot of people come to see the shows and of course Dolly who's in the park just Friday and Saturday.
  17. At this point if lightening rod is open next weekend great, if not I'll be happy eating cinnamon bread laughing at those crying anever whining instead of enjoying what is still a stellar park.
  18. 60's today and 70's all week long! Aka perfect patio weather and Spring Theme park weather if it can hold steady for the next few weeks.
  19. Enjoying a delectable 10.5% Imperial Stout from a collaboration of Devils Backbone and Wicker Weed Brewing company called Seven Summits.
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