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  1. It would be nice just to see a few new flat rides in the ride side of the park. They removed Falling Star but replaced it with nothing. The Trabant is a bit tired, maybe something updated would replace that ride nicely. I’m saying give the loyal park patrons a new experience once in a while. I know this isn’t Cedar Point but a little treat for the locals who support the park wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
  2. Wow MIA getting a lot of board discussion all of a sudden. I remember this park as Deer Park Funland back around 1980. My have things changed. The old Corkscrew coaster was my first coaster going upside down. I hope they do get some love from the home office.
  3. Does Cedar Fair flat out hate this park or what? I mean come on give this park some love already. 10 years since receiving their last major ride and it was a hand me down to boot. MIA has soo much land and so much potential. I’m not buying the competition against Cedar Point argument because Kings Island is way closer to Cedar Point and doesn’t take away anything.
  4. Kraken is due for some fresh paint. There is a lot of rusty spots throughout the ride. Surprised they didn’t do so during its changeover to Kraken Unleashed.
  5. How about Quick Draw?! Side Winder, Stampede, El Bandito, Chupacabra, Side Saddle, Dust Devil, Silver Spurs, Longhorn just to name a couple possibilities.
  6. Does anyone know if the new annual pass prices will effect current ongoing passholders arrangements? I’ve had a renewing 2 year 2 park pass for over a decade and just wonder if there will be any adjustments to the locked in arrangement?
  7. Haven’t ridden any yet but that’s gonna change soon with RMC Gwazi!!!!’
  8. There’s a rumor from dipping dots guy that the parking lot may get fresh stripes and maybe even some fresh directional arrows!!!
  9. What I find funny about the Antarctica ride is despite the mediocre reviews it got it still has the longest wait times compared to the other attractions in the park.
  10. Sea World removed the VR from Kraken! This time it’s permanent and I couldn’t be happier.
  11. Michigan’s Adventure, a park trapped in time! It’s basically Cedar Fair’s red headed step child. New trash cans and an occasional new bush or tree is all you’ll see at this park.
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