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  1. 2019. It’ll be more marketable and more likely to be quoted in media or used by parks.
  2. The onride photos from Busch Gardens look absolutely amazing.
  3. It looks like a great day despite the rain. The fact that you got the park to open Pyrenees is why I love TPR trips, the work you go through to make the trips better for the participants is second to none. Getting dirty is a small price to pay for what looks like a great ride.
  4. This looks a lot like the crowds at Riptide during Gay Days, but for cheaper (I assume). It really is a great time and you get so many slides in. THis year we rode crush n' gusher over a dozen times and still rode everything else in the park multiple times as well.
  5. This really is the best thing I've seen on this site in a long time. Agreed. Very sexy...... dolphin.
  6. I'm sad to see how much the park has changed. I loved this park when I visited it with TPR in 2013, though I have no idea if the park was bad to deal with behind the scenes even then. I loved space fantasy, its interactive lifts, and discoball room at the end, its a shame that it seems to be permanently taken over by VR.
  7. I Love It!!!!!! Did they still have the Lemur cage where you could basically go into the cage? What no Red Pandas?
  8. I love those Gyoza Sausage Buns at Tokyo Disney Sea! I think the favorite thing I ate in that park. I keep hoping they make it over to Epcot.
  9. As a non-local who would never drive to Florida, this will have no effect on me thanks to Disney's Magical Express and uber. This does interest me from a planning perspective. Will this reduce the demand for parking, making some of the current parking superfluous? If that is the case, could they possibly add another building to currently landlocked resorts (like Poly) or fit in new resorts without as much of a land need for the parking.
  10. There are two entries each for both Starry Sky Ripper and Clouds of Fairyland for Joyland (China).
  11. I am one that checked, I have an account but rarely use it. I guess it is a feeling of not really "getting" twitter. I often forget about it. Apparently the only thing I have ever tweeted was a TPR post I will go and check out TPR's feed if you guys are tweeting from an event or post a video link to something like tumblr.
  12. This was the park that Robb and Elissa surprised us with on the 2010 UK Trip. We thought we were stopping for a bathroom break and instead we got to go to this nice little park, and prompting Erik to say "A Vekoma is not a urinal!" It was a fun little park and I am glad we got to see it.
  13. Probably La Ronde in two weeks. I haven't been to a non-disney park in about two years.
  14. It is a sign of a great park that asks "what can we do better" rather than just rest on their laurels of your outstanding review. This park impressed me so much when I visited with TPR in 08 (?) and it looks like it has continued to improve.
  15. This poll is from 2005, two years before maverick opened.
  16. That looks like it will be a great addition to AK. I really love the atmosphere and food at most of that park (cough dinosaur parking lot) and am looking forward to being able to be there after dark more.
  17. ^ The fact that the outwards facing chairs don't swing is the only reason I could ride this thing. The only time I've puked after a ride, it was a condor.
  18. I wonder how much steel is in this per foot compared to other styles of track. It seems like it would be much more, but maybe there is savings in manufacturing manhours.
  19. I like the alignment of the drop looking out to the lake in the distance.
  20. Thanks for that extensive report. Disney has some amazing looking stuff in the works. I hope I'm wrong but the Avatar stuff doesn't excite me at all, slinkydog coaster on the other hand...
  21. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? Yes on Mobile, I NEVER use FB on Desktop 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? I have shared TPR stuff, but I don't often share things. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) Videos or Photos. 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? The whole thing or until the video gets stupid (not the case with TPR) 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? If it doesn't autoplay, then somewhat important. I wouldn't click on it unless it looked interesting, but most videos autoplay. 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I HATE HATE HATE "Click to see 10 amazing secrets", "You will never guess what happened when..." and stuff like that. It's the downfall of the FB. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? I like the stuff TPR does on Facebook. Maybe more guess this coaster/ride stuff?? No prize necessary.
  22. I'm still hopeful that the chain tower former turnaround support is going to stay. I'm not sure why, but it hold a special place for me.
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