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  1. To me it always mad ethemost sense to give the change from fountains to make a wish, because isn't that the reason most people throw coins in a fountain?
  2. Yup, that's why i said: Here is her bio from their site Christine McGlade (I swear i didn't know her name, i just googled it)
  3. I agree with cameron. How can this thread be about "classic" nick and not be all about You Can't do that on Televison or, to a lesser degree, Double Dare. Was pinwheel & today's special on nick? These are the shows that put Nick on the Map. Oh, and i swear my sn isnt because of Moose on YCDTOT
  4. I never wear my glasses on any coaster or rides (with exceptions the obvious tame ones). It just isn't worth the risk of having to replace them. I also try to wear contacts because it is nice to actually be able to see when on a ride.
  5. I'm an omnivore. I will also eat just about anything once to try it. In college i was pretty much a vegetarian, though it was ovo-lacto. It took me quite a while (almost a year) to be able to digest meat afterwards. Your body loses the enzymes required to digest the food and you become very sick. So i am very sympathetic with vegetarians, vegans seems just a bit too extreme, but, depending on their reasons, i can understand that too. I just find it hilarious when a vegetarian or vegan wears leather.
  6. I figure by your name you will prejudge the ride no matter what, but there is no possible way you can know what the changes they are making will do to the ride. They *might* just make it an enjoyable ride.
  7. I think it should be changed to: Santa Clarita Auto Mall (or Mart) Parkway because the acronym SCAM Parkway seems like it would fit the car sales buisnesses pretty well.
  8. Time for the daily physics lesson: Force = ((velocity^2)*mass)/radius If I assume the force in the loop is too large. The only way they can change the force is by decreasing the mass of the trains. As it is impossible for them to change the velocity of the train entering the loop and the radius of the loop (they would have to construct a new loop). The only way they can change the force the riders experince (us) is by decreasing the mass of the trains. Assumming that it is too expensive to change the trains, they just decided to remove the source of the problem, i.e. the loop. Now the engineer and the riders are happy right? Dane Now the engineer is very *un*happy! Simply because you are dead wronk! Acceleration = (velocity^2) / radius Gs = Acceleration / EG (EG == 9.81m/s²) At the given speed, you could even go through the loop on the back of a butterfly, and still have the very same centripetal acceleration acting upon riders. The argument of train weight in regards to reducing rider experiencd forces in the loop is therefor failing miserably. Sorry for the misunderstanding, as I myself am a engineering student. There is a minimum velocity the train needs to enter the loop which is determined by the above formula, excluding air resistance, and friction caused by the wheels and so on. But the point is that the most forceful part of the loop is at the bottom as resultant in the normal force experienced by the rider is given by: N = m(g+((v^2)/R)) Dane Believe it or not, i didnt need the physics lesson. You see, i am not an engineering student, but an actual engineer. My question wasn't regarding the physics of the heavier train. The heavier train will increase the velocity of the train through the loop and the entire course due to its increase momentum since it does not really increase drag. Thats why empty trains sometimes have a hard time making it through the whole circuit (i.e. Raptor at the end of the season) My question was more if the trains were heavier do to hardware, i.e. bigger upstops, or something like that.
  9. I completely missed the promo. I cannot watch video here at work so it'll have to wait till i get home. Everything i have read has said no hippies. Even if they are in the promo, The preview gods have been known to play tricks in the past. I would prefer if they were not in it.
  10. I have also heard that none of the past winners are in the race which would be why the hippies were not asked to return. As for Reichen and Chip, first off, they won, so they wouldn't be asked back. Second, Chip blogged for CBS' "Return of the Racers" and cleary stated he was not part of the All Star Season.
  11. Why did the loop require heavier trains? Was it for increased momentum?
  12. The COnneaut doesn't include the property, while the Chippewa one does, and also has lake rights. Still both are cheap compared to up around me.
  13. What scares me is this was in science class. To me it sounds like there was nothing scientific about this discussion. If there were only straight kids in the class, was there really any discussion from the other side, or, for that matter even any understanding. Also, the outcome of the discussion makes it all the more uncomfortable for a kid in that class to admit that he or she is gay. I only can speak for myself. Being gay was not a choice. The only choice was whether to admit it to myself and the rest of the world. Personally, I never regret that choice.
  14. also, on the original, the a, v, and e in wave are all separate letters, in the new one, they are touching.
  15. None- i have hard wood. How many glasses of water do you drink a day?
  16. I went to Cornell University for Civil/Structural Engineering. I went for undergrad and then stayed on for my masters as well. I went there because it was a good school, great program, beautiful campus, a relatively big school, and just the right distance away from home (6 hours).
  17. My first big person coaster and coaster with inversions was Python at BGA, though i think at the the time it was Busch Gardens, the Dark Continent. I remember being scared, absolutely squeezing my father's hand.
  18. I have always loved the idea of doing a RCT boardwalk park. I started one in RCT2, but never finished it. Never got around to one in RCT3. This looks good.
  19. You can see some of the track to the left of the turntable running horizontally, most likely as a roof beam. From a structural standpoint, it seems really bizarre. I am sure the track is strong enough to support the loads, but was the cost savings really all that much?
  20. jynx, i am sorry to hear that. I hope the pain isnt too bad. ((hugz)) As far as my ex from a 3 year relationship, we are fine, mostly becasue we dont talk to or see each other.
  21. I was shocked by that as well. But, if you look at the numbers, it is 13% of the woman, not that far off the supposed 1 in 10.
  22. I agree with you 100%. I thought this coaster was going to be forceless and boring. I must have been lauging the whole time. Its smooth and with the doube down and the dips at the end, its great.
  23. As a bridge engineer, i have to state, Highways shouldn't have airtime if they are designed correctly. Other roads though... There is a country road by my parents with two pops of air within a hundred (or so) feet. Its across a vally. Oddly, it only works in one direction.
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