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  1. Larry, where in the park did you get that? Is that soft serve?
  2. I would have said the first half lulls you to sleep!
  3. Love the shirt! Isn't that show a bit edgey for such a family park
  4. I agree with everything you said, but it's the train, raccoon, and owl I could do without.
  5. 6Plus here. The only thing I don't like is the change in the location of the close button. I'm still not used to that and I often end up changing the volume while pressing it.
  6. I'm not sure if the prizes continued since my prize window is different today from what it was. So you may have spent donuts wisely.
  7. I prefer coke, but would choose a non-cola beverage (sprite etc.) over either every time,
  8. ^It was so (unseasonably and unpredicted) cold that the park ran out of all hot beverages.
  9. Pleasant Surprise: Space Fantasy at Universal Japan. It's a really fun family spinner in the dark and then... all of a sudden, you are inside of a freaking discoball. I loved it!!
  10. Layers... lots of layers. Though even that didn't work on my last park day of the year when it was barely above freezing.
  11. There were a few in china that had questionable safety. There was one at one of the people's parks that had very low clearance and one of the supports was almost completely rusted through. I probably wouldn't have ridden it if I had seen the condition of the column before I had ridden it. I have no the name of the coaster or park, but I remember I nicknamed it Two Umbrella Sliding Car.
  12. Violent Femmes - Kiss Off (Do it all the time)
  13. Some of those look really good. I like the look of the building... If it were available without the crap on the front of it.
  14. ^to me Maverick doesn't count as terrain since all of its is manufactured theming. I prefer coasters that use the natural landscape to their advantage, like The Ultimate's second half.
  15. They could even count it as a new coaster! They are counting rings of fire so why not this?
  16. The show really needs to throw some serious never before seen twists into the game to make it more interesting.
  17. I can't see them going completely boneless at KFC. I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded boneless but keep the traditional fried chicken as well. Enjoy Five guys, I've been once and it was good, my only too is that even if you go with a friend you only need one fry.
  18. Why would anyone want to emulate a knockoff SLC? They are amongst the worst coasters I've ever experienced. Still, good luck with your recreation.
  19. I just got the UBO. First time I've made it with time to spare this update. So you have another no squish option! As far as the episode, I liked it but it made me miss Futurama even more.
  20. Passing thunderstorms are a great way to clear out the park on a crowded day.
  21. In general I don't like going alone unless there is a fast pass like option and or lots of stuff to do without waiting in lines (ie shows)
  22. ^Their first major coasters were in the US and not in China. Personally I think they should stick with kiddie coasters. I'm not convinced they know how to build a full sized coaster that doesn't destroy itself.
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