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  1. At BGT, I'm not sure how much it would actually improve to use Gwazi's area. A cut across would make getting from one side of the park faster, but it would be better to connect at the Scorpion/Sheikra since these areas are close to each other but there is no access between them.
  2. It's snowing again. They are only predicting an inch or two so not bad.
  3. This looks good overall. I am not sure if spreading the (different) projections around the park is brilliant or diabolical when it comes to crowds.
  4. I love them and use them whenever they are available at a park that is not a local park.
  5. That is a very shaky video and you can't see the actual time of detachment, but it looks like the whole train started down the second spike. Not sure if the last car detached from the rest of the train before or when the brakes stopped the rest of the train.
  6. The game still crashes for me whenever i go to friends' towns
  7. Quicksilver Express (Gilroy Gardens)
  8. If you aren't expecting any theming at all, Six Flag's lackluster theming won't dissapoint!
  9. If a park only ads things that interest an enthusiast, it will not be a very well rounded park.
  10. At Lake Compounce, I think the winner is clear... Boulder Dash!
  11. He was probably there to promote something else, like maybe the final season of parks and recreation. Mmmm, Chris Pratt.
  12. It also depends greatly on the makeup of the paint as to if it will fade. We had two different bridges with two different paint systems painted the same color at the same time. It's been five years and one of them looks brand new, the other is severely faded. Neither is red or yellow
  13. There are some really some great costumes in those pictures. I especially love the Pumba one!
  14. Wow. Very interesting summer (for you) job! I'd love to go down a bobsled course eventually, but I think I would much prefer someone else to do the steering.
  15. I haven't been on a zipper in over a decade. I'm not sure my stomach could handle one anymore. The last time I rode, I lost a pocket full of change that rolled around in the cage and slowly fell out.
  16. I wonder if this will be an upcharge. A park doesn't need to add a new ride every year in order to be successful. In fact the opposite is true, a small park cannot add a new expensive attraction every year and hope to be profitable. Even if this attraction doesn't appeal to me, I will still go to this park for a kickass coaster and a nice atmosphere which I much prefer SFNE.
  17. Go Big Red!! This seems like an ambitious contest to get people to participate in, good luck!!
  18. It seems slow to get enough bells for the prizes. That and all the crashing that is happening for me makes this half of the event frustrating.
  19. ^ That's not exactly a word. Batman
  20. Agreed! It's fun and smooth. Not every coaster has to be the fastest or have all sorts of inversions to be a good coaster but that is what I feel any enthusiasts want. I loved cheetah hunt. Was it my favorite coaster ever? no, but it was fun.
  21. I think there is a far better chance that python will be removed completely than being plussed.
  22. I like neither Coke or Pepsi but much prefer Coke's other sodas over Pepsis.
  23. Summer of 2013. When was the last time you baked a cake?
  24. I know it is much more prevalent in gay couplings, but at this point in my life, it isn't for me. I think it is fine as long it is mutually agreed upon by both people and done in a safe manner.
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