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  1. Could someone sketch out where the ride and "Shrekland" are going?
  2. never mind what I was going to say about the original Hobbit. I=The Indian Runner
  3. Did I say anything about repeats? no repeating. G= Gandhi
  4. did I mention you can substitute a hard letter for a #? V=#= 3 amigos
  5. did we ditch the PA park? I already had a good coaster planed themed to Paul Revere.
  6. after discovering this on a forum I am not active on anymore (simtropolis), I have brought this game to other forums: RCTgo, GAH (great adventure history), my own (L18 network forum), now its TPR's turn. you can only use letters A-Z and only use numbers when you get a hard letter if the last post is from over 1 month (usually 2 weeks but this forum works different than the others) or if a letter is tricky (you can also substitute a letter there too). I will also accept TV series so I don't have to describe my own stories (that would be a separate thread) A=Agen
  7. Granted, but twisted colossus must not be operating when you do go. I wish frozen never existed.
  8. Some of you may Know me as Lemurseighteen on YouTube and social media or Pineracer from other forums, Steam, Origin or Twitch. I have been directed here on occasion when looking up info on Chiller and I got board today so I finally decided to join (now that I am almost 15).
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