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  1. Part of me still misses the original Riverside Cyclone, but I have a feeling this will be even wilder than that.
  2. The problem with wing coasters is they require such a wide area, if most of it is below tree level then most of those trees will need to be removed.
  3. Just about any coaster would look great with that sunset in the background. Hope this thing rides as well as it looks.
  4. Has there been any other information on this? I'm still surprised Sally is doing a walk through attraction, assuming that it will still be a walk through.
  5. ^ Your eyes are better than mine! It's concept art so it could mean anything, but i thought be mine ride was a lot of fun and wouldn't mind it showing up in another park.
  6. I usually don't drink soda but had Sorite when out to dinner tonight. I never drink Coke or Pepsi.
  7. I was hoping for the island because it would be something else to stick in the water but agreed, Ralph was the must get.
  8. I was beginning to get worried that I was a bad boy this year or my feats were not strengthy enough but my fears were for naught. Today my festively wrapped gift arrived from the North Country. I have a special place in my heart for Canada (ahem Moose country) so I look forward to seeing what my package contains, but it'll try and wait till Christmas morning, so I put the present under my tree. One of my cats promptly claimed it as her own.
  9. ^exactly the same here. Got down to the low teens last night.
  10. Bill, I'm not sure how marketable teeny weenie (sp?) is for the park.
  11. I think they were referring to all of those block and predrop brakes as trims. It will definitely need to be slowed down on its trip down the tower. It looks far better than I would have though.
  12. I didn't think that t would be that soon! Hopefully it's actually a finished game that works when it's released.
  13. Bumpity bump bump last day! I'm Jon. I'm a Gemini. Like Brandy I'm a whovian and like most geeky things. I wear a size large in pretty much everything. I have two cats. I like sailing, disney/Pixar. My favorite color is blue and if you couldn't tell from my address j live in a cold climate for winter.
  14. At least there are friends point prizes again... Albeit lackluster so far (I don't know the second one yet)
  15. I like their rides well enough without being branded but this isn't terrible. The theming of the racing slide makes sense at least.
  16. I really need to get down to Orlando for Christmastime one year. I love Christmas and I love Disney so it looks like a great combo for me. I also like the new decorations. I feel holiday decorations need to be updated from time to time so they don't become dated.
  17. Isn't it bad for your eyes to wear a pair that aren't for you?
  18. I'm amazed how much the way I watch movies has changed. 1. I pretty much only stream movies, although I will occasionally pick up a blueray at 2. Netflix ,Amazon Prime, and HBOGo ( in that order) 3. 1? I've realised I don't use them so I buy them more for collecting, ie Frozen. 4. I have a Roku3 5. I don't often watch them unless a friend has posted it to Facebook or something similar. I will sometimes explore a channel once I'm at YouTube having been linked there.
  19. That sounds even better than it looks! I will definitely get this the next time I'm at the park which will unfortunately will be next season.
  20. ^i found untamed to already have the euro fighter rattle. Takeshita was fun but I suspect it was more because I had no idea that it was launched before riding it.
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