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  1. I thought something was definitely being done with the timing. Beth has been missing since before terminus. If this story was sequential then she would have been asleep for a VERY long time.
  2. I watched Snowpiercer on Netflix the other night. I know people are saying it was unwatchable, but I really liked it. Then again I love dystopias and it is one of the better ones I've seen lately.
  3. ^Hmm it did look familiar, interesting idea.
  4. Was it a failed concept, no. Are there better concepts and better ride experiences, most definitely.
  5. ^^^ That thing makes me feel ill even with just looking at it! I cannot ride swinging ships. Something aboutht he motion really gets me nauseous.
  6. I'm slowly changing the lightbulbs in my home to LEDs to be more efficient and I am all for parks doing the same.
  7. My first launch coaster was one of the old arrow shuttle loops where you had to climb the stairs to get to the platform.
  8. I was hoping the building would be Planet Express, but that is not to be
  9. Th13teen at Alton Towers. It's a decent ride but it was so overhyped by the park.
  10. I live closer to Canobie Lake but I've only been there once. I consider Lake Compounce to be my home park. It's a two hour drive versus one and a half so there isn't much of a difference.
  11. 100% of Fuji Q thanks to Robb and Elissa's work at the fast pass booth and texts. And the one I'm happier about is 100% of the worlds Megalites and everyone of them was awesome.
  12. I'm still surprised Holiday World went so big for their first nonkiddie Steel coaster.
  13. This is a good idea. I came very very close to losing my keys on Boulder Dash last year. I was on the exit ramp when I realized they weren't in my pocket. Got back up to the train before it dispatched and they were still in the footwell. That would have been a huge pain!
  14. I'm listening to some crap from a loud party from down the street. Grrrr
  15. That is a great diagram. I've always wondered about the layout too. So how does bad tower differ? Is there only one set of shafts since it never goes into the 4th dimension?
  16. I'm surprised how even this poll is. Based on Mitch Hawkers poll, I would have thought this would be a landslide for Intamin br they are actually losing right now.
  17. know how you feel about the clown, I started feeling that way too. It also adds depth to the gruesome killings other than just crazy clown killing people. It makes it a much better story. I think I missed part of Gretas story. I'll have to rewarch the episode. That toilet seat though.... Eeek!
  18. I can't decide anymore. The two that i really liked in the past (SFOT and America (the one in Chicago, I may have the wrong one listed here)) have reportedly really slipped in quality lately. I really liked those parks, hopefully they can get their acts together again.
  19. I'm really surprised how even this seems to be turning out. I would have thought disney would win by a landslide. I guess it shows that different people like different things. If I had the choice between one or the other Disney would win 100% of the time.
  20. I just Terra's the title of this thread and realized it covered tea as well. I've been drinking more and more tea, especially herbals. I love mint, fennel, and roobios. (Separately)
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