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  1. At first I thought it was Jim Cook the crowd of Sam Adams beer and I was surprised and a bit excited. The actual news wasn't all that surprising especially since he was outed a few weeks or months ago by a reporter( or someone???)
  2. I hope the actual announcement live up to the hype that the one months ago never delivered on. I get that it was for intellectual rights reasons but it was still a bad move to promise info and only give the name.
  3. Sure they could. It's a nature of that ride that causes it to be designed to just make it over the hill that every once in a while it won't make it. If it made it up the hill that far I doubt there could be anything in a wheel.
  4. That's hilarious that they project that hideousness on the castle. I hope they realize how awful it was.
  5. The world doesn't have enough terrain coasters. I love Boulder Dash. I also really liked the second half of Ultimate.
  6. I've ridden two debut's this year: Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train at Magic Kingdom and Roarasaurus at Story Land
  7. It's no competition for me: Disney World. I wish I could go more often.
  8. A little rain is fun, a lot of rain is painful. The latter was the case on Heide Park's Desert Race.
  9. I could also see Corkscrew getting the axe, though I'm guessing Iron Dragon is more of a maintenance issue.
  10. Raven Maven, I know you aren't the biggest fan of coasters, but will you be riding Thunderbird?
  11. ^ To me, one coaster does not mean that B&M are going back to their earlier ways. Only time will tell, but I suspect we will get far more fluffy then intense.
  12. I've never ridden most of the ones from 1979 that are still left, but looking at the list, the two best are The Beast and DL's Big Thunder.
  13. ^or maybe they learned their lesson with how boring the Woodbury season became. (Crosses fingers) I hated that season.
  14. Top of Dondonpa's spike. The airtime in the back row of the train is insane... twice!
  15. I'm shocked that both of the responses so far are for cedar point. I guess people really like trash cans!
  16. I didn't get a picture of it but I had a good pint of Southern Tier Pumking last night. It was pretty good, but the pizza and wings I had with it were outstanding.
  17. I don't think the parks could do something like this without charging guests for that ride. I've always heard there is something with Japanese law that they are required to charge for transportation which is why the monorail isn't free and their railroad has only one stop. But then again the train in DisneySea has two stops... so i don't know.
  18. I would love this too. I always do this when playing No Limits, I would love it even more in RCT. In past games I've played scenarios in sandbox by using the money cheat in order to get some varied terrain.
  19. I'm surprised how quickly they ended the Terminus storyline. I figured they would draw it out like the did the Governor.
  20. I've never been to SoCal so I would like to get there eventually, but I would still choose central Florida. I think the quality of the parks in Florida are far superior and busch gardens has no equivalent in California. The fact that there isn't as much traffic is also a big plus for Florida.
  21. I just made it too! (though i finished at about 2 AM.) FYI the next chain of quests is started by Homer and requires Lisa and Kang. Kang's task is 24 hours, I assume Lisa's is the same but I have her out trick or treating.
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