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  1. I did recognize every trick in the photos as stuff I can do ! Also speaking of aerial I do get to go back into the air tomorrow for the first time in months!
  2. Yeah that really seems like a strange place. If it weren't for seeing other coasters in the background you could have put photos from a bunch of parks together and it would have been as cohesive (especially with multiple of several ride types) That's called a diabolo! And while I've seen some circus shows with interesting themes, a fabric/silks act (and contortion by the looks of one of the photos) seems a little bit strange for a viking show
  3. ^Megan's Spider-man keychain might have gone missing one morning while waiting to for the group in Osaka, and Sarah and me were the prime suspects in the investigation
  4. Chuck, thanks for reminiscing about that amazing trip! It was such an incredible first trip to Japan for me and I ache to get back. I get reminders of that trip all the time, and how much I miss being there: from the large number of souvenirs scattered around my apartment, when the TDR 35th anniversary theme come on when I'm listening to music, and cleaning out a drawer and finding KT's "warrant" to search my room in Osaka.
  5. Amazing looking trip! I really need to make it over to Europe to check out these parks
  6. Commented on YouTube, but wanted to also to say something here. While I had seen some of your POVs, I consider finding the Coaster Expedition videos my first real introduction to TPR. They were so fun and showed off why we people love going to theme parks. They focused on how theme parks are more than just the rides, they are great for having a fun day with friends (which is what I feel is the spirit of TPR anyways). I will probably keep going back to watch those videos over and over, and will forever associate certain songs with different parks! I also appreciate how well they were produced, especially all of the little details in the editing: the cuts tied to the music, specific clips to match the lyrics, etc. I'm really happy to see a new video in this style!
  7. Was not expecting to see a WCB TR in this, but am glad nonetheless! One of the things I miss about living in Arizona was how easy it was to fly to California for the weekend and do a WCB (one year I went just for the Knott's day because they are full of so much fun). WCB 2013 was my first TPR event and a few of the people I met that weekend are the reason I ended up doing the Mini New Hotness/East Coast trip the next year, so I will consider it as my gateway drug!
  8. Nice pictures, Chuck! This is where the nostalgia actually starts for me, since this was my first TPR tour! I had read many TRs and seen the Coaster Expedition videos, but I didn't really know what to expect the trip to be like. It was way more fun (and way more exhausting) than I could have imagined. Robb and Elissa's phenomenal job planning (and dealing with issues, I'm looking a you Satan's Lodge) and getting to know everyone on the trips is what makes TPR trips so much more than going to a bunch of parks and riding coasters. Very much looking forward to the next time I can do one!
  9. ^ I'm a little worried I could be next Like I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last thing I saw before I died Chuck, I've already been feeling nostalgic for Japan while stuck at home, and this has made it 10x worse! I NEED to get back there, especially so that I can meet the lava monster.
  10. Looks like a really nice family park! It's funny how this happens, especially with small groups. In undergrad, my upper level major classes (which had like 15-20 people) had 3 Jakes and I've been to aerial conditioning classes where half of the class is named Rachel
  11. Really enjoyed reading this Chuck! (I actually went back and read the full TR) Such a strange mix of parks. The one time I've been to China, it was for a school trip and we only went to Beijing and did culture/educational stuff, so I would like to get to some of the parks there especially since they've been adding a lot of cool looking rides recently.
  12. Great report Andy! (I really enjoyed the log flume commentary) It's interesting to see a park embrace such weird/quirky theming that you don't normally see in a theme park. That and the coaster lineup puts this park pretty high on my must get to at some point list.
  13. I was recently thinking about Indiana Beach's elephant ears! So good!
  14. Changed mine recently to me in line for 20,000 Leagues wearing ShellieMay ears on top of my from undergrad
  15. That was an amazing look at Amsterdam, Andy. I really want to check out that science museum now!
  16. I've been going through all my roller coaster photos, so I will probably post some more later, but this one is one of my favorites from the 2017 US TPR tour KT blames me for us sitting in the front, but I asked her where she wanted to sit Robb also caught the splash, and we can see everyone's reaction
  17. The MOST EXTREME POV of the plane coaster from Benyland!
  18. Was not expecting to see this today! Glad to hear that park is going to still be around. I really enjoyed my visit back in 2014 (was just going through my photos from then today) and would love to be able to make it back there to play some Fascination (and maybe ride some roller coasters )
  19. Loving this TR as always! I really enjoy places with giant play areas (like City Museum) where you get to make your own fun, so Toverland is definitely high on my list of places I need to get to someday.
  20. Loving these throwback TRs so far! I've watched the Coaster Expeditions for these older trips so many times, but it's fun to see a new perspective/hear your thoughts on them! Seeing photos of Japan always makes me long to go back. I really need to get on Journey to the Center of the Earth and hit some of the smaller parks in the Tokyo area that I missed on the pre trip
  21. I've recently been obsessed with Ghost Quartet, which Dave Malloy posted a full recording of the other week on . It's not really a traditional musical, it's heavily inspired by concept albums, and also a little confusing (small cast playing multiple characters telling multiple, interconnected stories not necessarily in chronological order), but it's really interesting!
  22. I'm glad that I've never had a true SLC experience! The only one I've been on is T3 after it reopened with the new trains
  23. My code is: 4062-2809-5511 Island: Bornopp Fruit: Peaches
  24. I remember seeing quite a few of the ears when I was there near Christmas last year (at least in World of Disney)!
  25. Same! That crazy sling shot was definitely one of the highlights of Branson on the 2017 trip. Also the climbing stuff we went to and the mountain coasters are just so much fun
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